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Travel Makeup articles

12 Best Blushes That Have Staying Power for Travel or Daily Wear

Blush is one of my makeup essentials. Check out our picks for the top blushes that last for the rigors of travel, or more!

The Best Sweatproof Makeup for Hot and Humid Weather

If you’re traveling to a hot and humid destination, the wrong makeup can ruin any photos you plan on taking. If you want a simple beauty look without the oiliness, add our readers’ recommendations for the best sweat proof makeup to your packing list.

Pack Lighter with a Capsule Makeup Collection

Trying to pack your makeup for a trip but can’t decide what to leave behind? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips on choosing the essentials for a capsule makeup collection!

5 Best Makeup Palettes for Travel

  Packing your makeup bag for that big trip just got easier with these multitasking face kits. Pack light with the best makeup palettes for travel!   Best Makeup Palettes for Travel     Table Of Contents     If you’re like me, you want to...