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Figuring out how much clothing, shoes, bras, and underwear is all very confusing when you travel, especially when you plan for a long trip. Keep reading to learn the basic bras every traveler should pack.


Which Bras Should I Pack when I Travel?


When considering how many bras you should pack for a trip of any length, start here:

Linda “ the Bra Lady’s Tips on Traveling with Bras
How to Choose a Bra for Travel

Generally speaking, you want to pack the most versatile bras possible because you will probably participate in various activities. (Always choose what makes most sense for your itinerary.)


At the time this article was published, these were my two preferred styles for ultra flexibility:

Bras by Natori




For ultimate in versatility, choose colors and styles that work best with your capsule travel wardrobe for long term travel.

  • You should avoid prints and bright colors unless they don’t conflict with your clothing fabrics.


Keep in mind that some lace, wired, or textured fabrics might show through some of your tops and dresses.

  • Always test out your undergarments as well as your travel outfits prior to your trip!


Nude is the most versatile color and it can even be worn under black.

  • You should always have one nude bra or a color that is close to your skin tone. This lingerie line has a range of nude shades in deeper colors.


When packing their bras, many of our readers like to designate one packing cube just for their bras and underwear!  




Your bra styles should be as versatile as your clothing!


Versatility is key to a capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!


T-shirt (Regular) Bra

–the color that works best with your capsule wardrobe

 photo t-shirt-bra-final.jpg

Calvin Klein Modern Underwire T-Shirt Bra


Convertible Bra

– neutral color preferable, nude suggested

 photo convertiblebra.jpg

Body Luxe Convertible Contour Bra


Sports Bra 

– the color is up to you but consider that if it’s neutral you can also wear it as a regular bra if needed

 photo sports-bra.jpg

Underwire Sports Bra


Bikini tops can also double up as bras by the beach too.




Just as with shoes, three is the magic number.

Remember, you’ll be doing laundry as you go so you won’t need to pack more bras just because your trip is longer. I’d suggest an average of three based on your assessment of the factors featured in How to Choose a Bra for Travel. For ultra-minimalists I suggest packing two and for overpackers no more than five bras.


Please read this post for tips on how much underwear to pack when you travel!



What are your favorite bra styles to pack on long trips?


For more long term travel packing tips, please read:


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