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It’s been unusually cold in LA this winter and has even hit 35F during the day, which is unheard of. I noticed all my friends on Facebook wrapped up in inches upon inches of bulky sweaters to stay warm, which inspired me to write this post on how to stay warm in cold weather…and not look like a snowman!

Please note: these tips are most useful for those not used to the cold weather


How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather


Instinctively, as the temperature drops we find the thickest clothing in hopes of achieving warmth. However, as our friend Anubha proves be showing you what to wear in sub zero temperatures, that’s not always the case.



 It’s not about the size of your clothing; it’s about how you use it.


If you’re familiar with TFG and you’ve taken my Stop Overpacking ecourse, you’ll know that the key to packing light is all in the fabric.

By choosing special fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, technical polyester synthetics, and silk and you’ll know how to stay warm in cold weather.


Avoid cotton thermals. They’re just not as good plus they look bulky under your clothing.


This is the same for staying warm at home or on the road.

When traveling in cold weather you choose these fabrics because they take up less space in your suitcase yet offer you optimal warmth. Likewise, they’ll also help you stay warm in cold weather without looking like a snowman.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for winter travel:


Here are a few layering tips to help solve the dilemma about how to stay warm in cold weather. Please note that the images are to show an idea not an exact wardrobe suggestion. Adding warm boots is a must!


When it’s cold:


Merino Wool Thermal: Top / Bottom  / Outfit: Click here / Jacket

LAYER: One set of merino wool or silk thermals  ✚  a top  ✚  sweater  ✚  jacket on top.


When it’s really cold:


Silk Thermal: Top / Bottom or Merino Wool Thermal: Top / Bottom / Outfit: Click here.

LAYER: Two sets of merino wool or silk thermals  ✚  top  ✚  sweater  ✚  jacket on top


When it’s arctic cold:


Outfit 1: Click here. / Outfit 2: Click here.

Follow the tips in this post!


This is my favorite outfit to stay warm while living in England’s icy winter – I’ve doubled up on merino wool!


 photo 10924822_1565857196961669_2055883735935741518_n.jpg


Ibex merino wool thermal top /  Ibex merino wool thermal bottoms / J. Crew merino wool top / All Saints jeans / Jacket / Gloves /  scarf / Smartwool merino wool socks / Black Boots / Hat


I’ve found the double merino wool combo to be absolute perfection. It even kept me warm on Christmas Eve when I spent the morning outside and everyone (locals) were complaining about the cold while I was toasty warm!

Boy I couldn’t help but feel a bit smug – I even had my jacket unzipped!

In a perfect world, I’d also have a set of silk thermals to go under these clothes on colder days which would make be super warm and take up no space in my suitcase or my body!


Ladies, as the temperature drops layer smart! Check out this list of companies that make the best women’s thermals for home or travel.

 What are your best tips for how to stay warm in cold weather? 

For more ideas on how to stay warm in cold weather, please read:

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