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It seems that everywhere you look you see something about the Trtl travel pillow. But is it actually good? Our readers weigh in on the pros and cons in our Trtl pillow review!


Trtl Pillow Review



For a red eye or long flight, sleeping can help pass the time and make sure you feel awake and ready when you arrive at your destination. However, this is easier said than done. For many of us, falling asleep on a plane – and actually staying asleep – can be nearly impossible.

This is where a neck pillow can help. However, we’re not talking about the standard u-shape pillow that leaves you with a kinked neck when you wake up. We’re talking about what we and many of our readers say is the best travel pillow ever. Read their Trtl travel pillow reviews below:




Trtl Travel Pillow


What is the Trtl Pillow?


The Trtl pillow isn’t exactly a pillow in the traditional sense. It’s more of a wrap that offers neck support.

As one reader explains, “Here’s the deal with the Trtl – it’s really not a ‘pillow.’ When I stopped thinking of it as one, it made more sense. You don’t rest your head on it. What it does is it keeps your head from dropping, snapping, or bobbing forward when you fall asleep.”

A lot of times, staying asleep is harder than falling asleep because your head keeps falling or shifting and your neck starts to ache. The Trtl is designed to hold your neck in an ergonomic position for long periods of time.





How Does the Trtl Pillow Work?


The Trtl pillow is like a neck wrap. When unwrapped, you position it on either side of your neck or anywhere under your chin. Then you wrap it around your neck the way you would a scarf.

Within the pillow, there is an internal support system, which is what supports your head and neck. It’s wrapped in fleece and foam for a comfortable hammock effect.


We’re not the only ones who love this unique and innovative pillow. Find out the many reasons why we and our readers love the Trtl pillow.


Easy to Pack


For carry on travelers like us, it’s essential for any accessory to be easy to pack. Because the Trtl pillow isn’t the standard pillow shape, it’s easy to wrap up and store away. It’s less than five ounces in weight or .3 pounds, so it doesn’t add any heft to your luggage.

One reader says, “I like the Trtl. It’s easy to pack away or attach to your bag. I don’t like lugging extra stuff around, so this helps.” Another reader adds, “I love mine and I’ve used it many times on red eyes and flights to Europe. I like that it’s easy to pack.”




The Trtl pillow is focused on neck support, which is why it has such a unique shape. It’s meant to keep your head propped up, and this is what helps you avoid a sore neck when you wake up.

One reader says, “I have one and I’ve been recommending it to everyone! I have neck problems and found the Trtl is more supportive than typical neck pillows.” Another adds, “I love it. It’s much smaller than any of the foam pillows, and more supportive than the inflatables. Using it I never get a sore neck from sleeping on the plane.”




Because the Trtl pillow is so supportive, it’s equally as comfortable. This makes it possible for you to actually sleep and stay asleep on a flight. One reader says, “it actually holds your head in an upright position and I found it quite comfortable to sleep.”

Another reader adds, “It’s the best travel pillow I’ve tried so far. Most of my trouble with sleeping on planes stems from my head always dropping forward. Since this is meant to prop up your head and chin, it helps me. No other pillow has ever helped with that.”

A third shares, “I found it extremely comfortable and even fell asleep prior to lift-off. I had never done that ever before!”


Makes Sleep Possible


One of the best features of this Trtl pillow is that you can actually stay asleep while using it! Because it’s so supportive and comfortable, you can stay asleep for hours.

One reader says, “I love mine. I don’t nod myself awake as much as I did with other pillows,” while another adds, “I can sleep for hours without nodding myself awake or leaning on an unsuspecting neighbor.”




The Trtl pillow is made with fleece and is meant to wrap around your neck, which keeps you warm. This can either be a pro or con for you. One reader says, “I’m always cold so it doesn’t bother me but some find it too warm.” However, several readers said it was too hot, with one sharing, “it was hot, awkward, itchy.”

Along with being too hot, some find it a little claustrophobic since it wraps around your neck. One says, “I just couldn’t get comfortable, was too hot, and felt like I was being strangled.” 

A few other readers added that they also couldn’t find a comfortable position due to its unique shape.







In our opinion, the Trtl pillow is one of the most innovative travel products. Most readers who love this pillow were those who needed more neck support. Those who didn’t need neck support or didn’t have neck problems preferred a more traditional pillow style.

Ultimately, we recommend this pillow for those who get kinks in their neck from sleeping without a pillow or with a traditional u-shaped pillow, as it props your head up. However, if you easily overheat, you may find this pillow to restricting.

One reader sums it up best when she says, “I love mine! I’ve used it on overnight flights and long train rides. It took some practice and playing with to find the perfect position for me but now I won’t travel without it. And it takes up NO space. I highly recommend it!”




Trtl Travel Pillow


Where to Buy the Trtl Pillow


You can purchase the Trtl pillow on Amazon. It’s available in four colors: black, red, grey, and coral.



Have you tried the Trtl neck pillow? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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