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Dealing with an acne breakout isn’t something that you want at the top of your to-do list while you’re out seeing the world, but factors such as long flights, a change in diet and a break in your usual skincare routine can trigger blemishes. Here are our top tips and go-to products to prevent and treat skin breakouts while you’re on the move.


Combat Acne Skin Breakouts On the Go



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Long-haul flying is a notorious trigger for skin breakouts. Extended exposure to air-conditioning will dehydrate your skin and create an over-production of oil, a lack of proper sleep will reduce your resistance to infection, and the often not-so-nutrious meals onboard can overload your system with salt and sugar. Ensuring you are well prepared ahead of your long flight is key to reducing the risk of breakouts upon your arrival.



How To Prevent Breakouts




nügg Revitalizing Face Mask


Pamper yourself with an in-flight facial to prevent breakouts


For acne, air conditioning is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to your skin. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hydrating mini-facial on the go.  Pack these travel-size skincare products in your cabin bag and treat yourself during your flight!



Rosehip Seed Oil


Start by cleansing with gentle facial wipes such as the Yes to Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes, which will not only remove makeup but soothe dry skin.

Next, apply an exfoliating face mask like this one by nügg. It’s made with mostly all natural ingredients including aloe, peppermint and flaxseed oil and is formulated to cool and moisturize your skin.

Finally, apply a few drops of nourishing facial oil, such as Kate Blanc’s Rosehip Seed Oil or Pure Argan Oil by Josie Maran to lock in moisture and keep your skin dewy throughout your trip.


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Mini Silicone Face Brush


Prevent breakouts by deep cleansing on the go


Keep your skin clean and clear no matter your location by packing a travel-size cleansing device such as the Mini Foreo Luna. Breakouts don’t stand a chance against its deep and gentle cleansing action from pulsating silicone touch points.

The Luna is also extremely travel-friendly – it’s quick, easy to clean, one full charge of the battery gives you 300 uses, and you don’t need to replace brush heads.




Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


Use your Luna in combination with a mild, non-stripping cream cleanser such as Cetaphil to avoid acne breakouts while traveling.


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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20


Opt for non-clogging makeup with sun protection


Non-comedogenic (non-clogging) makeup is your best friend while traveling through warmer climates. Choose oil-free coverage in a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, such as Laura Mercier’s, pictured above.

If you have none of these items handy and you do find yourself in the grips of an acne breakout, don’t panic. There are other quick and inexpensive fixes you can pre-pack in your luggage, or easily pick up at a drugstore.


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Stash Tea Original Honey Sticks


(Do not use aspirin if you are sensitive or allergic to it or if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding. If you’re not sure, please speak to your doctor before using.)


Make an aspirin mask to prevent breakouts on the go


Aspirin masks are a fast and cheap way to knock that acne breakout on the head. For this mask, you’ll need a pack of uncoated aspirin and a small amount of honey if you can find it.

  • After your nighttime cleanse, sprinkle a few drops of water over 4-5 aspirin tablets and crush them into a gritty paste.
  • Add a dash of honey and mix to create a smoother consistency.  Apply the mixture to your skin.
  • Relax for about 15 minutes before washing the mask off and continue with your usual skincare routine.


By morning, you should wake up to a reduction of redness and inflammation, and the size of your blemishes will be reduced.


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Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask


Pick up a mud/clay mask to soothe sore pimples


Most drugstores stock singular packet masks that treat a variety of skin concerns, like Garnier’s Sauna Mask. Look for masks that include clay in the ingredients, which can draw out the impurities in your skin.




Glamglow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask


Glamglow’s Mud Mask also comes in a handy, easy to pack travel-size and is an effective exfoliating and blemish reducing treatment.


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La Roche-Posay Dermatological Acne Treatment System


Use targeted treatment for a breakout that just won’t quit


If your acne is still refusing to die down, bring out the big guns with this targeted acne treatment system from La Roche-Posay and apply directly to the site of the breakout to kill bacteria and unclog pores. Make sure to pack this three-point system in your makeup bag – it won’t take up much space and you’ll only need to use a small amount at a time. It will last your entire journey and beyond.


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Breakout Prevention Comparison Chart


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Additional travel tips for acne prone skin


Here are some more of the best ways to prevent acne while on your adventure:

  • Remember to bring some wet wipes in your day bag during long train or bus rides. Dirt is bad for your skin, so you may want to clean and refresh your face while out and about.
  • If your acne isn’t bad, or you are not self-conscious about it, avoid make-up, BUT always put on sunscreen. The sun is acne’s best friend!
  • Have a small, clean towel and two pillowcases in your packing cubes at all times. Change your pillowcase every 2-3 days. You also need one when you are on public transport and you want to rest your head.
  • Smile! Pimples may make you feel like hiding in your room with a trash bag over your head, but don’t avoid social situations or activities because of them. No matter how bad it is, go out and have fun. It may be hard in the beginning, but you don’t want to miss any part of your trip!


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How do I pack toiletries?


Be sure to read our complete guide to packing toiletries here. It walks you through, step by step, how to choose what to pack, how to downsize what you have, and how to pack it.


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Do a test run to see if everything fits in your toiletry bag. If your belongings don’t fit, consider using multi-use products such as a shampoo/conditioner combo, using conditioner as shaving cream, or baby shampoo for your hair and body.

If you’ll be traveling for a longer time, you can buy toiletries at your destination.



What are your tips to prevent breakouts while traveling? Comment and share!


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