Need a gift for a traveler that seems to have everything? Here’s what I’m absolutely lusting for this season! (Hint: I’ve probably bought most things for myself by now.)


Gift Guide: Editor’s Wishlist



Every year, friends and family ask me what I’d like for the holidays, and every year I tell them the same thing: “Whatever you’d like to give me. I love surprises!” I then tell my loved ones that I’ve just published my Editor’s Wishlist on the blog.

Hmmm…somehow nobody takes the hint. Too subtle?

The truth is, I’m challenging to shop for since I have the habit of self-gifting before it’s even time to unwrap the presents – my friends and family don’t stand a chance against my impulsiveness. In case you want to know what I’m lusting for this season, here it is…my annual Editor’s Wishlist!




Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack, $148.00, Nordstrom
Also available on: Zappos | Saks Fifth Avenue | Amazon


Chic Backpack


This is the number one item on my wishlist! You know I love the Rebecca Minkoff Julian and this one has just taken my favorite bag to the next level. This design is the perfect way to spruce up my neutral wardrobe choices for both home and travel, too.

While I prefer the regular (large) size, for this design, I’m willing to make an exception! This nylon version is gorgeous and has a fun print, but of course, I still love the leather versions


A close second on my list? The Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack in white which is currently on sale at Rebecca Minkoff!




Selfie Stick Case, $49.99, Amazon
Also available on Walmart


Selfie Stick


Phone case and discreet selfie stick in one? This is an easy one to add to my wishlist. Gotta have it!




Fossil Convertible Backpack, $218.00, Amazon
Also available on: Macy’s | Fossil


 Convertible Backpack


The readers have been raving about this backpack in the TFG Facebook Group recently so I’m all on board to try one out for myself, and it’s even featured in this post on gorgeous messenger bags. Some even like it better than the popular Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack since it can also be worn as a traditional purse. I need this!




deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, $26.99, Amazon
Also available on Walmart


Portable Makeup Mirror


As a minimalist long-term traveler, I feel like I spent so many years without looking into a mirror that this seems like it would be perfect for those long periods on the road, especially when I’m going somewhere for business. Plus, it’s a pretty color, too!




GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle, $69.95, Amazon
Also available on Walmart


Purifier Water Bottle


Travelers love the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle. It’s ideal for global traveling, outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, survival – the design makes clean, purified drinking water in only 15 seconds from virtually any fresh water source in the world. It even removes 99.9999% of viruses.

And the best part: each replaceable GRAYL Purifier Cartridge displaces up to 300 plastic bottles. Make a meaningful difference – and save money on bottled water.




Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress, $28.00, Nordstrom


Body-Con Tank Dress 


This is one of the most popular dresses and our readers rave about them! I bought one based on their recommendation and now own them in various colors. The India Ink color shown above is one of the new colors I want the most.

They’re easy to wear on warm-weather travels and have a flattering fit. Size up for a more comfortable look!




Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Duo, $20.00, Sephora
Also available on: Amazon | Walmart


Velvet Lip Pencil


Another item I already purchased, I love these lip pencils because they take up less space than a lipstick, their solids not liquids, and they’re a great way to add a pop up of color for an understated makeup look.

As a bonus, I can smudge them with my finger to wear them as a tint during the day then add more color for a more dramatic look at night. (I’ve been obsessed with a tinted lip color ever since my trip to Paris!)




Portable and Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush, $99.00, Amazon


Pampering Facial Cleansing Tool


I love a good facial, especially before and after a trip. This little cleansing brush is a good way to keep my skin smooth when I’m on the road for long periods of time.




Blondo Camila Waterproof Boots, $169.95, Nordstrom


 Badass Biker Boots


I spotted these neat-looking biker boots from Blondo in the Nordstrom anniversary sale and have been obsessed since! Sure I like a little edge now and then, but these would still look equally nice with a dress or with faux leather leggings, and they’re durable as well as waterproof.




Osprey Daylite Duffel 30, $70.00,
Also available on Amazon


Weekender Bag


This adorable Osprey duffle is ideal for a weekend getaway. It’s no secret I love this brand (so do the readers) so I’m hankering to get it! It has a large front panel opening that’s easy to zip, along with a horizontal and end pocket to store essentials I want to access easily. 

I really love how the straps are adjustable to wear it backpack style, over the shoulder, or just grab and go. There’s even a mesh water bottle pocket, which is perfect since I drink a ton of water! Conclusion: cute and practical! 




La Chatelaine Shea Butter Hand Cream Tin Gift Box, $23.12, Amazon


Hand Cream


One of the must-have essentials that I carry with me daily at home and while traveling is an ultra-soothing hand moisturizer. In the winter, the weather zaps all moisture from my hands and the moisturizer makes such a difference that I constantly apply it while sightseeing. Likewise, this also happens on a flight.

I love this cute tin set of La Chatelaine Shea Butter Hand Cream. Not only is it a pretty gift but the mini sizes are great for travel.




Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings, $110.00, Nordstrom
Also available on: Amazon | Shopbob | Bloomingdale’s | SPANX | Zappos


Faux Leather Leggings


I absolutely love leggings and just have to mention the Spanx faux leather leggings. They’re comfy, stylish, and SO versatile for travel or everyday outfits. You can layer them with warm leggings underneath or wear them solo with a pair of cute shoes. A great pant for the airplane!




4-Inch Sensor Makeup Mirror Compact, $80.00, Nordstrom
Also available on Macy’s | Amazon


Compact Mirror


It may not be ultra-light but I’ve been wanting a chic travel mirror for ages and I love the look of this! This is a stocking stuffer that’s at the top of my list.


Check out more stocking stuffers here and cheap gifts here – it’s our ultimate guide!




Love Triangle Blush/Lipstick Set, $42.99, Amazon


Lipstick Set


This was on my wishlist and I already picked it up at Amazon! I love mini makeup sets this time of year especially because it allows me to try out new colors without committing to the full price tag. Plus, I hardly ever use up all the product in regular size containers anyway so this is ideal for home and travel.




Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Tote, $145.00, Amazon
Also available on: Rebecca Minkoff | Bloomingdale’s | Zappos


Tote Bag


I’ve been on the hunt for a packable nylon tote and this looks like it just might be the perfect item. Something simple, that can be used in a variety of places, and that is also a non-black neutral color to add some interest to my wardrobe. Would also make a cute packable bag to bring back shopping on my travels!




Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, $299, Amazon
Also available on: Nordstrom | Bose


 Wireless Headphone


These Bose headphones are designed for a snug fit, engineered for superior sound quality, and are easy to carry. They’re also stylish, a cinch to store when not in use, and are comfortable for sensitive ears. Also, I’ve discovered that over-the-ear headphones are much better for long flights or when doing a podcast.




SoundLink® Micro Bluetooth® Speaker, $99.00, Nordstrom
Also available on: Amazon | Bose


Bluetooth Speaker


I love to play my music while traveling and this SoundLink Bluetooth speaker always has my head bopping with joy. This puppy has a 30-foot range, is waterproof, and comes with a USB charging cable to keep my tunes going.



What travel gifts are you lusting after right now? Share and comment below!


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