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The Versalette convertible travel garment has been long awaited and it’s finally here. Elizabeth Ewing shares her in depth review about this new convertible piece of womens travel clothing.


Versalette Travel Clothing

by Elizabeth Ewing



Revolution Apparel is officially open for business. If you haven’t heard of Shannon and Kristen, you might want to head on over to their online hub of girl power. Two traveling beauties who saw how much fashion can negatively impact the world and decided there needed to be something better.

Enter a grand idea, a business model, and a lot of hard work. Stir it all together and place it on Thousands of supporters later, the first piece of the Revolution Apparel was a funding success and the launch of the Versalette was on!


The Versalette is the latest in convertible travel clothing for women – to be worn in a multitude of endless styles.


I was one of the early supporters, and received my Charcoal Versalette over the summer. I immediately challenged myself to take advantage of the first two weeks to see how I could wear it myself.

After feeling like I did a decent enough job, I finally studied the PDF with convertible dress instructions on all the different ways you could mix and match this garment. My everyday and travel wardrobe abilities immediately extended into previously unknown waters.





The pros of owning the Versalette


As just mentioned, I have more options of different travel outfits I can put together. There is no more excuse of, “I have nothing to wear,” because at the very least I can wear this as a dress with no need for a shirt or pants. Another pro, the Versalette is easily moldable to most body types. If I want to highlight an hourglass shape, I tighten up a belt around and look – instant shape! So not only can you add cute accessories to fit your personality, you also have options of how much you want to cover up.

I am a personal fan of not revealing too much especially when on the road and respecting cultural norms. I can wear the Versalette several different ways without showing too much skin that I am uncomfortable which is nice for women’s travel clothing. And the fabric is heavy enough that there is no concern about being see-through.

Which leads me to another big pro. From the first opening of the mail package, I have been impressed with the quality and workmanship of the piece. If you are thinking that the price is too much for what you get, turn that thinking around! This is a garment made to last, plus Shannon and Kristen have a strong warranty to stand by their product. So maybe you have to save up your clothing budget for a season. In my personal opinion, you will not regret it.



Now, unfortunately, the cons.


For all that I have been impressed by the quality; I have taken to being extremely cautious with pulling together one of the drawstrings. The harder you pull, the more it rubs on one side. So, after several wears, there is a slight fraying that I must pay attention to. And I do tend to freak out if a button gets caught on something odd. They are solidly sewn on, but buttons are buttons, and I would hate to lose one while traveling!

While this may not necessarily be a con, I have found that my Versalette looks its best when I wear it in skirt form. It’s easiest to wear it as a shirt, but just last month I wore it as a scalloped skirt traveling in an airport. I had FIVE women stop me and tell me they loved my outfit. That’s a great day in my book! But so far, I have only received positive comments when the garment is worn as a bottom, not as a dress or top.

If I could go back and do it again, I would have elected to choose the Indigo colored Versalette instead of Charcoal. Originally, I went with Charcoal because I thought it would fit in best with my travel wardrobe and be the safest color bet. I didn’t want to order a brighter color, in case I would be overwhelmed or disappointed in its shade. The Indigo color is much more my style though, and would have made for a better statement piece. The blue would have meshed well with my skin, and my thoughts about it maybe not fitting in with my other clothes was pointless.

The more pictures I see of that specific Versalette, the more I want it but I am going to give other fashion-minded travelers a chance to try it out first. All in all, I am glad I bought the Versalette early. It’s a solid addition to my closet and I’m supporting a sustainable fashion movement. 


Thanks for the review Elizabeth! Very informative and great travel outfits! Don’t forget to check out her travel and personal style blog: and my Top 5 Convertible Dresses for more great travel clothing ideas.



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