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Are you stressed about shaving while traveling? As a long-term traveler, hair removal options are always at the top of my travel beauty checklist. Learn about the best travel-friendly hair removal strategies!


Shaving While Traveling



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Here are some tips on the best hair removal strategies that are travel-friendly you can use:




Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips


No-Heat Wax Strips


If you’re used to waxing at home, don’t despair – you can also do this when you’re on the road, too. While I don’t like waxing my body, facial hair is a must for me. I usually frequent beauty salons on the go for a touch-up every few weeks or so.

I discovered no-heat wax strips like these in England and they’ve been a total game changer! They’re super easy to use, very effective, and they take up absolutely no space. I’ve also found them while traveling in Mexico, the Philippines, and the US, too.

I love using these and can’t recommend them enough! While they’re awesome for traveling, they also work well at home–to save money between trips to the salon. (They might even replace the salon altogether!)


Here’s how you use them:

  • Start by cleaning the area to be waxed and dry completely
  • Apply a bit of baby powder (if you have it) to absorb any moisture
  • Warm the strip between your palms for about 30 seconds
  • Wax one side of your upper lip or eyebrows at a time
  • To alleviate redness or remove wax residue, use olive oil (or similar).


I recommend you wax at night right before you go to sleep–not during the day–to avoid any additional irritation from sun or other air irritants. This has been the most successful strategy for me.


DO NOT use the strips more than once in the same place within 24 hours and make sure to test your skin for allergies first. Been there, done that.




Revlon Mini Tweezers Set


Petite Tweezers


Whether you’re on a backpacking trip or regular vacation, having well-groomed eyebrows is a must. All it takes is a quick tweeze to accomplish this.

Leave the your regular size tweezers at home and bring a compact pair. Every little ounce and centimeter saved helps in your overall effort to pack light.

Avoid knife-like edges, so airport security doesn’t take them away. I travel with my travel-size tweezers and never have any problems.

Many times you can get compact tweezers as a part of a manicure kit. I got mine pair from Anastasia as part of this travel size brow set.


You can also use tweezers to take care of stray body hairs as well!




Compact Venus Razor


Travel-Size Razor


I recently found this compact razor set at Target and was very happy to see travel options added to beauty products like these. I haven’t used this one yet but I’m for sure going to pic one up the next time I’m in the States.

While it doesn’t minimize shaving while traveling, it seems like a great way to save space. It also has five blades for smooth results.


Here are more tips on how to cleverly travel-size your toiletries!




Dorco Six Blade Razor Shaving System


6-Blade Razor


Another option for hair removal on-the-go is to do it less frequently. The easier our beauty routine is, the more time we have to sightsee and focus on the important aspects of traveling.

I’m currently using this six-blade razor which is why I didn’t buy the compact size for this trip. I’m extremely happy with it so far because it’s made shaving while traveling a bit easier.

It’s given me such a smooth shave that I get an extra day or two in between shaves. This is particularly helpful as a scuba diver. When I’m diving daily, I don’t have much time for leisurely beauty maintenance.


Read more tips on how to pack for a scuba diving trip here!




Tria Hair Removal Laser


Laser Hair Removal


Shaving, waxing, creams and electrolysis are tedious processes; and seem to be temporary fixes to a long-term issue. How great would it be to take a beach vacation and not worry about armpit stubble, or bikini-line nightmares, ever again?

Instead of shaving while traveling, laser hair removal is also a popular choice for female travelers. If this is something you’re considering, it’s important to note that you usually need several sessions so you should start at least six months before your trip – sooner if possible.

I always see deals for this on Groupon when I’m back in Los Angeles or England but I’m never anywhere long enough to have all the sessions complete and you’re not supposed to have exposure to the sun during this time.

At around $10 a session, it seems like a good option for some. I’ll let you know if I have it done!

Alternatively, you can also try at home laser treatment like this one shown above. Have you tried this method?


Read about why one traveler swears by laser hair removal!



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Do you have any other tips on shaving while traveling? Please comment!


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