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Best Pants for Travel: What to Wear Everywhere

We discovered what we believed to be the impossible: the best travel pants for women. Almost four years later, we’re re-visiting this topic but this time we’re going to take a look at the best pants for travel to various destinations. Keep reading to find out what styles top our list!

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Athleta Pants: Why They’re Seriously Awesome

One of the most important aspects about choosing the best clothing for travel is to find items that weigh as little as possible. When you have 5-7kg of carryon suitcase weight restrictions, every ounce counts! As you may know, these are what I consider the best travel...

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Style Guide for the Ultimate Women’s Travel Pants

  When I visited the Anatomie headquarters back in March, I realized that I was clearly mistaken when I called their Skyler style the best travel pants for women – they have so many great styles to choose from! For me, the pants are what makes this brand worth...

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Cute Workout Clothes – Perfect for Travel!

  I recently walked into the Athleta store at the Grove in Los Angeles and fell in love –what cute workout clothes, perfect for travel too! Some of the best clothes for travel are items from fitness lines. Constructed from high performance, durable materials many...

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Why Men Love Convertible Travel Pants…and Women Don’t

  Female travelers tend to generally agree on their opinion about convertible pants for women: disgust. The mere thought of wearing them makes them dread traveling. Why do women hate them and men love them? To answer that question, Harry Jarvis, the editor of new...

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Get Creative! DIY Denim Shorts for Women

  If you’re traveling with a pair of jeans that you no longer need due to bulk or weather, transform them! Follow this easy to use guide to create your own budget and travel friendly DIY denim shorts for women!   Get Creative! DIY Jean Shorts by Chantelle...

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Cute Shorts for Summer Travel

Summer 2013 - Cute Shorts for Travel by Cailyn Cox   Summer is upon us, and that means it's time to put away all your winter favorites and repack your bags with super cute shorts! If you're in need of inspiration and you haven’t a clue where to start, take a look...

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How to Choose the Best Jeans for Travel

Jeans are one of the most popular and debated travel fashion topics for women: To pack them or not to pack them? The truth is jeans are actually necessary and ideal in many travel journeys especially in cold weather. Jeans don’t take up much more space than some bulky...

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Anatomie Travel Clothing for Women: Jetsetter Style Mix

  After 14 months of travel, I'm eager to own new travel clothes! The Travel Fashion Girl partnership with Anatomie travel clothing for women couldn't have come at a better time. Find out more about the awesome clothing they sent me in my initial review of the...

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Anatomie Travel Clothes for Women: Functional Fashion

  When Anatomie offered to sponsor my new travel wardrobe, I was extremely excited. This designer brand represents Travel Fashion Girl in every way: practical and stylish travel clothes for women. The clothing looks like apparel I’d actually wear at home and will...

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