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Traveling to more than one destination can make packing seem even more challenging than normal. Oddly enough, if you’re packing for one destination you have a bit more freedom with how much you pack. If you’re packing for several destinations, however, packing light is a must. Follow these packing tips to determine the best packing strategy for your next trip!


Packing for Trips with One vs. Multiple Destinations






If your traveling to one destination


If you have a trip planned and you’ll be staying at one hotel the entire time, it doesn’t really matter how much you pack. Baggage fees aside, you could pack as much as Paris Hilton and not feel the negative effects of overpacking.

Sure there will probably be tons of stuff you might not wear but it’s not the end of the world. While I’m not suggesting you overpack, your decision to pack less is more a practicality than a necessity.


Travelers that might find themselves in this situation are those that are:

• Visiting family
• Staying at one resort or all inclusive
• Studying abroad
Working abroad
• Moving abroad
• Using porter services exclusively


You should always follow these capsule wardrobe guidelines to help you make the most of your travel clothing no matter the size of your suitcase.

For a packing list that offers a generous quantity of clothing, I recommend TFG’s Maximista. It’s great for travelers that don’t want to pack too light or women that tend to overpack.




If you’re traveling to multiple destinations


Ironically, travelers going to multiple destinations often times feel that they have to pack more clothing because they are going to more places.

In reality, if you have more than one stop you should try to pack as light as possible.

Whether you have a 12 month or 12 day trip planned, travel consisting of numerous stops and accommodation options means that you will constantly be on the go. This is just one of the many reasons to travel carry-on only.


Keep these things in mind:

  • Constantly moving around a large or overweight bag becomes draining and can put a damper on your trip.
  • If you’re in a new city every few days, no one will notice if you repeat the same clothing items (which you shouldn’t have to if you follow these capsule wardrobe guidelines).
  • Not all destinations have nicely paved streets and sidewalks. A big, heavy bag will be inconvenient and cumbersome in these situations.
  • If you’re taking public transportation such as buses or trains you’ll have to drag your bag around stations with crowds of people, long flights of stairs, potentially broken escalators, and other physical obstacles.
  • Constantly rifling through a bunch of things you don’t need can be an unnecessary frustration and waste of time. If you have your travel outfits carefully planned out you won’t need to pack things you don’t need.


It’s essential to pack strategically for trips with multiple destinations. Use these tips and get it right, every time: 10 STEP GUIDE FOR TRIPS WITH MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS.


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What are your top packing tips for trips to more than one destination?


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