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Many backpackers choose to pack light with a carry-on size backpack and minimal travel clothes. Both Erica from OverYonderlust and Brandy from It’s One World Travel use less than ten clothing items on their backpacking trips!

This travel outfit style-mix shows you how to mix and match the 8 Piece Travel Essentials Packing List.


Travel Essentials Packing List: Style-Mix



25 style ideas to mix and match with just 8 pieces of women’s travel clothing!


Leggings are a great multi-purpose item! You can use them for added warmth, as pants, or pajamas. A basic set of black leggings is wearable with anything! Choose a thin, microfiber type fabric and even the cheapest leggings will practically come out dry from the washing machine. Ideal!


These are the most recommended, best leggings for women who travel.




If you only pack one dress, make it a little black travel dress. You can top it with a tank or cover it up with a button-down top. Style it up for a night out or make it casual for the day. Every girl should pack at least one dress as part of her backpacking clothing!


Check out our top choices for convertible travel dresses.



Whether you choose a flirty mini like this one or a more flowy and relaxed style, a plain black skirt is a good alternative if you want to pack light and still have the option to wear a dress once in a while.

Choose a basic black skirt and pair it with a black top to make a Little Black Travel Dress!




Shorts are another travel essential if you’re traveling to warmer climates. Whether you choose to only carry the shorts from your convertible pants, capri length, or shorter shorts, they’re very versatile can go days without a washing.

If you choose the shorter length like shown above, wear leggings in more conservative areas.


Dressier options like the ones shown in Packing for Paris Tips work well for Europe.




Many girls hate convertible pants for women and would much rather travel with jeans. However, you should include a relaxed and comfortable set of pants that can double as trekking pants in your travel wardrobe.

Certain styles of cargo pants can be stylish and cute. The best thing is the fabric–it can go forever without washing or looking dirty!


These are the trousers we feel are the best travel pants for women. Find out why!




For more tips on travel outfits, please read:






I hope this travel essentials style-mix helps give you some ideas about how to mix and match your travel outfits. Please share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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