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If you’re a frequent flyer or a backpacker that’s constantly on the go, I’m pleased to share a packing product that will revolutionize the way you pack!

Take a look at my video review of The Pack – the ultimate backpack organizer that will help you unpack in seconds!


The term “backpacking” in this article refers to a specific type of travel such as gap year, career breaks, or other extended travel. It does not have to do with hiking backpacking.


Ultimate Backpack Organizer: The Pack


Watch this video and find out why The Pack consider as the ultimate backpack organizer


If you’d prefer to read about The Pack, here’s a written version of the above video review:

Hi guys, this is Alex from Travel Fashion Girl and I want to share with you a quick review on this really great backpack organizer that I am co-launching on September 21st. It’s called THE PACK – a fabulous new travel product to help us pack and organize.

It’s great for backpackers and vacation travelers. You can put it in a suitcase or you can put it in a backpack. It fits in a 30 liter capacity bag and it acts like a portable closet.

You put all your clothing inside the four drawers and pack it away. When you get to your destination, just take it out of your bag and simply hang it. Use these hooks to place it inside your hotel room closet or if you are staying in hostels in a dorm then you can just put it on the railing of the dorm bed. It’s really handy and makes packing and unpacking a breeze!




The four drawers are great, they are extremely spacious, I’m going to give you guys a quick peek right now at the top one. Each drawer is carefully secured with two hooks in the case of the other ones there is also a middle hook and I’ll tell you why in a little bit.

Take a look at how much space you have in here; I have actually fit a Maximista size packing list for mixed weather in here, which was great. I was very impressed with that.

The top and the bottom drawer offer dividers to help you further organize. The best thing about the top drawer is that if you need more space you simply undo the velcro and flatten the divider for additional space. It’s very well thought out with an organized traveler in mind.

The two middle drawers don’t have the dividers; they can open at the top. You can conveniently reach for your belongings when you need to grab something quickly or open te entire drawer to get a better view of your stuff once you’re in the destination.


Creating an interchangeable capsule wardrobe is the key to simplified packing.




It’s extremely spacious. I have packed away pants, thermals, tops, dresses and my socks and underwear which I placed in the bottom drawer. You can also use packing cubes to help keep all your clothing and belongings organized.

How awesome is that? You can take your closet anywhere you go without having to worry about unpacking and repacking!

If you’re used to staying in hostel beds or in hostels, you know it’s difficult to go through you’re your bag to find what you’re looking for – especially when you are limited to space and you don’t have your own closet or storage.


The Best Backpack Organizer


The Pack allows you to simply hook everything out of your bag onto the hostel bed railing and then you don’t have to worry about putting all your clothes on the bed. That’s the fastest way to get bedbugs, trust me, I know. Never put your clothing on the bed in the hostel.

The Pack is currently available in blue and black, featuring a durable nylon fabric with the lightweight hooks. When you’re not using it, it just flattens out and you can store it very easily. The dimensions are:

  • Filled: 18″ x 9″ x 7″
  • Empty: 1/2″ x 9″ x 7″

I hope that you enjoy this product as much as I do. I’ll be sharing some tutorials about how to pack your backpack with this organizer in the coming weeks so please stay tuned!



The Pack Hanging Organizer and Carry-On Organizer



There are various packing strategies that work for different types of travel. This backpack organizer is fantastic if you’re in and out of hotels and hostels every other night. It’s just easier to pick up and go!

What’s your favorite packing strategy or backpack organizer? Share in the comments!


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