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For several years in a row, female travelers have voted Birkenstocks as one of the top travel sandals. There are so many styles to choose from and today we’re talking about one of our favorites. Here’s our Birkenstock Gizeh review!


Birkenstock Gizeh Review: Must Have Travel Sandal


For the first five years of my travels, I was a flip flop type a girl since I spent most of my time in tropical places like Southeast Asia and Central America.

When I started having back problems, though, they no longer made the cut for long days on my feet. Refusing to wear the traditional travel sandal type shoe, I opted for what seemed to be the fashionista alternative: the Birkenstock Gizeh.





Not only did I make a good choice for my feet, but as it turns out the fashion world agreed!


Birkenstock sandals once were considered some of the most unattractive footwear choices for women, but they’ve been revamped from fashion don’ts to fashion do’s in recent years. That’s right, Birkenstock sandals, along with similar flatbed styles, are now considered fashion-forward.

So if you’re looking for your perfect pair of Birkenstocks, here are some of the top favorites that you can wear all summer!

I like the Birkenstock Gizeh style because it’s available in the narrow sizing which makes the shoes look a bit less clunky on my slender feet. I chose them in metallic silver last summer because I was looking for a dressier color than the traditional leather brown.


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The metallic silver worked well with my outfits in Southeast Asia because I had casual, beach style clothing. For city style, I’d probably opt for a black pair to create a more contemporary look.

These Birkenstock Gizeh sandals are extremely comfortable and my back felt tremendous relief as opposed to wearing flip flops. I can’t imagine wearing closed toe shoes in the heat, so it was great to have an option that allowed me to stay cool and comfortable.


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While they’re not meant for trekking like the traditional travel sandals, I went on a last minute trip to Khao Sok National Park in Thailand the week before I left and had to wear them for a few hours to hike up a mountain. While I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re planning to trek regularly on your travels, they managed the job for a one time experience.

Overall, I highly recommend the Birkenstock Gizeh as travel sandals for women looking for both comfort and style. Even though Urban Outfitters is featuring Tevas on their store shelves, my personal style isn’t enough to make these look chic so I’ll stick to the Birks for now!


 Here’s a few of this season’s latest styles with fun prints and summer colors. Take a look at the slideshow!




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