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Think about how good it feels to crawl into your favorite cozy sweatshirt or worn in pair of jeans at home. When you only have a few items of clothing, make every piece count.

Love what you’re wearing! Travel with things that make you feel good instead of items you think you should pack based on an archaic travel packing list.


#1 Travel Packing Tip: Love What You Pack


I’ve interviewed countless girls that have expressed frustrations about the clothes they chose to pack for their long term travels and Round-The-World trips.


A few common mistakes or complaints include:


  • “I didn’t plan my travel outfits in advance and it was hard to mix and match my clothes.”
  • “I thought too much about travel functionality and not enough about what I actually like to wear.”
  • “I only packed clothing I didn’t care about, thinking I would just replace my travel clothing on the road. However, I found better things to spend my money on and now I’m stuck with clothes I hate.”


These travelers quickly grew tired of their travel wardrobe options and wanted to buy new things.


What’s important is that you select pieces that you find flattering while providing the function you require on the road. Specialty travel clothing can have unflattering cuts that leave you craving your personal style and an added touch of femininity. Look through your own clothing and assess whether or not an item you already own and like might be the right fit for your trip.


Use TFG’s Universal Packing Lists and Seasonal Packing Guides to pick and choose the right pieces.


 Balance is the key!





Think about the items in your bag or suitcase and plan travel outfits in advance.


You’ll be wearing the same thing repeatedly for several months. Ask yourself if you’d feel happy wearing these particular clothing items every other day.


It’s best to start your trip with staple pieces and go from there.


Check out Travel Fashion Girl’s Universal Packing Lists for a detailed list of basic items every girl needs to pack for a trip.


Choose items that fit your personal style but will also work well in your travels.

Our Travel Outfits section features travel outfit ideas to inspire you and show you how to make every day clothing more travel friendly.


What are your number 1 packing tip for travel? Comment below!


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