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One of the tiny details you never think about on your trip are your shower essentials. Sure you obsess over downsizing your beauty products and toiletries but what about your loofah or other cleansing items? Take a look at my round up of the best shower items to take on your travels!


Travel-Friendly Shower Essentials


This may sound like a random topic, but one of the small details that confused me on my first trip abroad to Europe was: what’s the most convenient “loofah” to bring on my trip?

The reason why this was a small issue was because I was going to be visiting multiple destinations in under two weeks and would only be staying in each place for one-two nights. I didn’t want to have to pack a wet loofah in my bag.

After all, the friend that I was traveling with brought a small face towel, which never dried. Big mistake.

So I did some research. Some people suggested that the most efficient shower item was an exfoliating glove. Others recommended to skip it it all together and use a bar of soap.


I’ve now been traveling for over eight years long-term and I thought I’d put together a list of shower essentials that I’ve found most useful:


Travel-Size Pouf Loofah



Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge


This is by far my preferred choice of body sponge. It’s lightweight, dries relatively quickly, and is easy to clean, too.

While a regular size loofah probably wouldn’t take up too much space, a travel-size option is best to keep your belongings to a minimum. If you use a backpack as a personal item then you can easily attach it to the outside and allow it to air dry on the go.


Shower Glove



Exfoliating Hydro Gloves


This was the item recommended by male travelers back in 2008 when I came across a forum discussing suggested items for long trips. They said it was the most efficient shower item and was best used with a bar of soap to avoid liquids.

I took their advice only to find out that it look a long time to dry so it wasn’t the choice for me. However, if you’re staying in one place for an extended period of time and prefer to solid soap then you might like to use a shower glove.


Exfoliating Loofah



Exfoliating Body Pads


I really like traveling with one of these when I’m going to be in an extremely hot, humid, and/or dusty destination. Not only is it very thin and doesn’t add much space or weight to your bag, but you can guarantee you won’t feel grimy and gross after a sweaty day sightseeing.


Here are a few more tips on how to stay sweat-free when you’re traveling!





Pumice Bar


Traveling to dusty destinations such as Vietnam, India, or on a safari adventure in Africa? Prepare for dirty feet and bring a foot scrub.

This is the one I use and I cut it in half so it takes up less space and I get more use out of it. It’s featherlight so it doesn’t add any weight to my bag, too.

I love using these because not only do they keep your feet soft by removing dead and dry skin cells but they also help me feel cleaner when I’m traveling. My feet love sandals so this item is a must!


Here are a few more of my grooming essentials!





Sea to Summit Tek Towel


No. NO. NOOO. Please don’t travel with a full-size regular towel ever. They’re bulky, space wasters, and take forever to dry. NOT travel-friendly at all especially when you’re moving from place to place every other day.

If you’re staying at hotels or Airbnbs then you’ll have a towel or several waiting for you in your accommodation.


However, if you’re camping, going on safari, scuba diving or snorkeling, traveling on a budget, or staying in hostels bringing your own towel is a must!


You won’t believe how many times I’ve seen travelers lugging around damp towels and not only are they not efficient when drying off in the shower, they get stinky, too. Plus, it’s just kinda gross.

The solution is to use a travel towel. This is ALWAYS in my suitcase because even if none of the above scenarios apply I can use it as a hair towel or to dry off on the beach (I personally prefer it against my wet skin to a sarong).


Alternatively, a Turkish towel is a stylish option for female travelers.


Many low or mid-range Airbnbs only give you one towel so if you require a separate one, consider bringing a travel towel or better yet, a hair towel like the one mentioned below. As a plus, they’re also quick dry when you’re on the go!

(Note, they’re smaller than normal towels because they’re ultra-absorbent so don’t plan to wrap them around your entire body. Even a large size isn’t very spacious.)


Take a look at the best beach towels for travel. Hardly any suitcase space required!


Hair Towel



Super Absorbent Hair Towel


I used to travel with a small hair towel and thought it was very beneficial. It’s super absorbent so it helps my hair dry quicker and minimizes my prep time. It’s also great for use at home, too.

It was particularly helpful when I was on my round-the-world backpacking trip and stayed at only budget guesthouses or hostels. They hardly ever provided towels so it was nice to have a small one for my hair in addition to my travel towel.

I keep meaning to buy one when I’m in the US but I keep forgetting to add it to my checklist. Now I’ll remember!


Wet/Dry Bag



Wet and Dry Bag Set


If you’re on the move and find that any of your shower accessories haven’t dried, use a dry bag like this one to prevent other items in your suitcase from getting wet. You can also use this for a wet bathing suit, too!

If you’re backpacking, you can also attach your loofah to the outside of your backpack to air it out while you’re on the move.


Take a look at this list of other luggage organizers!


What are your travel shower essentials? Share in the comments!


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