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What’s in this Halloween? Makeup. And not just the ordinary sort—this season, you’re allowed to go wild and free without anyone raising anyone’s eyebrows. Armed with your cosmetic bag containing your basic makeup essentials, you can celebrate Halloween wherever you are in the world and still feel in trend. Wondering what to emulate this season? Check out these Halloween makeup ideas for girls on the go! Take a look at these simple, easy tips:


13 DIY Halloween Makeup 





Stylish Skeleton


Using your foundation and powder to set off a basic canvass of white, pull off all the blacks from your makeup kit: dark lipstick, mascara, brow pencil and eye shadow and create a dark, creepy, boney look! Visit for more info.





Purring Leopardess


Perhaps you wouldn’t want too much black on your face. You can go minimal with this feline-inspired look.

Just play up with an extra-ordinary cat’s eye, add an emphasis on your nose and upper lip and voila, you’re the purr-fect leopardess without too much spots! Visit for more info.





Weeping Wonde


This white-and-black costume will surely freak onlookers out. Setting your face with a pore-less, white look, play up with your mascara by making it appear to stream down from your eyes. Of course, it’ll work best if you can borrow a realistic nun’s habit! Visit  for more info.





Red Lolita


Go red with this Gothic-inspired makeup look. Use an extra bit of your deep-cherry lipstick and black liner and recreate a bloody belle’s gaze.

Top it off with a messed-up hairdo and make sure you include an all-black ensemble in your packing cubes for a spooky fashion. Visit pinterest for more info.





Distressed Doll


Barbie has never looked much frightening. Draw bigger eyes and amp it up with white eye shadow.

Create a small pucker by applying lipstick on the central part of your pout. And of course, finish the look by wearing a cute doll dress and stockings! This is definitely one of my favorite Halloween makeup ideas! Visit pinterest for more info.





Sexy Scarecrow


This amusing tutorial involves minimal makeup, but you can amp it up with a few straws! Let your cheeks glow with orange blush and add a few “thread” lines on your face.

Wear a plaid flannel and jeans, and trot along with the rest of the Halloween horde. This seems like one of the cutest and easiest Halloween makeup ideas. Visit pinterest for more info.





Cheeky Cartoon


If you’re an artist, you’d definitely love this look. This will make you appear like you walked right out of a comic book!

Create the white half-tone dots with cornstarch and food coloring and dab it on your face for a nice canvass. This is definitely one of the most amazing Halloween makeup ideas! Visit pinterest for more info.





Dear Deer


Be a cute, charming woodland creature with the help of your bronzer, black liner and concealer. Add in a few dots of white to complete the look. It appears to be simple enough and only three makeup items needed. Visit pinterest for more info.





Glamour Ghost


Who says you have to be dark and bloody this Halloween?

This minimalistic ghoul inspired makeup will make you look elegant and still be part of the supernaturally stylish crowd! Love it! Visit pinterest for more info.





Brow-less Beauty


One easy way to freak-out people is to let your brows vanish. You don’t need to shave it completely; just follow this neat DIY tutorial and you’ll end up looking like Frankenstein’s Bride! Visit pinterest for more info.





Pretty Pirate


Pretty Pirate will fit in this Halloween, and with a few colorful lines on your face, you’ll be among the sleek and stylish belles in the crowd. Visit Pinterest for more info.





Black Widow


With your mascara, you can create a magical look based on a spider’s web!

This simple but dazzling makeup is perfect for Halloween and what’s best, it only needs basic cosmetic items! Visit for more info.





Marvelous Mermaid


By stretching a net on a part of your face, you can have a scale-like effect that will make you look like fish out of water!

Finish the look with long, wavy locks and dazzling accessories. Visit pinterest for more info.

With your basic makeup essentials, you can join in the fun of costumes and candies wherever you are in the world. For even more traveler’s Halloween makeup ideas and more, please read 7 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Travelers!


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Which one of these Halloween makeup ideas would you use?


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