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Running is the one of easiest and least expensive way to stay in shape on the go. Whether you’re an avid runner or looking to kickstart a routine, we’ve got the the best running gear for women that travel!

Planning to run when you travel? This running fanatic shares her go-to pieces to run on the go!


Best Running Gear for Women

Written By: Megan Biller


When it comes to vacation, we tend to lighten up on our fitness and nutrition, indulging in all the destination has to offer! However, some athletes want to keep up their training while traveling, or may even plan a vacation around a race.

To save on precious luggage space, it can be beneficial to find pieces that can be used for running as well as travel.


This is the best running gear for women to include on your next fitness-inspired vacation!


Compression Tights



MCS Compression TightsStabilyx Revolution Tights


Whether it is from a long run, climbing up the 284 steps in the Arc de Triomphe, or taking a multi-hour flight, your legs can always use a little TLC. Pack a pair of compression tights to keep your muscles ready to go during your travels.

With the increase in popularity of athleisure products, these tights come in multiple colors and patterns. After your morning run, you can add a longer top and start sightseeing.

If compression tights seem daunting, compression socks or sleeves are also options. These will keep your feet and calf muscles happy and reduce swelling during longer flights.


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Running Shoes



ASICS Running Shoe | Nike Free Shoe


Of course the most important item in our list of the best running gear for women is shoes. If you plan to run during your trip, then be sure to bring along your running shoes.

While adding an extra pair of shoes may seem like a waste of luggage space, you definitely don’t want to run in shoes that aren’t ideal for running. (No one wants to deal with injury on vacation.)

Here’s a tip: bring along a well-worn pair of running shoes, almost ready for “retirement”. This way, you can leave them behind and free up some luggage space for the trip back home. Ideally, you feel comfortable wearing your running shoes for other activities on your trip as well so you can maximize outfit options.


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Recovery Sandals



Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 | OOFOS Flip Flop


Between running and touring your destination, your feet could use a break. Pack a pair of comfortable sandals! There are many sandals that will even aid in recovery.

A personal favorite are Oofos, which offer great arch support and cushion. Find sandals that can withstand some mileage (without pain or blisters) as you explore. And don’t forget to break them in before vacation!


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Everyday BackpackGear QuiverTempest 20 Backpack


After many unintentional runs through the airport, a backpack quickly became my carry-on item. While you may not want to wear it on every run on vacation, it’s one of the easiest items to run with if necessary. With various sizes to choose from, you can determine what will be best for your upcoming destination.

If you choose a larger backpack, you can pack a few post-run essentials, such as deodorant, a fresh top, sandals, face wipes, etc. It will make the transition from runner to traveler much easier!


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Running Jacket



Mixed Media JacketBrooks Drift 1/2 Zip


Depending on your destination and the season, it may be a little chilly. Bring along your favorite running jacket. From half-zip to full zip, fleece-lined to reflective, wind-resistant to hooded, there are many choices.

There are even some that will pack into a small bag to fit easily inside a purse! Choose a color that will go well with many outfits, allowing you to use it on a run or while exploring the city.

Tip: try to choose a neutral color that can easily be layered under a coat or jacket for cooler weather.


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Yurbuds Inspire 300 | X3 Wireless Buds


During your run in a local park, along the river, or on the sidewalks of your destination, you may want to listen to a podcast or music. Bring along your favorite pair of earbuds! These also can be used on your flight, on the train, or any other transportation you may be taking.

Choose a pair that is small to conserve on space in your carry on. Another tip: if you use your earbuds while running, keep the volume low (or only use one earbud) so you can hear your surroundings.

Another benefit of bringing your own headset is that you can use it to watch movies on the plane and also drown out unwanted noise.


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Safety Apps/Bracelet



Road ID Bracelet


While running in a new destination, you may be unfamiliar with the streets or running trails. It is highly recommended that you take various safety precautions.

There are many apps available that allow your friends or family to track your location while on a run. A few will text your emergency contact if you have been stationary for five minutes. Be sure to download one of these prior to your trip.

Another safety consideration is a bracelet that includes important information. Road ID has many options, all of which include your name, birthdate, emergency contact, allergies, etc.

While this is important to wear while running, it is also encouraged as you explore your destination. Don’t forget reflective gear if you plan to run during non-daylight hours.


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Packing Cubes



Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


You may be surprised to see this item on our list of the best running gear for women, but it’s no secret that packing cubes help save space in your suitcase. However, there’s another way to use your packing cubes: to house your well-worn running clothes.

Let’s be honest, after a longer run (or especially one in the high heat or humidity), your running clothes may be extra soggy or smelly.

Bring along cubes or bags that will keep those particular clothes away from others. This is especially important if you will be traveling to multiple locations on your vacation!


Watch the packing tutorial here or on our YouTube Channel!


As shown in the video, I use a 4-piece set of slim sized packing cubes.  When I first started using packing cubes in 2013, I was finally able to downsize my luggage from a 65L backpack to a 40 liter bag.

I went from overpacking a large bag to traveling with only what I needed – carryon only!

You may not always need to use this handy packing hack, but it works wonders when needed! You can also use a combination of folding and rolling within the same packing cube, too.

If you use the rolling method shown in the video, you’ll be able to travel carry-on only saving you money in the long run. More importantly, packing light makes your overall travel experience much more comfortable and stress-free.


I also put together a five-part YouTube series showing you the different methods to use packing cubes. If you use this specific packing strategy, they can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carryon only!








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Author Bio: Megan Biller enjoys experiencing all the world has to offer, usually while running a race during her travels. These two passions combine in her book, Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World. Follow her running and traveling journey on Instagram.