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Travel Fashion Girl offers you expert travel tips for women and to help you find the best bra for travel, we’ve partnered up with Jené Luciani – author of  “The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra”. Find out her best tips!


Choosing the Best Bra for Travel

Hailed as a “Brilliant Bra Guru” by BRAVO-TV, a “stylist extraordinaire” and “bra fit guru” by the New York Daily News, Jené is a nationally acclaimed fashion journalist, style expert, TV personality, spokesperson and bestselling author. She appears regularly on NBC’s TODAY Show and has appeared on NBC’S New York Live, The Style Network, Better TV, CNN Money, ABC News, Fox News Channel and Good Day NY, to name a few.

Aside from the national and local news outlets Jené is regularly on, her TV credits also include The Nate Berkus Show, Access Hollywood, The Wendy Williams Show, The Dr. Oz Show.


In order shown: Lilyette Tailored Strapless Minimizer / Moving Comfort Fiona / Hanro Sensual Padded Camisole / Wacoal Sport Bra / Maidenform The Dream T-Shirt Bra / Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Multi Way / Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire / Calvin Klein Performance Reversible Seamless / Genie Big Twin Pack / Fantasie Smoothing Balcony


Read on to learn how Jene suggests you can choose the best bra for travel:


What is the most versatile color for bras?


The most versatile color for bras in my opinion, is nude, or a shade that is as close as possible to your skin tone. This lingerie line has a range of nude shades in deeper colors. Nude bras disappear under almost every color and fabric. They’re much more versatile than black, and I believe that white and many patterned bras are rather impractical since they show through most tops.


Versatility is key to a capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!


If a woman can only carry 2 or 3 bras on a trip, what type of bras should they be?


When it comes to traveling, the types of bras you should bring on a trip depend on the type of activities you will be doing. If you don’t have any plans that are especially athletic like hiking or biking, then I would recommend bringing a t-shirt bra and a convertible bra. The t-shirt bra for your usual activities, and the convertible bra for any tops and dresses that you might want to wear out to dinner or around town.

If you have outdoor or strenuous activities on your agenda, then you would definitely want to pack at least one sports bra. I recommend at least one, because if you wear one and need to hand wash it, then you’ll have a backup ready to go the following day while your other bra is drying.

A great bra option for a t-shirt bra that double as a sports bra during certain strenuous travel activities is the Genie Bra. It gives support and shapes you seamlessly like an underwire bra, but its wireless design and comfortable style can also work well for hiking  and other active vacation endeavors.


Many of our readers like to designate one packing cube just for their bras and underwear!


Convertible bras are ideal for travel. Can you recommend any in particular?


Yes, convertible bras are great when traveling because the straps either come off or are detachable on one end so that you can move your straps according to your top. It’s a great choice if you have to pack light since this one bra can be used for halters, one shoulder, strapless or even a crisscross!

The one that I would recommend would be the Calvin Klein Womens Perfectly Fit Multi Way Bra because four-way-stretch foam cups create the low-cut coverage of an everyday underwire bra. (editors note: TFG loves Calvin Klein bras!)


What is the best type of bra for women with larger (natural) busts that need to be strapped down tight when on adventurous travel activities? Any sports bra brands you recommend?


For women of all chest sizes, especially those with larger busts, I highly recommend investing in a great sports bra to strap them in tight during adventurous travel activities. Depending on what type of activity you are engaging in, you’ll need a different support level.

For low intensity activities like yoga classes or hiking, I like the Genie Bra since it’s very supportive for all busts, has cups to give you shape and its thick straps and overall style hold you in tight. With high intensity activities, I like a bra with a back opening or mesh to let your skin breathe, and straps that are adjustable. Sports bras with built-in cups also keep your girls in check during those bouncier activities.


What fabrics should a woman look for when she wants a bra that can dry quickly?


When you’re shopping for a bra to help keep you cool and dry, you want a bra that is made of moisture-wicking materials that won’t keep you feeling sweaty. Moisture-wicking fabrics can’t keep you from sweating, but they can keep the sweat away from your skin so you don’t feel like you’re swimming in a pool of moisture.

Bras like the Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire or La Breeza Aerobics Sport Bra provide great support in high-impact activities and helps to keep you dry.


For girls that like to go braless, do you recommend any particular tops with built in shells?


Almost every department store carries their own version of a tank top with a built-in bra. From stores like Victoria’s Secret to Kmart – you have to find the one that is most comfortable and flattering for you. Some provide more support with padding while others are just a shell.

A great option for women who like to go braless is the Genie Cami Shaper, which has a built-in bra that is wireless, has cups for shape and its tank bodice is a shaper. While shirts with built-in bras are easy and convenient, keep in mind that one of the main purposes of a bra is to keep our girls raised even when we’re all slouched over. So remember your good posture and be sure to stand up straight and keep your shoulders back; your built-in shell should work just as well as a bra!


What’s the best way to hand wash a bra?


Be sure to properly care for your bras!  It’s best to hand wash but if you must put in the washing machine, make sure it’s encased in a protective garment bag. Always air dry – never put your bras in the dryer! Hand washing your bras with gentle soap or baby detergent and cool water is the best way to prolong their use.


What are some key factors a woman should consider when choosing 2 or 3 bras that she will be using constantly over a long period of time?


Some key factors that you need to consider is comfort, style, and fit but don’t forget about flattering too!  Finding a bra style that keeps your bust supported without any unwanted lines or wires showing through can be difficult.

Don’t be afraid to put the bra on and face yourself in the mirror with a critical eye. If you see any gaps, spillage, digging in, or other signs of poor fit, it’s not the best bra. Turn around and look at the back as well. The back band can be very telling too when it comes to proper fit.


How long can bras go without washing?


Although this depends on your personal lifestyle and levels of daily activity you should wash them after 3 to 4 wears. Bras don’t come into direct contact with the underarms, so they can withstand a few wearings. Try to rotate your bras so you get more use out of all of them and you don’t feel like you are constantly washing them.


If you’re interested in learning more about Jené Luciani’s tips on choosing the best bra for you, you can buy her book on Amazon:  The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra.


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