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Our last seasonal packing guide was What to Pack for the UK. However, the climate on this side of Europe is vastly different and much more cold! Ele from Kootvela travel blog fills us in on what to pack when visiting her home country of Lithuania.


What to Pack for Lithuania – Season by Season


Lithuania experiences four seasons a year, each requiring different clothes and the same accessory- the umbrella. There has been a recent article in the press suggesting switching Lithuania’s name to Rainland – so you know it’s serious. It can shower out of the blue during spring, summer and autumn and it can snow in winter, so carrying a small portable umbrella with you at all times is a good idea.


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Carry a small bag to put your wet umbrella when you don’t need it. However, don’t be put off to travel by the image of torrential rain. It’s not that bad.


What to Pack in the Winter



Sweater 1 | ShirtSweater 2Sweater 3Dress 1Dress 2 | Jeans 1Jeans 1Coat 1 | Coat 2LeggingsSweater 4Boots 1Boots 2BeanieBackpack




The cold season is cold. It gets below the freezing point and it tends to be absolutely freezing in February. By saying “absolutely” I mean 20 degrees below zero.


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Lithuania Packing List: Winter


I strongly recommend you wear boots lined with fur and the ones that have flat sole, even better if it has a clipping sole, you know, sort of mountain-climbing because winter in winter comes unexpectedly for our road services and you don’t often see sand on ice before you fall face down (or up). I have seen girls wearing high heels on ice, rivaled only by Jesus on water, but that’s if you live taxi door-to-door regime. Unfortunately, our salt on roads is harmful to footwear.


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We have a saying “Warmth doesn’t break bones”, so woolen socks, a scarf, a warm coat and a cap are sensible clothes. I recommend you wear gloves and mittens for warmth at the same time-when you need to use fingers (find a mobile, tap a door code, or get a key) just remove the mittens and stay with gloves-still warm! Lip balm and face/hand cream are to be carried at all times.


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What to Pack in the Spring



BlouseTeeSweater | BlouseDress 1 | Dress 2Jeans 1 Jeans 2 | CoatRaincoat | SweaterSkirtBoots 1Boots 2ScarfBackpack




Recently the tendency has been to have late spring, meaning we’ve still got snow in March. It melts away sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but expect running water in the streets. Footwear should be water-proof, like rubber boots (sometimes they are even lined with fur for extra warmth) or sprayed with water-proof spray as well.


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Lithuania Packing List: Spring


On sunny days, it can be difficult to see so sun-glasses start appearing on people’s faces. It can also get very warm, even hot, on public transportation or inside buildings though it’s still cold outside so layered clothing is best.


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You can unzip or unbutton it until you feel comfortable but this is the season when a warm winter coat is replaced by a lighter spring/autumn coat and sportswear starts to be used.



What to Pack in the Summer



TopShirtTee | BlouseDress 1Dress 2Jeans 1 | Jeans 2PonchoJacket | SweaterSkirtFlatsSandals | ScarfBackpack




Don’t let an Internet search deceive you with annual temperature for summer being +18’C. Well, they are right, we get +18’C because it goes up as far as 25’C-30’C in certain spells. It doesn’t rain a lot or it rains every day.


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Lithuania Packing List: Summer


Some summers we walk in tank tops, some summers we wear cardigans. The thing is, it can be warm in the sun but when you walk into the shadow, it’s immediately cool, if not cold. I recommend having a thin cardigan or a poncho/long sari/long shawl to wrap around.

This is the season to show off your pedicure so all shapes and forms of footwear appear, trying in this short time to compensate for not being used ¾ of a year. Mind, if you plan to walk Vilnius Old Town, it’s all narrow cobblestone streets, so be reasonable and wear flats. Ballerina shoes? Perfect choice.


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What to Pack in the Fall/Autumn



Sweater 1Sweater 2Sweater 3 | Shirt | Dress | Dress | Jeans | PantsJacketsCoat | ShawlJeans | BootsBootiesScarfBackpack




The first two months in autumn tend to be warm and sunny, earning the name of Indian summer. It’s still possible to wear light clothes, though not sandals anymore because it can change into dark skies, heavy rain and cool wind very quickly.


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Lithuania Packing List: Autumn


This is the period to wear autumn coats, elegant knee-length boots, and different shawls and wraps. Accessories can help liven-up the traditional checked, grey, black or brown patterns. We are a practical nation, so wearing only bright colours or something totally white stands out (not that it’s a bad thing!).


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A while ago, there was a survey of what gentlemen like about ladies appearance. The answers were shocking. Deep cuts, long heels, fake nails? Nothing of the sort- neat manicure, natural looks, shiny hair, healthy skin, only a bit of make-up, elegant yet practical clothes were among the answers.

Jeans are a good option for any weather but mind you’ll have to dress up before going to a night club as some have a strict dress code.


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Thank you Ele for your wonderful guide about what to pack for Lithuania! 

What are your tips on what to pack for Lithuania? Share in the comments!


Please note: Most of Europe’s Budget Airlines have this Carryon Bag Allowance: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Always check your airlines individual baggage rules and regulations in advance.





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