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Business travel can be exhausting, but sometimes you can sneak in a bit of sightseeing. While a large portion of your time may be spent in meetings or conference rooms, try to take some time to explore. Check out our roundup of the best women’s business clothes for travel!


Women’s Business Clothes for Travel

Written By: Megan Biller



Comfortable Flats



Ellen Flat | Emmie Flat | Samara Flats


Depending on your job, you might be bringing along heels for the business portion of your trip. Pack a pair (or two) of comfortable flats, which can easily fit in your purse or work bag, yet maintain your stylish look. This will allow you to quickly change into shoes that are more conducive to sightseeing.

Here’s a tip: be sure to break in your flats at home–no one wants blisters while traveling.


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Neutral-Colored Blazer



Diamond Textured Blazer | Jersey Knit Blazer | Knit Blazer


During business travel, it’s likely that you’ll need to follow a corporate dress code during your meetings. Pack blazers in neutral colors, which will allow you to mix and match as needed. A blazer and jeans is just as stylish as a blazer and a skirt!

The blazer can also act as another layer while sightseeing, especially in cooler weather.


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Breathable Tops



Non-Iron Fitted Shirt | Trapeze Shirt


“Breathable” can mean different things to different people. I personally like to wear flowy tops that keep me feeling cool and fresh.

Whether it’s presenting at a conference or walking around a bustling city, you’ll want a shirt that offers a bit of cooling. Choose to bring along tops that are made of a light or breathable material. You can always add a layer if needed, but you can only take so many layers off! Learn more in my guide


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Stretchable Pants



Anatomie Pants | Solid Pant | Stretch Bootcut Pants


Business trips usually include long days, and if you add in some sightseeing, that can mean a lot of time in the same outfit.

If you’re planning on exploring your destination in your business clothes, pack a few pairs of pants that have a bit of stretch. They will be more comfortable while sitting and walking around town.


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A Stylish Backpack



Julian Backpack | Anti-theft Backpack | Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack


While many may choose to bring their work bag on a business trip (especially if you’re toting along your laptop), throw in a stylish backpack as well. A backpack allows you to balance weight on both shoulders instead of one while sightseeing. Add a packing cube to your backpack to keep your belongings organized till you need them. You’ll be able to visit more locations and move more quickly!


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Fun Accessories



Silk Scarf | Square Scarf | Silk Chiffon Scarf


When it comes to quickly transitioning from business to sightseeing, accessories can go a long way! Throw in a circle scarf to shield you from the cold, sun, or wind.

Add a statement necklace if you’ll be enjoying dinner at a fun restaurant and include a different top to go with your blazer. The possibilities are endless, yet accessories won’t take up too much space in your luggage!


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What do you think are the best women’s business clothes for travel? Please comment below!


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