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When it comes to packing, no matter how well prepared you are, there always seems to be that one item that you forget, and then subsequently need once you arrive. See what our readers say are the worst items they’ve forgotten on their travels!


Most Commonly Forgotten Items When Traveling



Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


I am a procrastinator, so here I am one day before a cruise scrambling to get it all done and pack what I need. What is the one item you have forgotten on your travels and regretted not bringing?


When you packing for a trip, it’s easy to forget that one item that you may not realize you need until you arrived at your destination. Here, we’re sharing the most common items our readers have forgotten to pack and then longed for on their travels!




ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Bikini Brief Travel Underwear




You wouldn’t think it was possible but one of our reader’s most commonly forgotten items to pack is underwear. One reader summed it up by saying, “I do that often. It’s weird.”

Another reader said, “we’re an airline family and travel often. It’s appalling how often I forget panties.” However it has its upside as she said that found some amazing panties whilst traveling, “my favorite ones were from Munich.”

Another problem our readers face when they forget to pack their pantyhose is that “finding pantyhouse when you’re in a foreign county and plus size is almost impossible.” Don’t forget them if you need them!




Degree Women Dry Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant




Deodorant is another common item forgotten by our readers. One reader says, “deodorant! Luckily, it’s easy to purchase.” But it can be a costly item to forget.

One reader shared how she forgot to pack her deodorant on a trip where she was racing. “I found out that I failed to pack it when I was getting dressed for a 5K in 90 degree heat. After the 5K, I took my stinky self of a bus to a 7-11 to buy some. I brought bananas, wine and tortilla chips, but forgot the deodorant. One trip to the hotel gift shop later, and I got back to my room with a $10 stick!”

Another reader forgot to pack her deodorant when traveling in India and said “it was impossible to find a brand I recognized and I couldn’t speak the language and was also concerned about reactions to unfamiliar ingredients.”

If you are traveling somewhere off the beaten path, make sure you have all your necessary toiletries packed as you may not be able to purchase them when you arrive.




Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relief Cream


Muscle Rub


This isn’t an item you might consider an essential for your packing list until you start traveling and find you really need it. One reader shares how she forgot to pack her muscle rub and “ended up paying $15 for a tube of Ben Gay! I haven’t forgotten it ever again.”

Another reader shares, “I suffer from dodgy feet and back and I forgot my muscle rub, big mistake.” It never hurts to be safe instead of sorry!




Tampax Pocket Pearl Compact Tampons with Plastic Applicator




One reader says, “once I didn’t take my tampons on a trip to an all inclusive. My period came earlier than expected and I only had a couple in my carry-on. Tampons on the resorts are about a buck a piece and they are all strange brands. Now I take a full box of compact tampons wherever I’m going, regardless of when I’m scheduled for my next period.”

Another reader adds that after she had the same experience, she now “always brings tampons on every trip! Plus, I have a few in every bag I carry. I’ve been a lifesaver for many other women in airport bathrooms!”

Help each other out ladies with this essential item!




J.Crew Tippi Sweater




Several of our readers said how they forgot to pack a hoodie or sweater just in case the temperature turns chilly. Big mistake! One reader says, “I was on a 14-night transatlantic cruise and it started getting chilly with no sweater!”

You never know when the temperature might change, so next time you are planning your packing list, make sure you include a sweater for those days when the temperature drops.




Eyeglass Case w/Belt Clip




Normally it’s fine it you forget your sunglasses, you can pick up a new pair at the airport. However one reader shared “I wear prescription glasses so had to tough it out on the last trip.”

One reader didn’t just forget her sunglasses, she said “I am legally blind without glasses or contacts. I wear contacts when I am out and about, but I cannot comfortably wear contacts for more than 10 hours. Forgetting my glasses was about the worse thing I could do.”

Definitely not an easy item to replace when traveling and you won’t be enjoying your travels if you can’t see anything!




Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On


A Suitcase?


A few of our readers have even forgotten to take their suitcases! One reader shares, “we were headed to a convention in San Antonio when I realized we left out suitcase at home. It was only a three-hour drive back to Houston, but I ended up just buying new clothes.”

Another reader adds, “I’ve left a suitcase! It was a road trip. You feel so absurd when you do that, but it’s survivable.”


What is the one item you have forgotten and then regretted? Share in the comments below!  


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