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Wondering what to wear in Malta in winter? Don’t be caught off guard. Follow these tips to arrive with all the right clothing and accessories!


What to Wear in Malta: Winter

Written By: Taylor Fuller


When I was living in Italy, I decided I didn’t want to fly back to New York for Christmas, instead I was going to Malta, a country that has so much to do with who I am.

My mom was born in Malta, making me a first generation American on her side of the family. I have dual citizenship, which is great since I’d love to move to Europe at some point and that eliminates the need for paperwork and visas.

When I stepped off the plane, I was greeted by over forty family members and then I was hit in the face with large gusts of wind. I wasn’t sure what to expect when thinking of wintertime in Malta, a country in the Mediterranean Sea. It was beautiful, and it was extremely windy.

Always research the weather forecast before your trip. Once you’ve checked the weather, you can focus on creating your travel capsule wardrobe.


Follow these tips on what to wear in Malta in winter:


A Blanket Scarf



Gray ScarfPashmina Poncho | Blue Scarf


I don’t travel anywhere without some sort of scarf. They double as blankets, pillows, can be used to cover your shoulders or knees, and can even be made into a dress if necessary.

In Malta, my blanket scarf became my best friend wherever we went. I wore it on the ferry to Gozo, while wandering around Valletta, and while exploring Mdina.

The wind can get pretty gusty as the island is tiny; you’ll be glad to have something to layer over your outfit.


Take a look at these stylish winter scarves for more options!





Adidas Sneaker | Nike Running Shoe | Superga Sneaker


This may seem like an obvious choice, but as you plan what to wear in Malta, I’m not talking about just bringing comfortable shoes. Malta is a really old country, full of so much history, which means one thing: cobblestones.

That also means that most of the streets are cobblestone, and you won’t be happy if you end up twisting your ankle because you wore something with heels. Many places also have narrow, uneven stairs, so remember that flats or sneakers are a necessity. I usually choose to bring a pair of Converse.


These are the best travel shoes for cobblestone streets in Europe!


A Leather Jacket



Fringe Poncho | Faux Leather Jacket


Maltese winters are very mild. You wont need a winter coat (although you’ll see locals wearing huge down puffer jackets). A leather jacket is great, especially if you can layer a sweater underneath. Layers were key for me during my trip.


Visiting during mild weather? Pack a lightweight jacket instead.





Ray-Ban Sunglasses


If you head to Slima, you’ll be right on the water and there are a lot of great opportunities to sit outside for a meal. Make sure you’re wearing some sunnies so the strong Mediterranean sun doesn’t blind you while you’re eating.


Find out why polarized sunglasses are worth packing for every trip!


Boyfriend Jeans



Dark Washed Jeans | Ripped Jeans | Boyfriend Jeans Plus


I love traveling with boyfriend jeans. I think they’re more comfortable than skinny jeans and because you’ll be doing a lot of walking and eating, comfort is key. Opt for ones with holes for added style and ventilation because it can get hot in the sun.


Prefer to wear leggings instead? These are the best leggings for travel!


Crossbody Bag



Rebecca Minkoff Avery Cross Body Bag


I feel like this is a given for any trip! If you’re walking around a lot, you definitely don’t want to have to hold a bag in your hand or have it hanging heavily on one side of your body.

A cross body bag is great because you can switch it from side to side and keep your hands free to do activities (like eat lots of great food, drink wine, and take photos!) The Lo & Sons Pearl is my favorite.


Find out why jetsetters love cross body purses for travel!


Comfy Sweaters



Cable Knit Pullover | Chunky Sweater | Knit Poncho


When planning what to wear in Malta in winter, keep in mind that we had a few days where I didn’t have to wear a jacket. Instead I wore a really comfortable, oversized sweater. It kept me warm and was a cute option. It’s really important to layer when you’re traveling!


Read these tips to learn how to layer clothes for winter with these stylish strategies!


A camera



Digital Camera


You always need to have a camera with you! Whether it’s your phone or an actual camera, you need something to capture the amazing moments and beautiful views.

I have the Olympus OM-D E-10 Mirrorless camera and it’s perfect. It fits right into my purse (and it’s not heavy) and takes photos of the same quality as a huge DSLR. (Note: there are newer camera models now available.)


Don’t want to bring a camera? Use these smartphone accessories to upgrade your smartphone’s capabilities and take pro pics!


A good hair brush



Hair Brush


This may sound silly, because obviously most people travel with a hairbrush, but this time of year in Malta is super windy. Your hair will be really knotty after walking around all day. So you definitely need to have a hair brush that won’t rip all your hair out (trust me, I learned the hard way).


Use a tangle-free hair brush like this one!


A Pretty Dress



Lace Halter Dress | Printed Halter Swing Dress | Foil Trimmed Dress Plus


I went specifically for Christmas, so we ended up going out to dinner on Christmas Eve. We went to Valletta, walked around, went into St. John’s Cathedral, and to the waterfront to eat.

I enjoy getting dressed up for the holidays, so I always try to wear a dress for the special occasion. If you plan to visit for the holidays or fancy getting dolled up for a night out, make sure to bring a dress or two!


Use slim packing cubes to save space in your suitcase and travel carry-on only.



What are your tips on what to wear in Malta in winter? Share in the comments!






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