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I’ve met an array of women traveling over the years – some with a carryon completely filled with beauty products and others that wanted to travel so lightly that they decided to forego makeup altogether. Take a look at these seven travel makeup hacks to help you downsize some products while eliminating others completely!


Travel Makeup Hacks




Small Makeup Pots


Use Small Travel Containers


Lose the weight and bulk of unnecessarily large glass makeup bottles. Take only what you need by transferring product into small containers such as these. Travel size is usually too much for regular toiletries especially makeup.


We love: the items featured in our post on best travel containers. It’s a must read!




MAC Eyeshadow


Eyeshadow as Eyeliner


Some eye shadow can be used as eyeliner when wet. No need to pack a liner or pencil sharpener!

The perfect combo would be to take two eye shadow pots: one to use as eyeliner and shadow plus one lighter shade. If you choose a shadow the same color as your brows you can also use it to touch up your brows. Awesome!


We love: MAC eyeshadow in Plummage for a rockstar evening city look




MAC Eye pencil


Eye Liner as Eyeshadow


As an alternative to the option above, use eyeliner as eyeshadow by smearing it over your lid then dab with your finger to even out until you get the right shade.

You can even use your eyeliner as a brow pencil too so all you need to pack is an eyeliner and lighter shadow to make a quick and easy smokey eye makeup look!


We love: MAC eye pencil in coffee for smoky eyes and brows to match




Nars the Multiple


Multiple Makeup Sticks


For years I was obsessed with this Multiple makeup stick by Nars! I would never leave home without it especially for beach side trips when I wanted a natural glow. Multiple makeup sticks and tints can usually be used for lips, cheeks, and even eyes, too!

Bonus tip: decant your multiple stick into a travel container like this one to enjoy your favorite product and downsize too!


We love: Nars the Multiple in South Beach and Benefit BeneTint in Rose




Hourglass Rouge Liquid Lipstick


Make A Statement


If you’re on an ultra-minimalist mission and don’t want to pack any makeup at all carrying one single item such as a deep red lipstick or bold eyeliner can be all you need to take your look from day to night in a pinch!


We love: Hourglass travel size liquid lipstick in Icon – it really packs a punch!




Magnetic Makeup Caddy


DIY Makeup Palette


Create your own makeup palette! I love this option because I can never seem to find the perfect color combinations in pre-made palettes. Although, Benefit comes pretty darn close!


We love: Heidi Barry-Rodriguez’s tutorial on how to create your own DIY makeup palette. It’s a must read!




Urban Decay Brush


Dual sided Makeup Brushes


Eye makeup lovers know the importance of having the right brushes to create the perfect look and you can have the best of both worlds by traveling with brushes. Minimize the number of items you pack without skimping on the perfect shadow technique.


We love: Urban Decay’s Double Sided brush and this awesome duo by Eco Tools!



What are your favorite travel makeup hacks? Share in the comments!


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