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Finding a new strapless bra can be frustrating, especially if you’re constantly worried about it rolling down and having to adjust it. If you’re unsure of which one will work for you, TFG readers share their favorites! 


Best Strapless Bras



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Travel Girl Fashion help! A reader asks


Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality strapless? I love wearing off the shoulder tops but loathe all the bras I currently own!


Strapless bras are hard for most women. Many of us have had at least one that we’ve pulled out for special occasions, only to find it uncomfortable, restrictive or unflattering. Eventually, some of us have given up on wearing one altogether and adjusted to a strap-only style. 

 But we’re here to tell you there’s hope! There are strapless bras for bigger busts and those of average size that will fit you like a glove! Imagine not having to think about or adjust your bra all night. TFG readers are spilling the beans on the best strapless bra that stays up and secure when traveling!


Best Strapless Bra for Plus Size




Vanity Fair | 34-44 inch back, C-DD cup


Vanity Fair Strapless Bras Plus Size Available 


Readers love Vanity Fair plus size strapless bras because they stay in place! This one has silicone along the underwire, sides and back to keep you from slipping out, and its padded contoured cups give you full coverage and support all day long. 

This one comes with convertible straps so you can wear it traditionally, halter style, or crisscross. Its double knit fabric smooths the wearer all over, allowing for a sleek silhouette.

Shop for full coverage and full figure (plus).




Delimira | 32-42 inch back, B-E cup


Delimira Strapless Bra Plus Size Available 


Pamper yourself with this Delimira low back strapless bra, which offers natural shaping and support for curvier figures. It fits just like a second skin due to a unique type of elastic that keeps everything held in place firmly. And what’s also lovely, it comes in full coverage or full figure sizes.

Readers highly recommend it, with one saying, “It’s the best bra I’ve ever had.” At just under $23, it’s music to our reader’s ears, wallets, and outfits!




Parfait Elissa | 30-44 inch back, C-G cup


Parfait Strapless Plunging Bra Plus Size Available 


For those who need something that stays up, the Elissa by Parfait plus size strapless bra is a favorite of readers. Its strong support comes courtesy of a durable, but flexible underwire that moves with you without restricting you. It comes in a great range of cup sizes – up to a G cup – making it a top pick of strapless bras for large busts.

Imagine wearing one all day! One reader did and was pleasantly surprised by its all-around comfort. She said, “I wore it for my mom’s wedding, and it didn’t budge.” Comes in full coverage or full figure sizes.


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Best Push Up Strapless Bras




Wacoal Red Carpet | 30-44 inch back, B-H cup


Wacoal Plus Size Strapless Bra


Readers enthusiastically call it “the best strapless bra ever!” Designed to stay in place, this undergarment by Wacoal features contour enhancing cups, and its removable straps allow for a variety of styles. It has a great range of sizes, from a 30-44 inch back and up to an H cup, making it one of the perfect choices of strapless bras for big busted ladies.

Its underwire offers sturdy support where you need it, while a hidden anchor stabilizes its sides and back. One reader is a recent convert. “I have never owned a good strapless bra. My life has changed!” 




Lily of France | 32-38 inch back, A-D cup


Lily of France Strapless Push Up Bras 


This strapless bra by Lily of France lifts and enhances the bust and is a favorite among readers who want that little something extra in support and size, basically calling one of the best push up strapless bras. It adds up to a full cup!

It stays in place with a strong hook and comes with straps for extra support and versatility. One reader tells us she’s been “pretty happy” with hers overall.  


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Best Strapless Bra for DD




Strapless Bra Spanx Up for Anything  | 32-38 inch back, A-DDD cup


Spanx Strapless Bra  


Spanx is a brand that’s synonymous with support. It’s no wonder readers put the Up for Anything bra at the top of their lists!

The brand’s proprietary SmartGrip technology hugs your body and keeps the bra shifting and rolling. With memory foam cups mold to enhance your natural shape, and a supportive, elastic-free design, you’ll be comfortable and without worry in whatever you wear.  




Wingslove  | 30-44 inch back, A-H cup


Wingslove Plus Size Strapless Push Up Bra


This multifunctional, multiway bra from Wingslove has detachable straps, so you can wear and convert it many ways for great support. It’s an ideal choice for one-shoulder, shoulder-off, halter-neck, and spaghetti strap clothing. The molded cups with underwire help to give a natural shape, plus it is available in a huge range of sizes, great for those fuller busts. 

It comes in three classic colors, nude, white or as a black strapless bra.


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Best Lowback Strapless Bra 




Soma Embraceable Bra | 32-40 inch back, A-G cup


Soma Low Cut Strapless Bra


Let the natural you shine with this ultra soft strapless multi way bra by Soma. It offers one pair of removable, fully adjustable straps that will give you endless options for a smooth, no-show look.

Readers swear by this style for its lift, support, and smooth lines, with one saying, “It’s the best strapless bra I’ve ever had.”


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Best Backless Strapless Bra 




Mitaloo | A-E cup


Mitaloo Backless Strapless Bra


If you have a backless, strappy dress and strapless bras with low back don’t seem to work, try a bra without a back or straps. This bra by Mitaloo is lightweight and has adhesive sides to ensure good support. Unlike a lot of silicone backless bras on the market, this bra is made from natural silicone which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Follow the instructions and this bra can be reused up to 25 times. So not necessarily an everyday bra, but good to have in the closet for that special occasion.   




Fashion Forms | A-DD cup


Fashion Forms Backless Strapless Bra


Another backless strapless bra is Fashion Forms. This little number has from panels cover your breast area with no side extensions or back strap. It is a front close strapless bra that gives lift and cleavage enhancement. The soft foam cups adhere to your body for a free and flexible fit. The perfect strapless bra for low back dresses or a night on the town! 


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Best Strapless Bandeau Bras




Dinamit Seamless Padded Bandeau


Dinamit Plus Size Bandeau Top


You may be afraid to try this Dinamit seamless bandeau, but our readers love it because it stays up, no matter what. They say it compliments any top or blouse, no matter how sheer they may be. 

This wireless strapless bra doesn’t have the usual underwire you’d expect, but you’ll be supported nonetheless in its built-in, contoured cups. It comes in sizes from small to 8x and in 13 colors, so there’s no doubt this is a comfy wardrobe staple for women of all sizes.




Coobie Lace Bandeau


Coobie Lace Bandeau


When it comes to comfort and flexibility, the Coobie bandeau tops do wonders under low cut shirts and dresses. You can’t even tell it’s there! With 16 color options too, you can find a great match to wear with any outfit.

These delicate lace strapless bras are pretty enough to wear on its own, and it stretches—one size fits from 32A to 36D. The fabric is made of an ultra soft nylon and spandex blend. Many readers have declared it to be their go-to strapless.  




Blulu Bralette Tube Bra


Blulu Bandeau Bralette 


With a price of just under $12 dollars for three, these well-made, invisible strapless push up bras by Blulu are a reader favorite! You won’t spend all your time tugging at or adjusting them—they’re comfortable, supportive, and have easily removable pads for different looks.

One TFG reader says, “If you don’t mind having underwire, these are amazing! They come in a variety of color combos—black, tan and white—for blending with any outfit.”

If for some reason you prefer a bralette with straps, the Soma Enbliss is quite popular. Readers call this bra “super comfortable.”


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 Best Sticky Strapless Bra Alternatives 




Muqu Nipple Cover


Muqu Nipple Covers 


Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing strapless plunge bras. The Muqu nipple covers have you covered regardless with these comfortable silicone pasties. They keep your breasts perky and provide ample coverage for A-C cups.  

One reader says, “I would feel a little too free wearing them all day. But do love them for a fancy night with a backless dress.”




Nippies Skin Ultimate Bra Inserts


 Nippies Silicone Pasties


 If you have a special dress and want an alternative to a backless strapless bra, think about trying pasties! They are non-adhesive, but these silicone nipple covers by Nippies stick surprisingly well, according to readers. If you don’t need much support, but do need coverage, one reader says, “You don’t even realize you’re wearing them.”


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How to Make a Strapless Bras Stay Up


Oftentimes, wearing the wrong size can cause a strapless bra to dig in or fall. Not all brands and styles are made equal, so you may be one cup size in one style and another size in another.  

A proper fitting from a professional who measures your cup and band is recommended over going to a mall chain store, as available sizes are limited. This is the key to how to make strapless bras stay up. For more information read our post on bra sizing.



How do Strapless Bras Work?


Perfect fit is essential when getting a strapless bra to work. It is the band that keeps it up and supports your breasts to look their best. The band is, as opposed to in a regular bra, usually lined with a strip of silicon at the top and bottom of the bra, which prevents it from slipping down too much.



What is a Bandeau?


Bandeau styling is essentially like a tube top, a strip of fabric, which creates a fitted sleeveless effect to keep your breasts secure in a comfortable way!

Often bandeau styles come without the usual wire of a regular bra, so they are a great option if you need to wear them for a long day of sight-seeing. Some modern bandeaus are really pretty with lace designs, meaning they can be worn on their own or underneath an open shirt for a stylish look.  


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Compass Rose Travel Packing Cubes


Designate a Packing Cube as Your Underwear Cube


Why not designate one packing cube just for your bras and underwear? One reader says, “I have a packing cube specifically for bras, and stuff my undies and socks in there so that they can keep their shape.”

Compass Rose packing cubes allow you to do so by number and color so you know where you packed everything, even when you use the cubes to separate parts of your outfit. Learn more in the video below.


Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!






What are your most comfortable strapless bras? Share with us below!


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