Travel Makeup articles

The Best Sweatproof Makeup for Hot and Humid Weather

If you’re traveling to a hot and humid destination, the wrong makeup can ruin any photos you plan on taking. If you want a simple beauty look without the oiliness, add our readers’ recommendations for the best sweat proof makeup to your packing list.

How I Downsize My Makeup for Travel

You want to look good on vacation, but makeup can take up a lot of space. Follow my tips to downsize your makeup and still be able to go carry-on only!

10 Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Choices for Long-Lasting Wear

Looking for eyebrow makeup for travel? Aim for something that can last all day. Check out these best waterproof brow pencil picks!

The Best Waterproof Mascara According to Our Readers

When traveling, the last thing you want is smudges under your eyes. Our readers voted for the best waterproof mascara. These are their top picks!