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Looking for a comfortable and relaxed summer shoe that still looks stylish? Look no further, we’ve got the scoop on the best slide sandals of the season – they’re on every fashionista’s vacation packing list!


Best Slide Sandals

Written By: Sydney Woolery



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Summer is a season of relaxation, so it’s only fitting that our shoes reflect that same easygoing mentality.

When you don’t want to fuss around with zippers, buckles, or other busy pieces of hardware but still want to rock something that’ll elevate your style this season, consider sliding into the summer-perfect picks listed below.




Flat | Crisscross | Knotted | Leather


Standard Slide


With a simple and non-fussy structure, a standard slide is just as versatile as it is easy to slip on. You can go for the standard, slipper style for ultimate simplicity or play around with accents such as knots and cross straps.

Regardless of your structure selection, opt for neutral shades such as tan, black, or white so you can easily thrown them on with just about any outfit.


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Yoga | Cork | Leopard | Elegant




For those planning on using slides as a primary travel shoe or simply looking for maximum comfort, select a pair specifically from a comfort brand. Select neutral shades so they can seamlessly work with a variety of outfits.

Choose simple, clean designs that blend cohesively with the comfort aspects of the sandal to keep things on the stylish side. If you’re looking to dress them up a bit, opt for shades with a metallic sheen to give your look a touch of pizzazz.


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Dakotas | Slide | Imo Slide | Braided




The multi-band silhouette allows you to have a bit more fun and creativity with this otherwise simple shoe, with details such as cute braids and color blocking gracing many slides with this style.

These are extremely versatile shoes perfect for casual days out and about, whether it be grabbing coffee with a friend or, depending on how comfortable you are, taking in some sights at a new destination. Just slip them on and you’re good to go!




Lizard | Woven | Metallic | Knot


Espadrille slides


For the ultimate vacation feel, get yourself a slide and espadrille hybrid. These sandals essentially take the fussiness out of an espadrille and strip it down to a simple, clean, and hassle-free shoe. The final result is a sandal that possesses the simplicity of a slide but still has the cute, woven design of an espadrille.

What’s not to love? Espadrille slides come in a variety of fun colors and designs, ranging from metallics to stripes to cute little bows perched on top. Next time you’ve got a breezy vacation coming up (or basically just want to rock a super cute shoe), opt for one of these beauties.


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Belted | LeatherRhinestone | Cutout




When I mentioned earlier that slides were an ultra versatile shoe, I legitimately meant it. The thought of attending a formal event in a shoe as casual as a slide may seem ridiculous at first (particularly to stiletto enthusiasts such as myself), but believe it or not, it can actually work if you keep a few pointers in mind.

Pretty embellishments and the aforementioned metallic sheen will instantly elevate the casual appearance of a slide, pairing it nicely with garments such as a pretty sundress or some classy black shorts. And of course, rocking slides with heels is another easy and foolproof way to make them formally acceptable.

A thick block heel will help keep them comfortable and durable while the original slip on structure means you still get to enjoy the easiness of the slide. Comfortable heels that are a cinch to put on and work well in formal settings? Now, I love my stilettos…but that sounds a whole lot better to me.


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What do you think are the best slide sandals for summer vacation? Share in the comments!


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