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The past 12 months has been one of slow travel. While I’ve had exciting spurts of adventure around Florida, Utah, and Europe I’ve spent the majority of time in Thailand, Los Angeles, El Salvador and England (for a whopping 6 months!).

Now that I’m getting ready to leave I thought I’d put together some long term travel tips on the steps you need to take when moving from one place to the next (and avoid overpacking).

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Moving and Packing Between Temporary Homes


As I prepare to leave England I thought I’d share the breakdown of what happens when long term travelers move from one temporary home to the next.




Decide what you will use


Decide what you will be able to take with you on the next leg of your long-term journey. Be realistic and don’t bring things just because you paid for them.

We tend to avoid letting things go because of monetary value but at the end of the day if you’re not going to use them in the following destination they don’t serve a purpose on your trip.

You have to accept that when you purchase things for temporary stays, you can only keep them while you live there.




Sell what you can


It’s always nice to make a little money back on items you hardly used. In England I’ve accumulated luggage, shoes, and clothing and most in new or great condition.

If available sell your items through local Facebook groups, eBay, or places like Craigslist in the US or Gumtree in the UK.

However, don’t get hung up on selling everything. What doesn’t sell…give away.




Whether clothing in England or furniture in Thailand, items that are still in good condition I give away to fellow travelers, local friends, or donation centers.

This is very important because you can’t drag around everything you accumulate. Packing light is always essential so only continue with the items you absolutely need.

In England, I’m giving away much of the cold weather clothing since my next destinations is in a hot climate – yes!




Because I know I’m going back to LA next summer and don’t have much clothing there, I’m shipping some of the warm weather clothes that I still like and are in good condition. Because I’m headed to a conservative region I can’t take my usual hot weather packing list.

Now remember, if you’re a long term nomad you have to ask yourself if you’re actually going to use the things you send back home from anywhere.

If they’re just going back to sit in storage or garage for an indefinite amount of time you may as well forget about them. Things mold after a while in storage. Avoid sending clothing and shoes you won’t use within a year and only send back small keepsakes.




Pack what you actually need


After going through all the steps it should be easier to know what you actually need and will continue to use throughout the remainder of your trip. At first, it may be difficult to part with things but that’s part of a long term traveler’s journey.

But that’s also the beauty of it. Things are replaceable and we don’t need as much as we think we do. You learn to let go of objects and move on and that’s not a bad thing.

And if you need a reminder about how much clothing you actually need for your next destination, take a look at these capsule wardrobe tips and consult the destination packing lists!



Do you have any long term travel tips to add? Please comment below!


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