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A money belt can be a helpful accessory for keeping your belongings safe. But how do you wear it under summer clothing? Find our our readers’ tried and true tips as they show you how to wear a money belt with a dress!


How to Wear a Money Belt 


Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


This summer I’m going to Europe and I’m planning to just bring a few short-sleeve knee-length dresses. So how do I wear money belt? Should I just keep my passport in my purse? If the hotel just has a safe down by the front desk is that safe to keep my passport?


Wherever you travel, it’s important to keep your personal belongings secure, especially when it comes to cash and your passport. A money belt is a common travel accessory for keeping your items secure and making it easy to sightsee hands-free.

As helpful as one can be, knowing how to wear a money belt can be tricky in the summer when you’re wearing dresses and thinner clothing. A money belt can easily look bulky under dresses or basic tees and shorts.

The most important thing to remember is that a money belt does not replace a wallet. In other words, your money belt is meant to safely store things you won’t need to access constantly.

If you dig into a money belt or other anti-theft device every time you want to purchase something, then everyone knows exactly where your valuables are located.

You also risk dropping or losing something since the act of digging under your clothes without revealing yourself is a bit awkward. Play it safe and split up your stuff.


Here is an example of how your valuables should be split:


  • Keep your cash and one card you’ll need for the day in your wallet.
  • Keep any additional money you might use that day in you money belt, along with an extra card if needed.
  • Leave anything other than what you’ll use in a single daypack in your hotel room locked in the room safe or a locked suitcase. This is also where your passport should stay while you’re out sightseeing.


If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving your passport and backup cards locked in your hotel, you can also wear them in your money belt.

Here, our readers share their tips on how to wear a money belt with a dress or other summer clothing, as well as alternatives for keeping your belongings safe.





Ladder Trim Midi Dress


Wear an Empire-Waist Dress or Skirt


If you’re struggling to style and know how to wear a money belt securely and discreetly with a dress or skirt, try one with a higher waist so the money belt. That way it can sit more comfortably on your waist.

One reader says, “I wear dresses in Europe in the summer. I have one that’s an empire waist, so I wear my money belt with my passport underneath.”

Another reader says, “I used a money belt and it worked great with a skirt. I just gave my cash to my hubby or put in my handbag when I was wearing a dress.”


AS A REMINDER: a money belt does not replace a wallet. In other words, your money belt is meant to safely store things you won’t need to access constantly.




Passport Neck Pouch


Try a Neck Pouch


A number of readers recommended wearing a neck wallet or neck pouch instead of a money belt, as it fits more seamlessly under an outfit if you’re wearing a skirt or dress.

One reader says, “I wear a neck pouch under my clothes and I never had a problem. I carry passport with me with a copy in the neck pouch,” and another adds, “I actually prefer a neck pouch. I keep my passport, cards, and most cash in it with just my daily spending,”

One other reader says, “I wear a neck pouch as well. In my security purse, I have a small zip wallet on a leash with one credit card and cash for the day. In my neck pouch, I have all other credit cards, ATM card, passport, tickets I can’t lose like non-refundable train tickets, and anything else I deem worth being in the pouch. I can wear it with dresses nicely. I wear it with the strings around one breast so that it rests under my bra on one side. This way, it’s not as noticeable as in the middle.”


Here’s exactly how to wear a neck wallet!



Braza Secret Stash Pocket


Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


Try a Bra Stash


Along with a neck pouch, a bra stash makes for a great alternative to a money belt when wearing a dress. It’s much more discreet and is ideal when you’re wearing a tighter or thinner top.

One reader says, “We lock our passports in the in-room safe or carry it in one of our bags. If you’re concerned about keeping things close though, with a dress I’d consider one of the bra stash pouches to hold credit cards/cash or one of the light travel scarves with the secret pocket.”


Take a look at the best anti-theft travel accessories!






Anti-theft Heritage Crossbody Bag


Use a Crossbody Bag


Some people aren’t fans of wearing an anti-theft accessory, like a money belt, neck pouch, or bra stash, and instead recommend keeping your belongings secure in your day bag.

One of the safer day bag options is a crossbody. It can’t be tugged off your shoulder and someone can’t unzip it when you aren’t looking.

One reader says, “I used a crossbody purse and wear the purse part in front of me, not on my side. I travel alone a lot and have never had an issue.” Another adds, “I mostly use a crossbody bag, but also have a travel bra when in high pickpocket areas.”


This is list of the most popular cross body purses for travel!




Pacsafe Citysafe LS200


Carry an Anti-Theft Bag


We’re big fans of anti-theft bags, and so are many of our readers! Anti-theft bags are specifically designed for travel and contain pockets and compartments to keep your belongings secure.

One reader says, “My favorite is a Pacsafe bag with the Pacsafe wallet attached (by its hook/strap) to the inside of the Pacsafe bag. They’d have to open the bag and unhook the strap to take the wallet (where the passport is securely zipped inside). I like to relax and not be on guard, so this is just the most practical to me.”


Here’s our round up the best anti-theft travel bags for women!




Osprey Ozone Wheeled Luggage


Rely on a Room Safe, Not a Lobby Safe


Most readers don’t recommend using a hotel safe that isn’t in your room. And if you do use a hotel room safe, make sure it locks securely, or that you can lock your necessities in your suitcase in a hidden pocket.

One reader says, “I keep my passport in the hotel room safe. I have copies of my passport in my purse, in my luggage, in the cloud, and on my phone, just in case,” while another says, “For me personally, money belts, feel so awkward. I keep my stuff in the hotel room safe or locked in my suitcase if there is no safe.”


Read these tips on how to keep your valuables safe!





Please read my top ten tried and tested anti-theft travel tips for more information on how to properly use these items! Watch the video above for the do’s and don’ts on avoiding theft while traveling.




Items featured in video (in order as shown)




What are your tips on how to wear a money belt with a dress? Share in the comments below!


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