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With so many great cities and destinations in such close proximity, many travelers find themselves country hopping on a trip to Europe. If your itinerary includes multiple stops and you are unsure what to pack, make sure you don’t forget these 8 things to pack for Europe in the summer! (These items may also work for Spring and Autumn too – click on the images to shop!)


Things to Pack for Europe in the Summer



A stylish backpack is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your European vacation.

Large enough to carry everything you may need for sightseeing, but not overly big that it becomes cumbersome. I normally opt for a small cross body purse, but a backpack gives you the freedom to bring along an umbrella and jacket without feeling bulky. I love all the great colors this style comes in, and that it would be easily flat packed in your luggage if necessary.


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It’s such a small item that barely takes up any space in your bags and can be tied to your purse or backpack when out for the day. I especially like it to hold my hair back during outdoor activities, and to cover my hair in between washings. A headscarf is such a simple way to change up your look when traveling and can easily be included in your things to pack for Europe or any other destination.




Surplus Jacket


A utility jacket is a great alternative to the universally loved denim jacket.

 Especially in muted neutral colors it can coordinate with every outfit. This soft lightweight jacket is perfect for throwing in your backpack to use when the temperature drops. This surplus jacket can go forever between washings, will hold it’s shape well, and can take the abuse of being on the road. I particularly like it paired with feminine dresses and patterns.


You can easily roll up your lightweight jacket into a packing cube so it is ready for you when you need it.




Striped Top


A striped top will fit in perfectly in a European setting.

My all time favorite graphic pattern in clothing is stripes. This easy pattern will fit in perfectly in a European setting, and would be a nice addition to your travel wardrobe. Since I normally stick to solid colored clothing, throwing in a simple pattern like a stripe is an easy transition. I also like that it works well with other patterns, for example it pairs nicely with floral patterned accessories and can even be considered a “neutral”. This makes is one of my essential things to pack for Europe.




Flat Sneakers


If you don’t have a need for athletic sneakers, these flat slip-ons are a comfy and stylish option for your trip.

You can find them in lots of colors and patterns, but I love this metallic pair. These are also a great alternative to the much-loved converse or vans. I like them because they are so versatile and can coordinate with any outfit and are less bulky than some other shoes. Flat slip-ons should be one of the things to pack for Europe!




White Jeans


White jeans have become a staple for summer outfits.

Instead of the typical blue jeans, opt for white denim on your summer vacation. White jeans have become a staple for summer outfits, and look great paired with any top. The only downfall is keeping them from looking dingy during your travels. I wouldn’t recommend white jeans for any long-term trips but they’re great for 1-2 week vacations. Afraid to wear white? Don’t be unless you’re not used to it or tend to be spill prone. Otherwise, it’s a classic choice!



Mini Umbrella


You will be glad you brought along your umbrella when an unexpected rain shower hits.

Since weather is unpredictable it’s always a good idea to have one of these handy. You want to make the most of your time in a new city, no matter the weather.



Nude Ballet Flats


Ballet flats worn day or night.

I could live in ballet flats, and taking along a pair to Europe is a no brainer for me. They can be worn day or night, as long as they are well broken in and form fit your foot. Nude is the perfect neutral, and I especially like this foldable pair that will take up little to no space in your bags (plus it’s a great price, too).


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If you plan on spending your summer in and around Europe, adding these clothing items to your travel wardrobe will keep you comfortable and stylish.

What are your essential things to pack for Europe? Comment and share!


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