After my most recent long haul flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles I spent 19 hours on a journey that could have been a lot less comfortable had it not been for Japan Airlines and their plush economy service PLUS my 5 international flight essentials.

As a long term traveler, I maximize my cash by taking economy flights which doesn’t leave much room for luxury especially when my goal, full time travel or not, is to pack light.

My luggage includes 1 carry-on size wheeled Osprey Meridian that I like to check after a long trip and the detachable daypack I carry on board with me housing my most valuable possessions and in-flight essentials.



My priorities for flight essentials include items that provide me comfort, warmth, and entertainment. These 5 items make any flight long or short much more bearable and even enjoyable for me. I love to fly!


Packing Cubes


Surprised to find packing cubes on my 5 flight essentials list? Because comfort is number one on my international flights, I carry on all the warm items I packed for the trip in order to make sure I am never cold on the plane.

In my packing cube you’ll find my sleeping liner (below), a pair of socks, leggings (if I’m not wearing them), hoodie, 2 scarves, and jacket. Not only are these the warmest items I travel with but they are also the heaviest items making my main baggage weight minimal.

Find out how to pack light using packing cube.


Sleeping Liner


While most airlines provide a blanket for you on night journeys, this is never warm enough for me. Without a sleeping liner I would freeze cold on most flights causing me discomfort and making me feel more susceptible to illness.

My sleeping liner saves the day keeping me warm, cozy, and allowing me to sleep a bit easier. If I don’t use my liner on a flight, warm socks are essential.

I also use this sleeping liner in hostels, budget guesthouses, boats, trains, and for camping or multi-day treks. Plus, it keeps mosquitos and sand flies from biting me in tropical areas!


1-2 Scarves


I always travel with 1-2 scarves so these are brought on board with me and are essential in my goal to stay warm. Either alone or layered, they are more than a stylish accessory for me when on a flight.

My lazy girl style of choice is always the infinity scarf.

Find out my other lazy girl stylish travel accessories.




I hardly ever sleep on flights because I enjoy the chance to catch up on reading, movies, and/or music. My versatile Samsung Note 3 is an easy device to tote around without the weight or bulk of a laptop.

This has plenty for me including my favorite movies, new music playlists, games, and document programs in case I feel like working on the flight.




My skin naturally dries out easily and the air in a plane sucks the moisture right out. I try to keep a super strength moisturizer such as Neutrogena hand cream I can apply on my hands and feet during a flight.


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There you have it – nothing fancy on my in-flight essential packing list but definitely all very practical!

What are your 5 in-flight essentials? Comment below!

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