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Want to know what to wear in Santorini? Here’s the best clothing, shoes, and accessories for your catamaran adventures, romantic seafood dinners, and Instagram photoshoots!


What to Wear in Santorini

Written By: Casey Carr-Jones


Close your eyes and imagine a Greek island. What do you picture? If you think blue and white, you’re likely thinking of the iconic island of Santorini.

This famous Greek island (known to the locals as Thira) is known for its white and blue architecture and stunning sunsets from the town of Oia, and is a haven for beauty-seekers and honeymooners alike.


To help you fully prepare what to wear in Santorini, use these packing list ideas as a starting point for your Greece trip:


Santorini seems to have it all: shopping, hiking, sailing, seafood, wine, and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. This island has several different beaches due to volcanic activity, which are known as the Black Beach, the White Beach, and the Red Beach, and its famous cliffs in Oia and Fira are well-known around the world.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


While the period of December through March is known as the off-season, many shops and restaurants remain open (this was a recent initiative; in the past, the majority of the island closed down for the winter). Tourist season typically starts at the beginning of April.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!


What to Wear in Santorini: for Catamaran Sailing and Snorkeling


Seeing the island of Santorini by boat is a wonderful way to spend your day. Sun, waves, snorkels, and unlimited drinks: what more could you ask for? Here’s what to wear and what to bring onboard!


Find out how I almost traveled carry-on only with all of my dive gear!





Swimsuit | Bikini Top & Bottom


In the hot sun, you’ll certainly be wanting to take a dip in the ocean after tanning on the bow of the ship. A solid white, black, or lipstick-red bikini is a stylish, classic way to make a statement (or a splash!) on the boat.

Look for moderate coverage on the bottom and be sure to tie your top tightly, as jumping off the boat may necessitate some readjusting.


Check out these athletic and sporty swimsuit styles for active women!



Sarong Wrap | Cover-up


Go for a sheer or partially-sheer cover-up to show off your suit! Or try a sarong that you can tie in a variety of ways for more style and fewer tan lines.

Try bright, fun colors that complement your bathing suit–but don’t feel like you need to match exactly. Mix it up!


Here are the 23 best one-piece swimsuits of the season!



Sandal | Flip-Flop


Opt for a pair of cute sandals you can quickly remove once you’re onboard. Many boats do not allow for black-soled shoes (as they can scuff), so take note.


These are our 11 favorite beach sandals for hot weather vacations!



Straw Tote | Canvas Tote


To take onboard, opt for either a waterproof bag or a fun tote that can hold your phone, wallet, GoPro, and cover-up. Your best bet is to bring a bag that you can reuse as a handbag while shopping.


Looking for the best beach bags and totes? We’ve got some great finds!





Shirtdress | Lace-Up Dress


In addition to the items listed for summer (bathing suit, tote bag, etc.), consider a different type of cover-up in the spring and fall.

Cool sea breezes can make you feel chilly quickly, so stay warm with an oversized chambray dress. This look can feel nautical with the right footwear, so consider a brown boat shoe to complete your look.


Chambray is a comfortable and casual fabric. Here’s how to wear it for travel!

What to Wear in Santorini: for Wandering the Shops


Santorini’s shops are as unique as the island itself. Bright colors and inviting shop owners make this activity a must-do during your time in Greece. Here’s what to wear while exploring the island!


Here are our daily travel essentials that we carry in our bag every day! i


Warm Weather



Jersey Maxi Skirt | Prairie Maxi Skirt


Flowy, comfortable, and feminine: a maxi skirt is a cute and casual way to wander the streets of Santorini, peek in the shops, and grab a quick bite to eat overlooking the cliff. Pair this loose bottom with a tighter top to balance out the look.

Bonus: A maxi is easy to slip on and off if you’re trying on clothes in stores! Second Bonus: this look easily goes from day to night, so you can pack less and enjoy more. Simply switch out your top and throw on fun earrings and a bit of eyeshadow and you’re good to go!


Check out these 20 easy breezy styles of maxi dresses perfect for the beach!



Flats | Sandal


Santorini has a lot of stairs, so be prepared! Choose a pair of comfortable but stylish flats or a pair of wedge shoes to stay balanced yet trendy.

Pro Tip: Stop by one of the famous cobblers in Athens on your way to Santorini and have a pair of strappy leather sandals custom made just for you!


These are the most cute and comfortable ballet flats for travel!


Cool Weather



Open-Front Blazer | Ruched Sleeve Blazer


With potentially cooler days, you’ll want to layer. Try a structured black or navy blazer paired with dark wash jeans and a printed top for comfort, warmth, and a pop of color.


According to our readers, these are the 8 best blazer brands for travel!


What to Wear in Santorini: for Hiking


There’s a 10km hiking trail from Fira to Oia with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. Don’t miss this year-round activity!


Need the best hiking gear? Read this post for ultimate packing list for trekking!





Backpack | Top | Shorts | Bottle | Sunscreen | HatShoes


If you’re headed here in summer and want to plan what to wear in Santorini to go for a day hike, choose comfortable clothing and don’t forget your sunblock! Spandex shorts paired with a looser top are comfortable in the heat otherwise opt for some casual linen shorts for a more pulled together look. Look for a top with a sports bra built in for the ultimate in convenience!


Here’s how to use stylish workout clothes for travel!





Backpack | Tank | Leggings | Longsleeve | Watch | Shoes


Look for workout pants that hit your mid-calf, which is both flattering and comfortable in most weather scenarios. Plan to feel cooler at the start of your hike and warmer as you progress. Consider a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt that you can tie around your waist if you feel too hot.


Wondering what are the best shoes for walking, hiking, and trekking on a RTW trip? Find out which to choose!





Raincoat | Longsleeve | Leggings | Bra | Watch | Bottle | Shoes


Check the weather before you depart and bring a rain jacket or windbreaker. Even if you’re only traveling with a carry-on, you can easily roll up your raincoat into a packing cube so it is ready for when you need it. Santorini can be very rainy from December to March and the last thing you want during your hike is to be caught unprepared!


If you’re heading on a backpacking trip or planning adventure travel, take a look at the most popular waterproof jackets!



What to Wear in Santorini: for Sunset Dinner Overlooking the Cliffs


Sunsets over the water in Santorini draw a large crowd. Your best bet is to find a restaurant with a view and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine!


If your travels call for some heels, here are 18 practical styles to choose from!


Winter: Pants + Booties



EarringsSleeveless | Pants | Boots | Bangle | Clutch


Cooler evenings make for the most beautiful sunsets. You may not be eating outside but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for a parka! Pair tight black slacks with black booties and a printed silk top for a chic, timeless look.


We love ankle booties! Here are the best ones for travel.


Spring / Fall: Structured Dress



Dress | Bracelet | Clutch | Sandals | Earrings | Lipstick


Opt for a tighter dress; nights cool down so you won’t feel overheated but can still show off your figure. I love the look of a navy dress against the white buildings.


Looking for dresses you can wear to the beach during the day and to a nice evening dinner? Look no further!


Summer: Romantic Flowing Dress



Dress | Bracelet | Clutch | Sandals | Earrings | Lipstick


Santorini summer nights call for a breezy style, so find a dress with movement. Off-the-shoulder dresses, ruffles, and organza fabric are perfect for a romantic seafood dinner!


Keep reading for some stylish beach dresses that you can wear on and off the sand!



What to Wear in Santorini: for that Perfect Instagram Photo


Santorini’s iconic white and blue color scheme means your camera will be out at all times to capture the perfect shot. Here’s what to wear for an Insta-worthy photo.





Necklace | Top | Jeans | Sandals | Watch | Crossbody


Dark wash tight jeans and a romantic flowy shirt are a great combination (and are very flattering) in photos.

Pro tip: Not sure what to do with your hands? Hold a glass of Grecian wine and voila: automatic nonchalant slim arm.


Love taking photos? Here’s our packing list for photographers!





Crossbody | Top | Shorts | Sandals | Sunglasses | Necklace | Watch


If you’re looking for contrast and to pop against the background, go for a complementary color to blue.



Hat | Dress | Crossbody | Earrings | Bracelet | Sunglasses | Sandals


Think bright tones, like hot pink, red, sunflower yellow, and emerald green. Keep the hue the focus and stick with solid colors to really make a statement.

Pro tip: when you’re planning what to wear in Santorini keep in mind that the wind can be very strong so be mindful of this with your dress. Also, if you want to wear your hair in an up-do or prepare to take a couple different shots facing the wind so your hair doesn’t blow in your face.


Check out 10 heatless hairstyles for traveling women!





Earrings | Dress | Sunglasses | Hat | Crossbody | Sandals


Summer comes with the opportunity to wear white, so take advantage while you’re in Santorini amid the blue sea and roofs. Wearing white with the sunset behind you is sure to stun your followers.

Pro tip: Sun glare can be an issue during the sunset, as the light is coming from behind. You might end up with only a silhouette if you’re not careful, so either play around with angles or find a good photo corrector app.


Check out these tips on how to wear white clothes on vacation!



Do you have any tips on what to wear in Santorini? Comment and share!


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