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To help you choose the best bras for travel, Travel Fashion Girl has sought out the best in the business: Linda the Bra Lady! Read on as she shares her expert tips about choosing, packing, and traveling with the right travel bra.


Choosing the Best Bra for Your Trip!


Hi I’m Linda the Bra Lady! I’m pleased to share some insider tips on traveling and bra care. Mostly because it’s my mission for 25 + years to help women find the best bras for their bodies, but also because I travel – a lot. In all of my years of flying, driving, and crisscrossing around the map, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing bras in the suitcase.


Here are my expert tips on choosing the best bras for your travels:


Pack the right bras!


This is the most important thing: get a professional fitting to determine the best bra for your unique shape! There’s no point in toting a stack of ill fitting bras all over the world. Once you and your fitter have found some great bras, you can match a few to your wardrobe. Lay out the clothes you want to bring and make sure you have the right bras to pack.





For example:


  • For light colored t-shirts: pack a smooth bra that’s close to your skin tone (nude bras are less visible than whiteThis lingerie line has a range of nude shades in deeper colors.
  • For black or dark tops: a great black bra (dark clothing bleeds onto light bras)
  • Strapless, halter or racerback clothes: A neutral colored strapless or convertible bra (Don’t forget to pack the straps!)
  • Deep V neck  tops: a plunging bra (to avoid the bra showing)
  • High neck tops: a full coverage bra (to avoid quad boob ,or any lumps and bumps)


Be sure to pack more than just one or two bras so that you can rotate them while you travel and not overwear one. The best bras for travel are the ones that are easy to mix and match with your travel clothing!


Versatility is key to a capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!


Pack the right way!


Big tip: Whether your bra is in your lingerie drawer or a suitcase, never fold one cup into the other. This ruins the shape and integrity of your bras. Instead, stack one behind the other, keeping the cups puffed up.

You can even invest in The Brag Travel Bra Bag (which comes in two sizes and lots of colors like leopard print!) to protect your bras. But you can also pack your bras toward the top of your suitcase with enough room to avoid crushing.

Also, stuff some socks or rolled up tank tops behind the cups. This will help them (and you!) keep their shape.


Many of our readers like to designate one packing cube just for their bras and underwear!





I know I do not have to explain the awful feeling of not packing enough underwear.  Similarly dreadful: packing the wrong underwear.

Before you pack, look at your dresses and bottoms. Just like bras, give yourself a few styles and colors to choose from that match your travel wardrobe.

And to keep the dirty away from the clean, (and to avoid the regrettable “sniff test”) use a Panty Pak.  The useful “Clean”, and “Not So Clean”, zippered pockets are a lifesaver.


Pack important extras


Don’t forget to include a few travel accessories like The Strapper, which easily converts any basic bra into a racerback bra.

And for longer trips, pack a travel sized lingerie wash. Just two tiny capfuls of LeBlanc wash keep your delicates and bathing suits fresh AND looking like new.

Other soaps are too harsh and will ruin your favorite things! And a silk sleep mask can be a travel girl’s best friend.





PS: Don’t forget about bathing suits! I carry designer brands, great basic or fashion styles, AND cup-sized swimwear from AA-K cup. But that’s a whole different blog post…



What brands do you think have the best travel underwear for women? Comment and share!


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