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Travel underwear was a huge discussion last week! The debate between packing three undies plagues travelers just as the old travel question about packing jeans.



Bethany: Flashpacker Family

After two weeks of travel underwear feedback, the majority of you Travel Fashion Girls agree on an ideal packing quantity for travel undies: 5 is a good minimum and 10 is a good maximum. The Pinterest Travel Fashion Girl of the week Bethany from Flashpacker Family explains it perfectly:


“It’s always exciting to find a secret stash of clean undies.

I pack around 10 pairs of low rise briefs. Always cotton. The best ones come in five-packs from Marks & Spencer in the UK. In fact, I’ve just ordered three more five packs online and had them sent to my friend in London.”


 Poor Erica from OverYonderlust got stuck in rainy season with “quick dry” underwear that never dried and is now upping her underwear quantity from 3 to 10. Makes sense. After all, does womens underwear really take up that much space?
Thanks for sharing your feedback and shopping tips Bethany!


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