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Water sports are great fun! Whether you paddleboard or surf at the surface or dive deep below, check out the best womens wetsuit for your next adventure!


Best Wetsuit for Women

Written By: Laura Pulling



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Anyone who has tried their hand at watersports will know that as exciting and wonderful as they are, they aren’t fun if you’re cold!

Wetsuits are here to keep you warm, no matter what you get up to in the water. With an increase in women participating in aquatic sports, like diving and surfing, a new range of better fitting and prettier wetsuits for women has arisen (compared to the boring standard black of bygone days!)

Fit and thickness are most important for a suit. If you plan on diving in colder places, you’re going to need thicker full body wetsuits, maybe even with a wetsuit hood. If you paddle border in a warm destination, you might only need a thin surf suit. (Side note: a surf and diving wetsuit are different, if you use women surf wetsuits for diving it compresses under the pressure at depths, so won’t work to keep you warm.)

For most of these sports, you can grab a rental wet suit at the venue you plan to use, but any as any diver will tell you, there are two kinds of people in this world – those that pee in their wetsuit, and those that lie about peeing in a wetsuit… 


So if this makes you more inclined to get your own, check out our recommendations for the best wetsuits for women!



Best Cold Water Wetsuit for Diving




Shop Sizes 2-12: Amazon


Bare 7mm Evoke Full Body Wetsuit


Bare wetsuits are loved by women scuba divers everywhere, and this cute neoprene wetsuit is a favorite. One diver shares, “It’s the stretchiest, warmest, easiest to put on and generally best wetsuit I’ve ever worn.”

We also love the coral on this 7mm scuba diving suit and slimming white side panels that give you a contoured figure.




Shop Sizes 6-14: Amazon 


Hyperflex Womens Wetsuit 5/4mm


Hyperflex wetsuits are good for all kinds of water sports, but this hooded option makes it one of the better diving wetsuits for cooler waters. Made from a combination of 4mm and 5mm soft neoprene, the suit may be a bit more challenging to get into, as the entry is through the neck, but it promises to keep you cozy once on. 

All VYRL suits have a quick-drying micro-fleece lining, providing a soft comfortable fit that conforms to your body.


Are you a first-time diver? Check out these 5 must-do tips!




Shop Sizes S-2X: Amazon


Scubapro EverFlex Steamer 7mm Wetsuit Womens


For colder water scuba diving, you need a suit that can really keep you warm. This Scubapro 7mm scuba wetsuit promises to keep you toasty in colder water. As well as being a top brand that is known for its durability and quality, it is super thick, but still flexible enough to move in thanks to its pre-bent arms and knee areas.

There are tall and short options to help you find your perfect fit, which is super important for a wetsuit.



Best Warm Water Wetsuit for Scuba Diving




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Amazon


Cressi Bahia Flex Front Zip Wetsuit Women’s


This Cressi 3mm wetsuit womens style is perfect for warm water diving or sports on the surface. The flexible design is made of a stretchy neoprene with a front zipper for easy donning and for a handy way to cool off between dives. The cut and shape is designed for a woman’s figure and the cuffs are sealed to prevent water entry when swimming.




Shop Sizes 2-16: Amazon 


Hevto 3/2MM Womens WetSuit


Hevto is known for colorful wetsuits for women in gorgeous, vivid prints. Be prepared for a ton of compliments, and never mix your suit up with someone else’s again! This print combo is unique, but users say as well as the styling, it’s also super soft and well made. However, they also say it seems to run large across the torso, so may not be the best if you have a short body.



Best Wetsuits for Surfing




Shop Sizes 2-16: Amazon | Backcountry


O’Neill 3/2mm Back Zip Surfers Wetsuits


This O’Neill womens surf suit comes in a range of pretty colors and is made from 100% UltraFlex neoprene. It has a double seal neck closure to prevent water from entering and a back zipper that has a water seal system. These surfing wetsuits come in short and tall options too, to help you find your perfect fit! 

One user loves hers and says, “The fit is great. It looks high quality and stylish. I wanted a little bit of color so that I could be easily seen in the water.”




Shop Sizes XS-3X:  Amazon


Xuker Womens Wetsuits Full Body 2/3mm


Xuker wetsuits are great for watersports and this surf suit womens is not just pretty, but can provide you a flexible and comfortable fit too, as it’s made of 2/3mm high-quality neoprene, and effectively reducing water resistance and increasing buoyancy, providing you with a wonderful swimming and diving experience. The cute color and style will keep you visible to your fellow surfers, and also available in sizes XS-3XL.


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Shop Sizes 2-14:  Amazon


Roxy Syncro Back Zip 4 3 Wetsuit


This stylish Roxy wetsuit 4 3 has a 4mm covered torso area and 3mm coverage on the limbs. The thermal smooth neoprene on the chest and back panels is wind and water-resistant for extra warmth. 

It zips up at the back, and it’s designed with a great inner back piece that puts a layer of neoprene between you and the zipper—so no cold seeps through to your skin. There is also a Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure to keep you secure once zipped up.

Roxy wetsuits are highly touted as popular for their quality and look! 



Best Womens Spring Suit/Wetsuit Shorty




Shop Sizes XS-2XL: Amazon


Cressi Front Zip 2mm Shorty Wetsuit Womens


This Cressi womens shorty wetsuit is great for keeping the chill off during watersports or for wearing during warmer weather diving. The black with pink trim is stylish, and the edges are sealed for comfort. The front zipper gives you easy on and off access and is handy to unzip between dives to keep cool.

As a diver, you could even layer this over a full wetsuit to make it thicker for colder water dives.




Shop Sizes 4-14: Amazon


O’Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Suits Womens


This O Neill womens wetsuit is great for watersports. The spring wetsuit is super soft and offers great flexibility, so you can enjoy your sports action freely. The smooth skin technology keeps away the bite of the cold wind, and the neck seal is high enough to keep you warm.




Shop Sizes XS-4X: Amazon


Seaskin Women’s Wetsuit


Seaskin wetsuits are a usual neoprene, but are It’s made of high quality and durable material neoprene, stretchable and heat insulation, and rubber materials which offer the same performance. The heavy duty YKK front zipper womens shorty wetsuit allows easy exit and entry and the pretty pattern is unique and stylish.



Best Farmer John Wetsuits




Shop Sizes 4-12: Backcountry


Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Long John Wetsuit


This Patagonia womens wetsuit has a stylish touch, and this long john style provides a light R1 overage for sports on the water surface. The suit is super stretchy and flexible and the zipperless design allows for total movement when paddling. The sleeveless design won’t restrict your arms in any way. 

And you can wear this with confidence knowing the rubber was sourced from an area that is certified by the Forest Stewardship and Rainforest Alliance.




Shop Sizes XS-XL: REI 


NRS Wetsuits 3mm Farmer Jane


This NRS farmer jane style is great for paddleboarding. With generous armholes, this womens sleeveless wetsuit leaves your arms available to move freely, with no restrictions. Made from a 3mm neoprene, it’s super stretchy, with 2mm panels at the knees and shoulders for extra flexibility in those key areas. It also has a ThermalPlush inner layer to add warmth and comfort, and ToughTex panels on the seat and knees to add to its durability.


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Best Wetsuit Separates




Shop Sizes S-XXXL: Amazon


CtriLady 2mm Womens Wetsuit Jacket


Sometimes for a better fit, you may prefer separate pieces. This CtriLady zip up neoprene jacket gives you 2mm of warmth for keeping the chill at bay in cooler water. There are also two handy zip pockets for keeping small things close by. Plus, it goes up to an XXXL, so you can get the fit that’s right for you.




Shop Sizes XS-4X: Amazon


GoldFin 2mm Wetsuit Top Womens


Separate pieces give better flexibility for fit, especially if you might be bigger on top or bottom. This GoldFin 2mm wetsuit jacket provides warmth for watersports or warm water diving. This neoprene swim jacket retains body heat, dries quickly, and is flexible, so you can still move with ease. It also has a rubber seal inside the collar, hem and cuffs to prevent water coming in.

They come in sizes up to a 4XL but run small, so check the size chart. You can also get the matching womens wetsuit pants here!




Shop Sizes S-XL: Amazon


O’Neill Chillproof Womens Wetsuit Top


The O’neill O’Neill Thermo X longsleeve wetsuit top is a unique one, instead of the usual neoprene they have a Thermo-X Layering Fabric which provides incredible Insulation and quick-dry properties. It also has UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection and they can also be used as under layers for a wet suit or dry suit. What’s more, this light, warm jacket is stylish enough to wear between dives and it’s machine washable. 



Best Plus Size Wetsuit




Shop Sizes Sizes 2-14: Amazon


Roxy Womens 3/2mm Swell Series Back Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit


Roxy is one of the best wetsuit brands that’s known for good sizes and a stretch fit. This front zip wetsuit has long sleeves, which has Supratex knee pads, durable, lightweight & flexible and glideskin neck seal for extra comfort. The full-length zipper runs down to the leg for easy wearing. 

This long sleeve wetsuit offers maximum protection and warmth in cold weather temperatures with its recycled StretchFlight construction and WarmFlight thermal lining.




Shop Sizes 4-24: Amazon


Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Full Female Wetsuit


Henderson wetsuits feel buttery soft to the touch, offering a 250% stretch, unlike some stiffer neoprenes of other brands. Their range is loved by women of all shapes and sizes, and they offer womens wet suit in tall and petite sizings, and go up to plus sizes too. The inside is cozy and smooth, thanks to their Aqua Silk lining and also have DuraTex stretch knee pads that make them more durable.

It has 5 star-rating on Amazon, and users rave about the quality of the fit, with one sharing, “Even if you don’t need a short length plus sized suit, the quality of the suit is outstanding. It definitely feels nicer than other known brand name suits I’ve tried.”

If you need a thicker suit, this also comes in as 5mm wetsuit womens.




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Amazon


Hevto 3mm Women’s Wetsuit


If you’re on a budget, these Hevto cheap wetsuits come in a great range of sizes, for curvier women. The full-length suit comes in black with blue styling and has a back zipper, which is handy for cooling off between dives. Reviews are great from larger busted and plus size users, who say they normally struggle to find plus size womens wetsuits.



Best Petite Wetsuit




Shop Sizes 3-15: Amazon


Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Women’s Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest


Designed to be easy to get on and off, this Seavenger Odyssey wetsuit  has a flat-lock stitching, designed to lay smooth against your skin to create a tight layer of insulation against your skin for maximum thermal retention, reduced chafing and longer use. The tough sharkskin chest panel is made for extreme durability while 3mm neoprene fabric insulates your body in temperate waters to keep you comfortable during every adventure. Wear it alone or layer it under a dry suit for colder temperatures. The wetsuits come in regular and short sizes, for petite wearers.



Best Triathlon Wetsuits




Shop: Amazon


Synergy Wetsuit Triathlon


Synergy swimming wetsuits are Ironman approved. Great for a triathlon in colder weather or with risk of scrapes, as the long arms and sleeves will keep you covered.  It’s made from a hydrodynamic neoprene, with a 3mm thick core buoyancy panel and 2mm on the lower legs and back. This triathlon swimsuit comes in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

One user shares, “The Synergy Volution is well made and extremely comfortable. Before I ordered this swimming wetsuit I was concerned that having a full sleeve would limit my range of motion, but it’s super flexible and I feel great.“




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon


SLS3 Padded Triathlon Wetsuit Womens


This SLS# womens triathlon wetsuit is a shorty style specifically designed to not hinder your performance during an event. Designed for all elements—swimming, cycling, and running—it fits like close skin. The fast-drying fabric has subtle padding on the seat area providing comfort for your bike ride without affecting the run. The sleeveless design of this wetsuit for swimming allows for free movement and has a long-length zipper to the back for easy removal.



Do Wetsuits Keep You Warm?


Yes! Ladies Wetsuits are designed to keep your body insulated in cooler water, so you can enjoy your watersports, or swimming for longer. The most important aspect though, is finding a wetsuit that fits snugly, too loose and the water will flow inside and will make you cold, too tight and not only is it difficult to put on, but you’ll struggle with movement and will restrict circulation.

Wetsuit sizes tend to be snug, so try them on to find a brand that fits well. Be remember they will stretch out a little after the first few uses!



What Do the Numbers on a Wetsuit Mean? 


The numbers show the thickness of the suit, most suits are one thickness, so will be detailed as 3, 5 or 7mm (most common thicknesses) but some suits may have 2 numbers, like 4/3 or 3/2. On these types of suits, the torso area is made from the first number (the larger number) and the limbs are made of the second number. This usually is to provide the limbs with a better range of flexibility for movement, while keeping the torso warmer. 



What Type of Wetsuit Do I Need?


This depends entirely on what you’ll be using your wetsuit for! If you’re scuba diving in cold water, you’ll need a thicker suit, whereas sports on top of the water need you to have a suit that allows a flexible range of movements. 

Generally, the recommendations for the best wetsuit for cold water scuba diving (55°F or colder) are at least 5mm, or 7mm if you are in water below 40°F. However, it is also down to preference! (I wear a 5mm full wetsuit when diving in cenotes in Mexico when the water temperature is 77°F, and still get chilly by the end!)  a 3mm is a good warmer weather wetsuit.  

Womens spring suits are a short wetsuit, that usually has short sleeves and short legs. These are good for being able to maneuver and bend easily. Sleeveless “farmer john (or jane)” suits are popular with paddle boarders, as they offer greater arm movement. 



Can I Wear a Surf Wetsuit for Diving?


You tend to find that a surf wetsuit is a lot thinner than dive wetsuits, as they are designed to be more flexible. They will lose their effectiveness at depths, as they compress more than specifically designed scuba suits. However, you will find surfing suits for women tend to have some of the brighter colors and designs, and they will feel more comfortable too, due to their more flexible, sporty designs.



How Do I Clean My Wetsuit?


You don’t put it in the washing machine or dryer for a start! You can find specific wetsuit cleaning products, to use, and you soak your wetsuit in a bathtub of warm (not hot) water, with the recommended amount of detergent. When you dry it, let it drip-dry in the shade (not the sun) until it is completely dry.



How Do I Store a Wetsuit?


Keep your wetsuit on a large, wide hanger, and hang it in a closet or place that isn’t damp. Don’t squish it in a drawer, or leave it folded for a long period of time if you want it to stay at it’s best. 



What is the best womens wetsuit you’ve used for water adventures? Share with us below!


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