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Should I Pack Jeans When Traveling?

  Whether to pack jeans when you travel, particularly on a Round-the-World trip, continues to be a hot topic. Travelers increasingly are packing denim and throwing the old packing rules out the door! In fact, it seems that most travelers agree: jeans are...

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Leggings: Are they a Travel Do or Don’t?

While some Fall/Winter fashion shows featured leggings in their collections, many fashionistas wonder: are they a do or don't? The demand for leggings may not be as strong as it was a few years ago. However, when it comes to travel there are still some benefits to...

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Best Pants for Travel: What to Wear Everywhere

We discovered what we believed to be the impossible: the best travel pants for women. Almost four years later, we’re re-visiting this topic but this time we’re going to take a look at the best pants for travel to various destinations. Keep reading to find out what styles top our list!

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Athleta Pants: Why They’re Seriously Awesome

One of the most important aspects about choosing the best clothing for travel is to find items that weigh as little as possible. When you have 5-7kg of carryon suitcase weight restrictions, every ounce counts! As you may know, these are what I consider the best travel...

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Style Guide for the Ultimate Women’s Travel Pants

  When I visited the Anatomie headquarters back in March, I realized that I was clearly mistaken when I called their Skyler style the best travel pants for women – they have so many great styles to choose from! For me, the pants are what makes this brand worth...

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