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Are you wondering what to pack for Europe in winter?  Here are ten essential items to keep you warm and comfortable while exploring Prague, Vienna, and Zurich!


Ten Essentials for Winter in Prague, Vienna, and Zurich




UGG Womens Thomsen Boot


Comfortable, warm, breathable shoes


Prague, Vienna, and Zurich are full of beautiful sites, most of which you’ll want to check out on foot, even if it’s snowing.  Walking in snow can be tricky but with the right shoes, your walking tours won’t just be comfortable but also memorable!

When planning what to pack for Europe in winter, make sure you choose shoes that have traction, just in case you encounter heavy snowfall or black ice.  And, as always, you’ll want a shoe that supports you where you need it.


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Warm Socks & Tights


With great shoes, a great pair of socks are a necessity. I like to wear socks that are made of wool to maximize warmth.

I also bring along a thick pair of tights as an additional layer of warmth underneath jeans. Tights are extremely versatile in cold weather; they’re a great way to warm up any dresses you bring.


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In addition to layering your pants, layering tops is also crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature in cold weather.

When I traveled to Prague, Vienna, and Zurich, I made the mistake of wearing a heavy winter coat, which I had to immediately take off as soon as I walked into a heated room.  I’ve learned to layer different lightweight tops with pockets, such as a vest underneath a technical jacket, in order to quickly remove or add layers.


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Gloves are a necessity in cold temperatures.  Leather, fleece-lined gloves maximize the warmth by locking in the heat without sacrificing style. This is an essential you don’t want to forget when considering what to pack for Europe in winter.


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Travel Sheet/Sleep Sack


Sleeping Bag Liner


Europe is famous for its trains – it’s so convenient to get from one place to another on an overnight trip with lay-flat beds.  A sleeping bag liner is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth while keeping germs and bugs out.


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Thick Fleece Scarf


A scarf is a versatile accessory that keeps your neck warm while you’re walking around Prague, Vienna, and Zurich. It also doubles as a mini-blanket when you’re on a bus or train and need a little extra warmth.







Something to cover your head and ears is essential when it gets cold.  Make sure to bring a beanie but don’t be surprised if you pick another one up in Prague, because they have a cute and fashionable selection of faux fur hats.





Portable Charger


When you’re travelling around via train, bus, and foot, you never know when your device will need a charge. A portable charger is a handy way to ensure that you don’t miss any important photos during the trip; you’ll be visiting a lot of historic places and want to take pictures of everything you see and experience.




Carry-all Bag


Zurich, Vienna, and Prague are all fairly safe cities with a lot of culture.  You’ll probably buy a souvenir along the way, whether its chocolates or crystal pieces.

A carry-all bag (I prefer something crossbody) is the perfect way to transport the little things you pick up in these historic cities.


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Monopod/ “Selfie Stick”


Although it sounds vain to carry a monopod, this will change the way you take pictures.   A “selfie stick” lets you take as many photos as you want without having to inconvenience a stranger.  You’ll never have to wonder why none of your travel pictures have you in it!


What are your tips on what to pack for Europe in winter? 


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