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One of the tiny details you never think about on your trip is your shower essentials. Sure, you probably obsess over downsizing your beauty products and toiletries, but what about your loofah or other cleansing items? Take a look at my round up of the best items to take on your travels!


Travel-Friendly Shower Essentials



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This may sound random, but one of the small details that confused me on my first trip to Europe was what bath accessories to bring.

The reason why this was an issue is because I planned on visiting multiple destinations in under two weeks and would only stay in each place for one or two nights. I didn’t want to have to repack a wet loofah in my bag every time.

The friend that I was traveling with brought a small face towel, which never dried. Needless to say, that was a big mistake.

So, I did some research. Some people suggested that the most efficient item to bring was a quick dry travel washcloth. Others recommended I just skip it altogether and use a bar of soap and my hands.


Follow our ultimate guide to creating the perfect travel toiletries list and master the art of packing!



Shower Essentials Product Review


I’ve now been traveling for over nine years and thought I’d put together a list of shower essentials that I’ve found most useful on my adventures.  




Aquasentials Mesh Sponge


A travel loofah is easy to carry along on any journey


I looked for the best travel washcloth I could find, but I instead settled on this pouf scrubber by Aquasentials. It’s lightweight, dries relatively quickly, and is also easy to clean.

While a large option probably wouldn’t take up too much space, a smaller travel loofah is best for keeping your belongings to a minimum. If you use a backpack as a personal item, then you can easily attach it to the outside and allow it to air dry while on the go.


Read these tips on how to minimize toiletry products for even more tips!




Earth Therapeutics Gloves


Exfoliating mitts are perfect shower essentials for an extended stay


I came across a forum back in 2008 discussing suggested items for long trips and these Earth Therapeutics gloves came highly recommended. Many travelers said they were efficient and best used with a bar of soap.

I took their advice only and gave the gloves a try, but they took a long time to dry, so they weren’t my preferred choice in the end. However, if you’re staying in one place for a long time and prefer to use solid soap, then you might like these.  


Avoid taking liquids in your carryon by replacing them with solid toiletries and travel wipes!




Botanic Touch Body Pads


This exfoliating travel loofa takes up minimum suitcase space


I like traveling with a Botanic Touch loofah when I’m going to be in an extremely hot, humid, and/or dusty destination. Not only is it thin, but it also doesn’t add much weight to your bag, and you won’t feel grimy and gross after a sweaty day of sightseeing.


Here are a few more tips on how to stay sweat-free when you’re traveling!




Mr. Pumice Callus Remover


Pumice bars are shower necessities for your feet


Traveling to dusty destinations such as Vietnam and India or planning on doing a safari adventure in Africa? Prepare to tackle dirty feet with a foot scrubber like this one by Mr. Pumice. I cut mine in half so it takes up less space, and I get double the use out of it. It’s also featherlight so it doesn’t add any weight to my bag.

I love these bars – not only do they keep my feet soft by removing dead, dry skin cells but they also help me feel cleaner overall. My feet love to be in sandals, so this item is a must!


Here are a few more of my grooming essentials!




Sea to Summit Tek Towel


Scrub on the run with an absorbent and easy to store travel towel


Don’t pack a full-size towel, ever! They’re bulky space wasters and are NOT travel-friendly at all, especially when you’re moving from place to place frequently.

You won’t believe how many times I’ve seen travelers lugging around big, damp towels—not only are they not efficient for drying off, they get stinky. Plus, they’re pretty gross when shoved in with all your clean stuff.

If you’re staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, you’ll have towels waiting for you. However, if you’re camping, going on safari, scuba diving, snorkeling, traveling on a budget, or staying in hostels, bringing your own towel like this one by Sea to Summit is a must! It’s quick to dry when you’re on the go.

I ALWAYS have a travel towel in my suitcase. Even if none of the above scenarios apply, I can use it to wrap my hair or dry off on the beach. I prefer it against my wet skin to a sarong. If you get one, don’t plan to wrap it around your entire body—they aren’t very large.

A  Turkish towel is also a stylish option for female travelers.


Take a look at our best beach towels for travel. Hardly any suitcase space required!




Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel


A hair towel is one of the great must-have shower products


I travel with a small hair towel like this one by Turbie Twist. It’s super absorbent, helps hair dry quicker, and minimizes overall prep time.

It was particularly helpful when I was on my round-the-world backpacking trip and stayed at budget guesthouses or hostels, which hardly ever provide towels. It’s also great for home use.


We’ve rounded up our favorite travel towels!




Travelon Ripstop Sacks


Bring a loofah travel case to store all your bathroom essentials


If you’re on the move and find that accessories like your travel loofa haven’t dried, use a wet/dry bag like this one by Travelon to prevent other items in your suitcase from getting wet.

You can also use the bags to store your bathing suit!


Take a look at this list of other luggage organizers!




Betty Dain Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap


Steer clear of mold and mildew with this waterproof, reusable shower cap


If you don’t feel like washing your hair every day, put your dynamite ‘do in a stylish hair cover by Betty Dain. Not only does it look funky in black and white, but it’s leak-free and will dry quickly when not in use.

When you get home, you can just toss this durable cap in a washing machine with other accessories like your travel washcloth, but make sure to air dry it to extend its use.


Need tips on how to manage your hair while traveling? Check out these travel hair tips!




Ipanema Ana Tan Thong


Keep your feet free of fungus with these Ipanema sandals


If you stay in a hostel, you’ll certainly share a shower with your fellow travelers. So, protect your tootsies with thick, rubber thongs like the Ana Tan model shown above. They’re durable, easy to pack and will go the distance with you on this and many adventures to come.


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Shower Essentials Product Comparison Chart


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Watch this video to see how to pack your toiletries into your carry-on or the video above to learn how to downsize your toiletries!


How do I pack toiletries?


Be sure to read our complete guide to packing toiletries here. It walks you through, step by step, how to choose what to pack, how to downsize what you have, and how to pack it.

Do a test run to see if everything fits in your toiletry bag. If your belongings don’t fit, consider using multi-use products such as a shampoo/conditioner combo, using conditioner as shaving cream, or baby shampoo for your hair and body.

If you’ll be traveling for a longer time, you can buy toiletries at your destination.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!



What are your travel shower essentials? Share in the comments!


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