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Latest Posts on South America

Packing List for Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador

South America is an incredible continent with so much to offer the adventurous traveler. I originally visited in 2008 with G Adventures and did a Brazil/Argentina tour followed by a separate tour to Peru - a fantastic trip! Traveling to South America? In today's post,...

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Medellin Fashion Bloggers Guide for Summer Travel Style

  Check out our latest summer travel style guide as four Medellin fashion bloggers help you plan what to wear in Colombia in summer!   For additional packing advice check out the Travel Fashion Girl Guide to What To Wear In Colombia Vacation Packing List....

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What to Wear in Rio De Janeiro: Fashion Tips for Summer

  Brazil is at the top of the travel radar with its recent hosting of the 2014 world cup. Find out what to wear in Rio de Janeiro, fashion tips for summer featuring outfit inspiration from blogger Alana Oliveira Ruas and her stylish blog Instinto De Vestir....

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Galapagos Packing List for Cruise and Island Adventures

  The Galapagos Islands feel like a place that is literally out of this world, with animal species and plants that are endemic to only this incredible little corner of the planet. Find out what to pack with this Galapagos packing list for cruise and island...

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6 Packing Tips for Traveling to South America

Canadian traveler Yvone Ivanescu has spent an extensive amount of time living and traveling throughout South America including Chile, Panama, Brazil and Argentina. After spending one year living in Santiago de Chile she was inspired to start her blog Under the Yew...

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What to Pack for a Year Traveling in Latin America

I love traveling in Latin America! I originally visited South America in 2008 with G Adventures and did a Brazil/Argentina tour followed by a separate tour to Peru - life changing! I loved Peru so much I went back a few years later and made the trek to Machu Picchu...

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What Should I Pack for Peru? Q and A

  I’ve made two separate journeys to Peru and the mystical world wonder Machu Picchu: first in July 2008 as part of the Peru Panorama tour with G Adventures then in February 2011 when I spent 3 weeks backpacking around the country with friends. This week, Diana...

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