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It seems as if travelers are always on a never-ending quest to find the most comfortable shoes. The last time we surveyed our readers to discover their best travel shoes, they gave us forty of their all-time favorite styles, including both comfortable and fashionable footwear.

This time, we’re turning to professional travel bloggers to help us find the most comfortable options. These people travel full-time and spend countless hours sightseeing on their feet. If anyone knows the best shoes for travel at home or abroad, it’s definitely them.

These experts are giving you the inside scoop on their twenty-one top picks for the most comfortable shoes. Take a look!


21 Most Comfortable Shoes


What are the most comfortable shoes? Below you’ll find a quick list with all the top choices listed by professional travel bloggers. Scroll down below for a full description of their features, benefits, and to find out which styles work best in specific scenarios.


  1. Merell Moab Ventilator
  2. Salomon Ellipse Aero Fast
  3. Keen Newport H2 Sandals
  4. Teva Tirra Sandals
  5. Keen Sarasota
  6. Havaianas Slim Flip Flops
  7. Birkenstock Arizona
  8. Naot Kayla Sandals
  9. Tieks Ballet Flats
  10. Patagonia Maha Breathe
  11. Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneakers
  12. Zee Alexis Linda Clouds
  13. Clarks Haley Moon Slip-On Flat
  14. Toms Black Glitter Flat Shoes
  15. Converse Chuck Taylor
  16. Ariat Legend Western Boots
  17. Naot Shamal Boots
  18. Nike Free Running Shoes (mens)
  19. KEEN Aphlex (mens)
  20. Vans Sneakers (mens)
  21. Adidas Adiprene Litestrike (mens)




Merrell Moab Ventilator


1. Merrell Moab Ventilator


Natasha of The World Pursuit says:


I’ve been traveling with this shoe every day now for 13 months and they are still in great shape! I love the Moab Ventilators because they are sporty looking, water resistant, and durable.

They feel like the most comfortable shoes for hiking–even in some messy places. As a bonus, they have the Merrell guarantee. Unlike other hiking shoes, these actually look okay with yoga pants and shorts.

I’ve worn them around Italy, Greece, and even France and didn’t feel completely ridiculous. Merrell has the Moab in both women and men’s styles, too–both my boyfriend and I wouldn’t get anything else for hiking!


Read these tips to learn how to choose the best hiking shoes for women!



Ellipse Aero Fast


2. Salomon Ellipse Aero Fast


Gemma of Two Scots Abroad says:


Craig and I (Gemma) are Team Salomon for the most comfortable shoes. Craig has been rocking his Salomon Mens Comet 3D GTX since 2013 and I’m not lying when I say he’s pretty much worn them every day.

Initially he bought them to trek through Sapa Valley in Vietnam; those hiking boots have traveled around 21 other countries since then. Craig always claims I copy him and in this instance he’s correct.

I purchased a pair of Salomon Ellipse Aero Fast after Achilles pain on day three of Scotland’s West Highland Way. Since that 96-mile trek, I’ve needed hiking shoes that support–but don’t touch–my sensitive ankles.



Keen Newport H2 Sandals


3. Keen Newport H2 Sandals


Micki of The Barefoot Nomad says:


I adore my Keen Newport H2 sandals; they’re the most comfortable shoes for outdoor activities. When we travel as a family, we spend a lot of time in, or on, the water, and I was tired of shoes that got waterlogged and uncomfortable.

These Keens dry quickly and stay comfortable hiking after I’ve just stepped into a stream or in my kayak. The only downside? The Keens are geared more for function than fashion, so I keep a second pair of sandals to wear when I dress up.


For more ideas, take a look at these versatile water shoes!




Teva Tirra Sandals


4. Teva Tirra Sandals


Anne of Pretraveller says:


My vote for the most comfortable shoes are my trusty Teva Tirra sandals. They are the most comfortable shoes and my go-to footwear both at home and when I travel in warmer climates.

I love using my Teva sandals when I go swimming in places such as at the beach and swimming pools–they provide great foot support to scramble over rocks, sand, and pebbled swimming pool surroundings, and it doesn’t matter if they get wet because they dry quickly.

An additional use for these sandals is for adventurous activities like watersports–think sailing, canoeing and kayaking!


This Teva Sandal style is cute and comfortable, too!



Sarasota Keen Sandals


5. Keen Sarasota


Ivana of Nomad Is Beautiful says:


This model is great for traveling as the sandals are some of the most comfortable shoes thanks to the metatomical cork footbed and soft oiled leather upper. They are very true to size, with an open toe.

No sweating, no odor! Sarasota sandals are perfect for long city walks, hiking, or trekking in hot climates. They dry fast, so you can wear them while kayaking or crossing rivers, and they are great for biking thanks to the sponge rubber.


Read this list for fashionable yet functional walking sandals!



Havaianas Slim flip flops


6. Havaianas Slim Flip Flops


Patti of The Savvy Globetrotter says:


My Havaianas Slim flip flops are always packed in my luggage. On the surface they may seem like just a lowly flip flop but looks can be deceiving. I have fussy feet and these are the only flip flops that have cushion, good traction, and never give me blisters.

Obviously, they are great for beach vacations and warm destinations but when I say I always pack them in my luggage, I do mean always. Not only are they some of the most comfortable shoes, but they are also great “shower shoes” and can double as slippers if you don’t want to walk barefoot on a grimy hotel floor.


Wear Havaianas? These are a few more women’s flip flops you’ll absolutely love!




Birkenstock Arizona


7. Birkenstock Arizona


Lauren of  The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo says:


The Birkenstock Arizona is the ultimate and most comfortable shoes for travel. For an Aussie like myself who loves to live in sandals but also needs arch support, the Birkenstock is perfect. My family suffers from arch issues, and it was my mother who recommended Birkenstocks. She insisted I get them specifically for travel.

I’ve now had them for six months, adapted to the arch support, and I could not be happier. The support I receive from the sandal is second to none, and my feet no longer ache after a long day of travel. That is a win if you ask me!


Learn more about why travelers rave about Birkenstocks!



Naot Kayla Sandals


8. Naot Kayla Sandals


Ciaran of Momfluential says:


My Naot Kayla sandals have been to the Caribbean, Israel, and 16 European countries and they are still going strong. I’d even wear them out to dinner in California! If you’re heading out to a tropical or hot climate, these are the most comfortable shoes you can pack.


Naot sandals are awesome! The Sabrina style is our top pick.



Tieks Ballet Flats


9. Tieks Ballet Flats


Eileen of Crooked Flight says:


My Tieks have lasted me for YEARS. The smooth, soft Italian leather and simple design with a pop of blue color on the sole have made them incredibly versatile. I think they’ve been with me on at least four continents. Tieks are an ideal basic flat for the plane, walking through cities, and even dressed up for a casual night out.

While I love my classic matte black flat color, they have some other beautiful styles I’ve been coveting, like the funky Arabian night print. There are some vegan options, too.



Patagonia Maha Breathe


10. Patagonia Maha Breathe


Matilda of The Travel Sisters says:


Patagonia Maha Breathe flats get my vote for the most comfortable shoes for travel. These unassuming ballet-style flats have good support, are cute, and don’t take up much space. I especially love how versatile they are. I’ve worn them at the airport, while exploring cities for hours, and even out to dinner.

They can be worn with pants, skirts, and dresses and can be easily dressed up or down. A breathable mesh upper keeps feet from getting too hot while walking around–but you probably don’t want to walk through puddles while wearing these shoes.


Here’s our full round-up of the most cute and comfortable ballets flats for travel!






Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneakers


11. Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneakers


Carole of Travels With Carol says:


I adore the Bernie Mev Cuddly Sneakers. Because they are made from criss-crossing elastic strips, they give me a snug, comfortable fit. I always wear them for air travel because they are easy on, easy off when going through security, and they are so comfortable on the plane–again: easy on, easy off.

I like wearing them with colorful mini socks. These are not good walking shoes–I bring along other shoes for that–but they are fine for walking around the hotel and short distances.


These are the best and cutest walking shoes for travel!



Zee Alexis Linda Clouds


12. Zee Alexis Linda Clouds


Erin of Explore with Erin says:


The Zee Alexis Linda Clouds just replaced my Sketchers for day-to-day wear as the most comfortable shoes. They offer foot-hugging support with memory foam insole and a durable rubber sole. They’re extremely lightweight and flexible. My favorite part is the woven elastic, which makes the shoe fit like a glove.

They’re funky, fun and comfortable. You can spend all day sightseeing, going on five hour tours or wear them to a conference where you’re on your feet eight hours a day. Their only down fall is they are not waterproof, other then that I’ve already ordered my second pair.



Clarks Haley Moon Slip-On Flat


13. Clarks Haley Moon Slip-On Flat


Rosemary of Authentic Food Quest says:


For my first trip to Southeast Asia, having the most comfortable shoes was a key priority. I knew we would be walking around, visiting farmers markets–including wet fish markets–so keeping my feet dry was important. The weather in Southeast Asia is known to be hot and humid.

So, finding shoes that were covered and yet breathable became my focus. I was ecstatic when I discovered these walking shoes from Clarks. They are incredibly light, sporty, and can go with any outfit.

What I especially love is that when it rains or is humid, my toes stay dry and the shoes are non-slippery.   If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes for humid weather, look no further than these classic Clarks.


Here are some of our top travel shoes for Southeast Asia!




Toms Black Glitter Flat Shoes


14. Toms Black Glitter Flat Shoes


Evan of Pretty Wild World says:


My ultimate favorite shoes for traveling are my sparkly black Toms, which I’ve had for two years. At first I was unsure if I should spend the money on the limited edition black glitter style that was 80€ at the time.

I ended up splurging and I must say: two years later, after lots of walking, they were worth every penny! The last time I abused them was when I was traveling in the Balkans, especially when I was in Budapest.

I’d say that Toms are best for city travels and, at the moment, they’re in style here in Scandinavia; you’ll see hipsters wearing them on daily basis. They’re comfortable to walk in, so pretty, and match with everything!




Converse Chuck Taylor


15. Converse Chuck Taylor


Gabriela of Gabriela Here and There says:


I’ve traveled with Converse shoes all over the world and worn them on dusty African roads to the streets of Europe. I’ve hitchhiked, walked dozens of miles a day, and used them in all types of crazy activities.

These shoes have served me well in every situation. They are the most comfortable shoes with strong support for long walks yet stylish enough to wear in fashionable cities in Europe or America.

They match with almost anything; you can wear them with jeans, shorts and dresses. They are great for summer and also for mild winters.


Take a look at these other styles if you love sneakers!



Ariat Legend Western Boots


16. Ariat Legend Western Boots


Megan of Traveling Nine To Fiver says:


Buying cute shoes is difficult when you have high arches. Using the right shoes is the best way for me to avoid the pain and agony after a long day on my feet. My go-to pair when I’m traveling is the Ariat Boot.

They are meant for work and play. They have great arch and ankle support and are the perfect shoe whether I’m going to a concert, a walking tour or a wedding.

They aren’t the easiest to pack but they’re surprisingly the most comfortable shoes to wear on long travel days. I recently wore them on over twelve hours of travel including planes and driving.




Naot Shamal Boots


17. Naot Shamal Boots


Ciaran of Momfluential says:


My favorite pairs of the most comfortable shoes for traveling, by far, are my Naots. They somehow manage to feel good while looking great and they’re amazing when you want to limit the number of shoes in your luggage to just a few pairs.

For winter travel I have worn my Naot Shamal boots in Vegas, walking miles of convention center aisles. I’ve also worn them in Dublin, retracing the footsteps of famous authors, and braved winter in Manhattan on multiple occasions.


Take a look at these styles for the best womens waterproof leather boots!





Nike Free Running Shoes


18. Nike Free Running Shoes


Matthew of Limitless Travel says:


After years exploring the world, I wanted to find a shoe that was lightweight, stylish, and designed for running. However, I also wanted it to be dressy enough for exploring the city and visiting pubs and restaurants.

I didn’t want anything dressy but I also wanted to avoid wearing bright-colored running shoes when going out at night. It’s difficult to combine all of that into one pair of shoes but it comes close with Nike’s Free Series.

They offer a wide range of styles but overall, they can be worn out at night with jeans or used for a morning run. They’re also incredibly light and won’t add bulk to your bag.


Tip: Nike Free is a favorite for female travelers, too!




Keen Aphlex


19. KEEN Aphlex


Jonathan of Mr. and Mrs. Howe says:


I’d like to share our new travel shoes from KEEN, the Aphlex. We have a habit of wearing our shoes to death before we get new ones, so new shoes are a big deal for us.

These new shoes do a bit of everything: they look good, they’re strong enough for hiking, lightweight for everyday use in hot weather, they squash into a backpack, and have an alien-looking skeleton structure on the outside.

They’re waterproof too! We’re hoping that these new shoes can handle at least a year of the kind of punishment we’re going to throw at them, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Want to save suitcase space as a couple? Read these tips!




Vans Atwood


20. Vans Sneakers


Dave of Jones Around The World says:


When it comes to the perfect travel shoes for men, I think there are two important aspects: comfort and versatility. You want shoes that will be great to walk in all day and you want to be able to wear them with every outfit.

That’s why I always have a pair of basic Vans Sneakers. There are various styles to choose from, but I personally love the Dark Gray Atwood style. They look great, are the most comfortable shoes for sightseeing, and you can wear them with pretty much anything.



Adidas Performance Duramo


21. Adidas Adiprene Litestrike Running Shoes


Joe of Best of World Travel says:


Travel light is my motto, and the Adidas Adiprene Litestrike gives me the comfort of a very “light” traveling companion. With a weight of only 7.8 ounces, it feels like I’m walking barefoot.

I can easily stuff them inside my bag. The shoes are great for traveling because they’re breathable, making you feel relaxed and refreshed. The reflector feature adds security when traveling at night time.

They’re the most comfortable shoes and great for a long walking tours or other extreme sports.




What do you think are the most comfortable shoes? Share in the comments below!




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