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Osprey is one of the top brands for travel backpacks, and is well loved among female travelers. Alison Roberts-Tse from Up&AtEm Travel, shares her review of the Osprey Tempest 30 L womens backpack. Find out what she thinks!


Osprey Tempest 30 L

by Alison Roberts-Tse





Designed specifically for women, the 30-liter Osprey Tempest backpack proves a comfortable and reliable tote. I use this for a number of my travels because it’s such a versatile bag.





Osprey Packs Tempest 30 Backpack



Suitcase brand and style: Osprey Tempest

Dimensions: 22.5” x 11” x 10.5”

Weight: Less than two pounds

Capacity: 30L

Material: Nylon, foam, and mesh

Opening Type: Top loading

Features: Eight pockets in addition to the sleeve for hydration bladders

Security: None

Travel Type: Functions ideally as a backpack for day hikes and as a carryon for short trips




For such a light backpack, the Osprey Tempest is incredibly sturdy. The rucksack is my go-to bag style for transporting heavy loads of groceries by foot from the other end of my borough.

The Tempest bag is covered under Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee, which covers any fault that was built into the bag. Although damage through wear and tear is not covered, Osprey will repair the pack at a reasonable cost when possible.

In the three years I have owned an Osprey Tempest bag, it has faithfully accompanied me to a handful of countries and served me well during nature hikes.


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Comfort and Mobility


Since the Osprey Tempest was adapted from the unisex Talon backpack and tailored to suit women, the backpack is extraordinarily comfortable.

The torso length is adjustable, as are the hip belt and sternum strap. The sternum strap can even be raised or lowered. The weight is distributed well and kept close to the body, so wearers can comfortably carry it for long distances and durations without back pain.

Even with a snug fit, the Airscape back panel allows for airflow, which keeps annoying back sweat at bay. The Osprey Tempest offers a superior fit for a range of bodies and is very convenient to carry.


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Pragmatic packers can maximize the 30-liter capacity of the Osprey Tempest to carry a few days of clothes, outdoor accessories, a water bottle, an umbrella, a laptop and camera equipment.

The main compartment does not have pockets, so you should pack any items you will need to access frequently at the top. The top pocket comprises the lid that flips over the main body, so although it’s easily accessible, it is best suited for light items like scarves and sunglasses.

The interior lid pocket secures passports, cash and important documents, and backpackers can store lip balm, keys, and small transportation tickets in the zipped pockets on the hip belt.


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If you are a woman that prefers to stay away from magenta shades, the Osprey Tempest 30 L is also available in green, blue, and black.

Although style is less important in the rugged outdoors, I feel equally confident carrying around the sleek backpack through the airport and metropolitan cities. As far as practical rucksacks go, the Tempest is quite elegant.


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By far, comfort is the Osprey Tempest’s best feature. The light rucksack can be customized to fit just right, and it lessens the burden of hauling heavy loads.

When in a hurry, even running with the Osprey Tempest is comfortable, and the airflow system prevents sweat from forming on the back.

Because the backpack was created for the outdoors, the Tempest is both sturdy and reliable. Wearers do not have to worry about setting the backpack on the ground or getting it damp. The durable and functional Tempest 30 provides a good amount of storage and makes transporting items easy.


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Unfortunately, the main compartment of Osprey’s Tempest 30 is not divided. Although users can incorporate packing cubes and pouches to organize items within the bag, grabbing items from the bottom requires lots of digging. For this reason, a side zipper would be useful.

And while the top pocket is very accessible, storing important items like a cell phone is not wise for city breaks where pickpockets prey on tourists with backpacks.

The inner pocket is more secure, but wearers need to unbuckle the bag and flip the lid over to access it, which can be cumbersome when you’re in a rush.


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Final Verdict


I adore my Osprey Tempest 30. The backpack is a great investment for adventurous travelers and hikers with features like trekking pole attachments, a built-in safety whistle, and storage for hydration bladders. The front zipped pockets on the hip belt can even store granola bars.

The hardwearing backpack is made well, and the quality of the material, zips, and toggles is noticeable. In addition to durability, the comfort factor is unbeatable.

The easy-to-carry rucksack performs ideally for treks and very well for weekend breaks. For these reasons, the Osprey Tempest 30 is the perfect match for practical travelers.


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Do you have the Osprey Tempest 30? Share your feedback in the comments!


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Author Bio: Alison Roberts-Tse is a freelance travel and culture writer, living as an expat in London. In addition to running her blog, Up&AtEm Travel, Alison writes for regional US magazines and The Wonderful World of Dance. She also writes copy for destinations and tour operators.