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When it comes to luggage, Away and Monos are two of the most popular brands in the TFG community. If you’re looking for your perfect carry on and have been deciding between the two, readers have shared their thoughts in this Away luggage vs Monos review—take a look!


Away vs Monos Luggage Review



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Readers have given rave reviews about both the Away and Monos carry ons, highlighting the durability and quality construction, light weights, great warranties, and stylish looks. And while the brands boast a lot of similarities, readers have also shared a few key differences that may help you narrow down your pick if you’re deciding between Monos or Away.

Get all the details on each luggage brand and find the perfect option for your next trip!




Traveling with the Lo & Sons O.G. 2.0 and my Away The Carry On Suitcase


Away Carry On Features


Away offers three carry-on options: The Carry-On, The Carry-On Flex, and The Bigger Carry-On.

Both The Carry On (21.7″ x 14.4″ x 9”) and The Carry On Flex (21.7″ x 13.7″ x 9”) suitcases are sized to fit in all overhead bins and are perfect for any quick trip, though the Flex can expand to add an extra 2.5”. The Carry On weighs a mere 7.5 lbs, while The Flex Carry On weighs just a tad more at 8.15 lbs.

The Bigger Carry-On is awesome if you do a lot of domestic traveling. Its dimensions are 22.7″ x 15.4″ x 9.6”, and will fit in the overhead bins on most major U.S. airlines. It’s lightweight, too, at 7.9 lbs. Readers confirm that while you can pack a LOT into these suitcases, they won’t weigh you down!


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The Bigger Carry-On in Olive Green | Interior: 20.9″ x 15″ x 7.9″


Away luggage is made from 100% polycarbonate shells that are virtually unbreakable and built to withstand rough handling with ease. This rugged yet sleek hardshell construction is yet another reason so many readers stay loyal to this luggage brand! Additionally, every suitcase comes with a water-resistant laundry bag, interior compression to optimize packing space, a TSA combination lock, and an underside grab handle.

Readers constantly rave about the smooth 360° spinner wheels and firm, adjustable handle, both of which give these carry-ons easy maneuverability in crowded or tight spaces and on any surface. And while functionality is number one, Away suitcases certainly have style, too, with a streamlined and elevated design that’s offered in a range of great colors and a luxe leather luggage tag.




Trying out the Monos Carryon Pro for the first time in 2023. This is one of the few suitcases that has a laptop compartment built into the front. Check out my unveiling video to discover more of its features!


Monos Carry On Features


Monos offers quite a few carry-on options: the Carry-On, Carry-On Plus, Carry-On Pro, Carry-On Pro Plus, Hybrid Carry-On, and Hybrid Carry-On Plus.

The Carry-On, Carry-On Pro, and Hybrid Carry-On are all 22″ × 14″ × 9” and are made to fit in the overhead bin of almost any flight, anywhere in the world, while the Plus Carry-Ons are the slightly bigger versions that are ideal for domestic travel, with dimensions of 23” × 15″ × 9.5”.

Made of aerospace-grade, water-resistant polycarbonate, the suitcases are virtually indestructible but still manage to be lightweight. The Carry-On is 7.01 lbs, the Carry-On Pro is 7.78 lbs, the Carry-On Plus is 7.38 lbs, and the Carry-On Pro Plus is 8.38 lbs. The Hybrids are a tad heavier due to the added aluminum frame and corner guards, with the Hybrid Carry-On weighing 8.81 lbs and the Hybrid Carry-On Plus weighing 9.25 lbs.


If you’re wondering how to choose the right travel luggage, we’ve put together a helpful guide to get you started!




The Monos Hybrid Carry On is durable inside and out!


Readers say these suitcases are incredibly impact-friendly and barely show signs of wear and tear! Rolling these bags around couldn’t be easier, with their high-performance 360° spinner wheels and firm handle with four height settings. These carry ons feature a soft, anti-microbial lining to keep things fresh, an anti-microbial laundry bag, an interior compression pad with a pocket, two shoe bags, and a combination lock to secure everything.

Readers also love Monos’s dedication to sustainability. The polycarbonate hard shells are made from partially recycled materials and embellished with vegan leather details, and they’re the first luggage brand to be Climate Neutral Certified.

Practicality aside, Monos luggage is cute, too! Readers love the wide range of color options to pick from.




The Away Carry On has so many great organizational spaces to keep stuff in its place!


Monos Luggage vs Away Space and Organization


When comparing Away vs Monos suitcase sizes, the interior measurements of the carry-ons are very similar, both for each brand’s smaller and larger versions, so the packing space they offer is virtually the same.

Away’s clamshell design opens up two spacious compartments that you can pack a surprising amount in! One reader says that with packing cubes, she can easily fit everything she needs for two weeks in The Carry-On. Another reader impressively shares that her Bigger Carry-On easily and safely fits all of her scuba diving gear.

The interiors of Away carry ons also feature a mesh compression system that keeps things compact and organized, as well as a large zippered pocket.



Check out what’s inside the Away suitcase in this video review



Get started with organizing like a boss with the Compass Rose packing cubes!




The Monos Carry On Pro is unique because it has a built-in laptop sleeve!


Monos offers a similar clamshell design, with two compartments that readers describe as roomy and efficient. The interiors of the Monos carry-ons feature compression straps on one side and a mesh, zippered compartment on the other size, as well as an extra small, zippered accessories pocket. You could easily fit at least 3-4 Compass Rose packing cubes on each side!

One of the major differences between the Away carry on vs Monos is that the Monos Pro Carry-Ons come with an exterior laptop compartment that has a lot of great organizational features and space for your laptop, other small tech devices, documents, or a magazine, and even a light jacket or scarf.

The downside to this is that because there’s a ton of room in the laptop compartment, it means there’s less room in the main compartment. This is fine for me on trips that are a week or less, as I love the convenience of the laptop sleeve – especially if my personal item doesn’t have one or I only want to carry a suitcase and a smaller crossbody purse. But it wouldn’t be a long-term option for me.




The zippers on the Away Carry On Flex are durable, and they expand to give 2.25” (6 cm) extra packing space!


Monos vs Away Carry On Durability


From being packed to the brim to rough handling at airports to rolling on rough and bumpy terrain, travel puts a lot of wear and tear on your luggage, so it’s no surprise that durability is a major part of the Monos vs Away suitcase discussion. TFG readers have given rave reviews on the resilience of both Away and Monos carry-ons.

The two brands construct their suitcases from sturdy polycarbonate and can definitely take a beating. Both hardside carry-ons are incredibly tough — it’ll take a lot for either one to majorly dent.

Away luggage isn’t 100% immune to dents, though readers confirm that it’s VERY difficult to dent an Away suitcase. Because the polycarbonate used by Monos is “aerospace-grade,” their suitcases are advertised as dent-resistant, and the consensus among readers is that this is indeed true!

The Monos Hybrid is extra durable, with a zipper-less aluminum frame, two sturdy latches to keep it secure, and aluminum-reinforced corners.


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Users say the wheels on the Monos Carry On Plus are super quiet and easy to maneuver!


In their Away or Monos luggage reviews, Readers have reported that the carry ons from both brands are prone to a bit of scuffing, and neither one excels over the other in that regard.

Another important feature that readers praise both Away and Monos suitcases for is their ultra-durable zippers. One reader gushes about how much she can stuff into her Away suitcase with no worries about the zippers, calling them heavy-duty and smooth, while a Monos fan says her Monos Carry On’s zippers are very sturdy, easy to zip and unzip, and never get stuck.

Sturdy wheels are another major factor that readers consider when it comes to their carry-on. Away’s 360° spinner wheels roll over anything from carpet to cobblestones with ease — it can even be dragged up multiple flights of stairs with the wheels firmly intact. Similar reviews have been shared about the Monos—the brand’s wheels are rigorously tested, will roll smoothly over uneven ground, and will hold up to harsh impact.




Monos and Away have excellent warranties, which travelers appreciate!


Monos vs. Away Warranties


Away and Monos have awesome lifetime warranties that have made TFGers loyal to both brands.

Away’s lifetime warranty covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, telescoping handles, and zippers. If anything breaks or impairs your use of the luggage, Away will either send a repair kit or an entire luggage replacement.

Similar to Away, Monos’s lifetime warranty also covers any cracks or breaks in the shell, as well as wheels, handles, telescoping handles, and zippers that break or are no longer usable. Monos will either ship you a replacement part with instructions for installation or replace the entire suitcase if need be.


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The Monos Carry On in the wild!




When it comes to picking an Away suitcase vs Monos, it really comes down to the little details.

The Monos Pro carry-ons have an external laptop sleeve, so if you’re an ultra-minimal traveler who wants the least amount of bags as possible while ensuring a safe place for your laptop, the Monos Pro is perfect.

Or, if you want a carry-on but love the idea of having an expandable suitcase to fit souvenirs on the way home, Away offers an expandable luggage line that readers love. Readers also rave about Away’s stellar customer service and super quick replacement of any faulty or damaged parts.




We love the Away The Carry On in this gorgeous olive shade!


Lastly, Away suitcases come in a range of beautiful colors, but the number of options is less than what Monos offers. If you’re looking for a suitcase in a fun, bright color, Monos will likely have what you’re looking for. Both carry great neutral colors!

Overall, readers have given overwhelmingly positive reviews when asked about Monos or Away luggage, and many readers who have both suitcases share that their differences are minimal. One reader who owns both Monos and Away carry-ons says that from her perspective, they’re pretty much the same in terms of quality, and she loves both!




The Monos Carry-On Pro is pictured at my beachfront ranch in El Salvador!


Where to Buy Monos Or Away Carry On Luggage


The best places to buy Monos are at, and at For Away, all their products are available at These retailers do have sales here and there, so watch out for them!




Compass Rose Carryon Packing Cubes


How to Pack & Organize Your Luggage


When you’re ready to travel with your newly purchased Monos or Away luggage, start with packing cubes; they will seriously change the way you pack! We designed our own brand of slim packing cubes, with a unique color and numbering system, so it’s easy to remember where you’ve packed everything. See more in the video below.


Learn our packing hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This method has helped many women travel carry-on only!


What’s your comparison of the Away vs Monos carry on? Let us know below which one you use and why!


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