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When travelers decide to book flights to Canada, one word usually comes to mind: cold. In most cases, this is very true. Toronto however, is as far south as the French Riviera and has four seasons that vary in weather.


How to Pack for Toronto


Packing largely depends on when you are planning your visit. If you have already picked your travel dates it will be easier to know what to expect.


Toronto Weather


Average temperatures and precipitation for each day of the year are listed on all over the internet. However, there’s no way to know exactly what the weather will be. You should always pack an umbrella in case of rain and some extra warm clothes in case the weather turns cold.

Always check the weather forecast before your trip. Once you’ve researched the weather, you can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe, which should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing.

Remember, Toronto is one of the world’s most diverse and multicultural populations and more people live in Toronto than in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces combined. It is busy and diverse.

You could wear an array of mismatched clothing and there is bound to be someone who thinks you’ve found the newest trend. If you are not planning on doing any trekking or camping up north, stick to comfortable city wear.

All seasons: Bring layering clothing of solid colours that can be interchanged.





Tee | Longsleeve | Shirt | Sweater | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Jeans | Pants | Parka | Coat | Top | Leggings | Boots 1 | Boots 2 | ScarfBag


How to Pack for Toronto in Winter


November- March, usually the days are rather cold and windy so a good winter jacket, winter boots, wool toque, scarf, and mitts or gloves will keep you prepared for the weather outside.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for winter travel:


Toronto Winter Packing List


Leggings are great to have as well to wear with the long sweater on warmer days or under jeans/trousers on cooler days.

A couple short and long sleeve shirts are great to have for the warmth of the indoors. As long as you are dressed for the weather and bring layering clothing, the cold will not deter you from any adventure.


Find out what are the best and warmest long underwear for women for traveling light on your travels!




Longsleeve | Tee  | Shirt | SweaterDress 1Dress 2 | Jeans | Pants | Jacket 1 | Jacket 2 | BlouseSkirt | Shoes | Boots | ScarfBag


How to Pack for Toronto in Spring


By mid-March to May, spring is in the air and the transition to more outdoor society can be seen. Layering clothing is still very important for the daily change in temperature.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for spring travel:


Toronto Spring Packing List


By May, the temperature is very comfortable and jeans, leggings and trousers are all worn with an array of tops and light jackets. In spring, boots are phased out and more airy shoes are worn.

Sport sneakers are mainly worn only with athletic wear. Toms are a great shoe to wear with all outfits and are comfortable and light to travel with (I own 4 pairs).


These are the best leggings for women that travel as voted for by our readers!





Tee | Longsleeve | Sleeveless | Tank | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Jeans | Shorts | Raincoat | Poncho | Blouse | Skirt | Shoes | Sandals | Hat | Bag


How to Pack for Toronto in Summer


May through August, pack mostly clothing for fairly hot weather, but be sure to bring a light jacket, sweater and long pants for evenings (and for shopping in malls and dining out, as the air conditioning can make it very cool).


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


Toronto Summer Packing List


Shorter shorts and tank tops are okay and common to wear and dresses are light and flowy! Sandals are the shoes of choice! Again, don’t forget your umbrella as summer brings rainfalls often.


Here are comfortable walking sandals that are stylish, too.




Tee | Longsleeve | Shirt | SweaterDress 1Dress 2 | Jeans | Pants | Parka Jacket | Sweater | Leggings | Boots 1 | Boots 2 | ScarfBag


How to Pack for Toronto in Fall


September and early October are fantastic weather months, often at very warm temperatures and little rain. again, layering is very important. Fall can be felt in the air by mid-October and the leaves start to turn.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for autumn travel:


Toronto Fall Packing List


The switch from shoes to boots are made through September/October. November is often a cool and rainy month in Toronto and heavier jackets should be packed.


Read these tips on what to wear on a rainy day!



Toronto is known for its shopping so whatever you need is readily available for you. Don’t forget to also check out the Toronto shopping guide for your visit to Toronto!

What are your packing tips for Toronto? Share in the comments below!


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