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Wondering what travel gifts to buy your friends and family? Travel Fashion Girl’s writers have pooled together the items on their wishlist. Take a look. You’ll definitely want to add some to your list, too! I know, I do.


TFG Writers’ Travel Gift Guides


The holidays are the perfect time to try out new gear or build up your travel wardrobe. We like to use holiday discounts like these from Black Friday weekend to purchase items that have been on our travel wish list all year.

In addition to indulging ourselves, travel-inspired products are the perfect gift for a family member or friend who’s been bitten by the travel bug. Here’s our 2016 Holiday Wish List, which is sure to please the travel addict in your life!



Niki Landry




Sephora Lotus Mask | Bite Beauty | Wander Beauty Blush + Illuminator


In a continued effort to pack efficiently, I’m always on the hunt for one-time use, multipurpose, or travel-size beauty products. These products make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the beauty-focused traveler in your life.

I own the older set of the Bite lip crayons, and I bring one on every trip. They are an affordable and compact way to try out new lip colors.

Wander Beauty is a new brand that I personally haven’t tried, but I’m intrigued by their effort to create multipurpose beauty products. The two-in-one blush/illuminator may be a good alternative to my favorite NARS Multiple Stick.


Love multi-purpose beauty products? Take a look at these!




Compass Necklace | Irish 2 Pingin Coin Ring | Q Tailor Hybrid Smartwatch


Jewelry can sometimes be tricky to gift, but if you really know the recipient’s style, it can be a cherished piece.

I prefer subtle travel-inspired imagery when it comes to jewelry, and this compass necklace fits the bill. I also discovered an artist who creates contemporary rings from coins. It can be a perfect way to wear a bit of your favorite country.

More on the functional side, this smartwatch is a stylish alternative to the sporty fitness watches on the market.




Explorer Wallet | Fossil Charging Wallet | Small Zip Wallet


Organization goes a long way in making travel days more manageable and stress-free, and if you can add style to the mix then it’s even better.

The charging wallet is something I definitely want to check out; it could help with the never-ending search for available outlets and plugs to charge my electronics.

The small zip wallet is perfect for the super light traveler, and with fun color combos and monogramming, makes a great gift. The three wallets marry the best of both function and fashion.


Here are more portable power banks to keep charged on the go!




Wherever Mag | The Bucket List | A Walk in The Woods


Guidebooks are an easy and personalized gift for lovers of travel. Instead of a general guidebook, try to target the book to fit your recipient. If their interest is, for example, adventure travel or design, there are specific guides to suit their tastes.

I love reading travel memoirs and stories set in my next destination or in dream destinations. If it’s true for me, you can bet someone with a similar travel passion will be equally interested!

Magazine subscriptions are a fun way to have travel-related reading material year-round. There are a few well regarded indie travel magazines with great content that most travelers would love.


Find out why we love using travel guides!




Mini Watercolor Palette Kit | Unique Sketchbook | Paris Photography


For the artistic traveler on your list, here are a few art-inspired gifts with a hint at travel. Mini paint sets, compact art supplies, and pocket-sized sketchbooks are great gifts for the artist on the go.

If your budget is a little bigger, then a piece of art inspired by the recipient’s favorite destination may make a nice personalized holiday gift.


Here are some packing tips for the traveling artist!





Kelly Ella Maz




My Little Steamer


If you have a traveler on your list who tends to travel a lot for work, then a travel-friendly clothes steamer is a great gift! Joy Mangano (yes, the same woman that Jennifer Lawrence portrayed in the movie Joy) created a genius travel steamer that works like a charm.

In just a matter of seconds, your wrinkly clothes look perfectly pressed. A clothes steamer is also a great way to freshen up clothes between wears!

Despite being “travel size”, this steamer is still a bit bulky, and unfortunately can only be used in North American outlets, so it’s not good for trips through Europe, South America, or Asia. But if your intended recipient travels domestically for work, then this is a great gift.


Learn more about the difference in voltage around the world!




Lovebirds LA Camera Strap


It’s not uncommon for a traveler to have their camera around their neck for a good chunk of their vacation–so why not make the camera strap part of the outfit? Help your travel-loving friend or relative say goodbye to boring black straps, and check out the adorable boho-chic camera straps from Lovebirds LA.

They have endless styles; the straps with (removable) tassels are truly unique. This is one gift that every travel fashion girl would love to find under the tree!




Lo & Sons Claremont Bag


It’s hard to find a camera bag that strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality, but Lo & Son’s Claremont bag does just that!

It’s hard to tell that this bag is a camera bag because it looks like a stylish purse more than anything else. It’s spacious enough to hold essentials like a cell phone and wallet, and also a DSLR camera, lens, spare battery, and memory cards.

The best part: you can remove the camera divider and use the bag as a “regular” purse–how versatile is that?! If you’re shopping for a trendsetter this holiday season, then this beautiful bag is the perfect gift.


Take a look at how we packed with the Lo & Sons OG bag!




Lush Shampoo Bar


Shampoo bars from Lush are the perfect budget-friendly gift, but they also make a great stocking stuffer! These solid bars lather up like a bar of soap, but you use them for your hair instead of your body.

Shampoo is a basic toiletry necessity, and traveling with a solid bar avoids the hassle of traveling with liquids. It also allows for carry-on packing. Lush shampoo bars come in a few different formulas; a gift box with two or three different ones would make a really nice gift.


Read our full review on the Lush shampoo bar!




Stowaway Cosmetics


If a traveler on your shopping list is a big beauty junkie, then check out the gift sets from Stowaway Cosmetics! All of their products are travel-friendly sizes–like mini mascaras and mini lip glosses.

What makes this the perfect gift is that the products are reasonably priced! Since their products are essentially half the size of regular products, their prices are 50% less.

You could buy individual items as stocking stuffers, or purchase gift sets as a larger present–either way, this makes an awesome gift for female travelers!


Take a look at the beauty junkie’s guide to a minimalist travel makeup!





Kate Langille


Forever trying to find the answer to making beauty convenient and easy as possible, while traveling I have created my affordable-to-luxury beauty addict wish list and dear-to-my-heart favorite products to share with you for this holiday season.



Sephora Collection Classic Mini Multitasking Brush


Duo fiber brushes like the Classic Mini Multitasker Brush can be used for applying liquid or powder foundation, cream highlights, blushes, and blending out concealer and contour. Perfectly versatile!




Mini Customizable Z-Palette


Customizing a tiny palette for your go-to eye shades is easy, since there are many single shadow options to pop into this magnetic case. My favorite shades for my Z-Palette are MAC Charcoal Brown and MAC Omega.


Read our DIY guide on how to make your own travel-size makeup palette!




Viktor & Rolf Refillable Travel Duo


My favorite fragrance is the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb with a luxurious but laid-back spicy and floral scent. It comes with a travel-size perfume bottle, refill, and funnel.


For non-liquid perfume, take a look at these travel wipes!




Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Travel Set


Multitasking brushes need to be cleaned thoroughly to increase their longevity and shape while (most importantly) disinfecting. The mini bottle of formula dries quickly when you apply it with a few drops in the cleaning tin and a few swipes later, you’ll have a perfectly clean tool.




Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Duo On The Go


In this luxury duo, the contour shade I’m in love with is Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sculpting Powder, paired with its subtle and ethereal The Celestial Powder in Candlelight. This mini set can double as your eyeshadow kit while taking up barely any room.




Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo


Easy wearing and extremely comfortable, having two pops of color in the Bite Beauty lipstick duo is an easy way to stay minimal and versatile with your travel makeup.




Real Techniques Travel Brush Set with Case


When it comes to brushes, there are many options and brands out there; choose the set most important to the features you wish to emphasize. This set comes with the bonus of a flat folding case that has been a travel staple item for years.

I’m usually focusing on my face, so I love Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set, which includes a concealer brush along with two of my tool essentials, the expert face brush and blending sponge. Another winner is the Multitask Set, with an eyeshadow brush and two versatile face brushes.




Batiste Dry Shampoo Travel Size


Give me dry shampoo, or give me death. I prefer the Batiste original scent, though it comes in a variety of aromas and even shades for blondes and brunettes.


Learn why dry shampoo is awesome for traveling!




Compact and Powerful Skin Rejuvenation


The holidays can be just as rough on your skin as traveling! Ole Henriksen’s Power Bright is an easy-to-transport three pod Vitamin C brightening system that is meant to smooth skin with uneven tones.




Refillable Travel Bottles


Refillable silicone tubes are flexible, sturdy, and ideal for all your beauty potions if you’re shopping for a product-picky traveler like I am. They are available in tons of brands, colors, and sizes.


These are the best travel containers to use!





Kelly O’Laughlin


I’ve been fascinated with Korean skin and beauty products for a while, so I enjoy buying them as gifts for female friends and family. I love trying new things, and I think others do, too! All of these products are small and inexpensive.


Editor’s note: I’m also obsessed with Korean Skincare! Read about how it saved my skin in time for my wedding!



Head to Toes Mask Set


Masks are super popular right now, and they take up very little space, making them an easy gift for a traveling friend.

Indulge from head to toe and address your all-over skin needs with these six amazing masks. An all-over, six piece sheet mask set, including masks for face, hair hands, feet, eyes, and lips.

Sephora Collection is known for having adorable packaging that appeals to girls and young women, so their products are super giftable.




Skin Food Black Sugar Mask


One of my favorite face products is the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask. To me, it feels different and more luxurious than a typical granular mask or scrub. I use it about once a week. Massage it onto your face, let it sit, then rinse off. My skin feels so soft the next day! It’s a good small gift or stocking stuffer.


Editor’s note: I also LOOOVE the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask face scrub!




Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tints


Most of my life, I never wore lipstick because I didn’t see the point—it would come off a minute after I applied it. Then I found lip tints and stains! This Etude House tint is a favorite and can stay on for hours—even after eating! Great for a traveler.




Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask


This clay face mask bubbles up massively and humorously on your face, making it a bit of a novelty. I bought one for my sister and we tried it together, taking funny selfies with our puffy faces! It’s a fun, inexpensive gift with cute packaging.



What’s on your holiday travel gift wish list? Share in the comments below!






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