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Ready for a serious case of wanderlust? We’ve rounded up the best travel fashion Instagram accounts to inspire your style on your next vacation. Find out who they are!


Best Travel Fashion Instagram Accounts


Today’s digital age allows us to embark on a mental getaway in the palm of our hands, with outlets such as Instagram making it easy to both create and get lost in some pretty swoon-worthy content.

Whether you’re in the midst of planning your next getaway or simply want to admire some gorgeous shots of Cinque Terre, travel accounts are a great source for inspiration.



Check out our list of the best travel fashion Instagram accounts below for inspiration:





The dreamy shots that Selena and Jacob capture make us want to grab our prettiest dress and do an impromptu photoshoot in the middle of a new city. Major qualities of a wanderlust worthy feed, am I right?





With a feed that’s colorful and upbeat and photography skills that are equally as impressive, we’re head over heels for Nina’s ultra-fun account!





Wendy’s feed is lush with greenery and breezy shots among the tropics. These stunning captures are a breath of fresh, tropical air and seriously make us crave an island getaway.





From the beautifully tiled interiors of Morocco to the tranquil shrines of Kyoto, Xavier and Katie of xkflyaway beautifully document their travels for the Instaworld to obsess over.




A post shared by MARINA COMES (@marinacomes) on


Gorgeous dresses and equally gorgeous destinations make up a majority of Marina’s beautifully assembled feed. We seriously can’t get enough!




A post shared by Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht) on


Lucy’s shots are truly one-of-a-kind, producing a feed that feels as if you’re perusing a vintage photo album. We love the intimate feel that these photographs possess – some even look like film stills!





Scrolling through Hayley’s feed makes us feel as if we’ve been whisked off to a gorgeous seaside destination. Whether it’s the stunning aquatic hues, the lush palm trees, or the occasional dosage of urban life, her photos instantly take us away.





Nastasia has a beautifully structured feed that features romantic foliage, stunning architecture, flat lays of international cuisine, and skylines of cities from all over the world. Consider us obsessed.





Anne & Jackie’s stunning captures make us feel as if we’re embarking on a road trip right along with them. From the scenic national parks to the picturesque stops along the coastline, we’re hooked on the content of this talented sister duo.




A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on


This boho chic feed makes us want to hop on a flight to a remote island and sip out of a coconut whilst basking in the sun. Lauren’s breezy style seamlessly intertwines with her sun-soaked adventures, producing some seriously gorgeous photos as a result (and, of course, a good amount of wanderlust.)








Nicola’s account features a diverse array of gorgeous destinations. Featuring snow capped mountains, urban city lights, and deserts that go on for miles, a scroll through her feed basically takes us all over the world in an instant. Also, just how cute is that username?!





San Francisco-based Christine from tourdelust has a stunning feed that we’re simply obsessed with. Featuring bright captures from landmarks all over the world (and some ultra-cute outfits to go along with them), we’re certain that you’ll love her shots just as much as we do!


Community Accounts


For feeds that bring together an assortment of Insta-travelers all in one place, check out some of our favorite community accounts below!


Wearetravelgirls (pictured: carolinezspira)


Hashtag: #wearetravelgirls


Girlsborntotravel (pictured: jiwonkae)


Hashtag: #girlsborntotravel


Dametraveler (pictured: skipwithgrace)


Hashtag: #dametraveler


Beautifulmatters (picture: highsamachkar)


Hashtag: #beautifulmatters


Sheisnotlost (pictured: girlvsglobe)


Hashtag: #sheisnotlost


Thetravelwomen (pictured: marinacomes)


Hashtag: #thetravelwomen 


Girlaroundworld (picture: simplycyn)


Hashtag: #girlaroundworld


Femmetravel (picture: paolobalsamo89)


Hashtag: #femmetravel



What are your picks for the most wanderlust worthy Instagram accounts? Share in the comments!


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