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When we plan long “backpacking” trips to places like South America, Southeast Asia, or New Zealand female travelers sometimes think mostly in practical terms foregoing some of the items they’d use at home.

These backpacker tips don’t apply to everyone. However, if you’re a girly girl or these are things you’d normally use at home you may want to consider bringing them along too!


The term “backpacking” in this article refers to a specific type of travel such as gap year, career breaks, or other extended travel. It does not have to do with hiking backpacking.


Keep reading to find out some common items female backpackers longed for on their extended trips!


Backpacker Tips: Commonly Forgotten “Girly” Items





Pencil Sharpener


If you plan on taking makeup on your backpacking trip don’t forget a pencil sharpener if you use eyeliners or eyebrow pencils. It may sound like the most random item in the world but it seemed that it was one of the most commonly forgotten beauty tools. No one ever had one when I was on my Round the World trip.



Socialite Tank Dress


Nice Dress


Nowadays, female travelers are packing less all “utilitarian” travel clothing and choosing a balance travel wardrobe of function and fashion. (That’s what TFG’s all about!)

But even if you’re going on a trekking trip, overland adventure, or volunteering trip – you may find yourself wishing you had a dress when you take a night off from your activities. This is one of the most important of these backpacker tips! After one of my Machu Picchu treks, several girls wanted to glam it up for a celebratory night in Cusco but had nothing to wear. It happens.

While I’m not recommending you take a fancy going out dress, choose something lightweight and versatile; something you can easily dress up or down for the times when you’re “off duty”.


Check out our ten favorite travel dress styles!



L’oreal Lipcolour


Lipstick or Eye Liner


Going all-natural on your backpacking trip? Good for you! This really is the best way to go and less is more when you’re on the go.

Similar to the dress mentioned above, every once in a while you may want to add a little something extra to your look. Pack at least one item that will make you feel glam like mascara, eyeliner, or a lipstick. It’s one small item that can make all the difference in the world even for the most minimalist of travelers.



Sam Edelman Flats


A Nice Pair of Shoes


Every so often you’ll encounter certain destinations when you just wish you had a nicer pair of shoes that weren’t travel sandals or hiking shoes. If this sounds like it could happen to you bring a cute pair of sandals or pretty flats.

One thing to note, though, make sure this pair of shoes can pack extremely flat and that they don’t weigh much. If you’re not going to use them all the time you need to make sure they don’t weigh you down.


Take a look at my guide on choosing the best shoes for travel. If you choose two practical shoes you have room for something a little more fun!



Lace Thongs


Nice Undies


When it comes to undies, female travelers have interesting views on which ones to choose. Some will stick to quick dry pairs while others will focus on packing a minimal amount of underwear.

One thing’s for sure: who doesn’t like a pretty pair of lace underwear every once in a while? Don’t forget to pack one or two pairs that aren’t as “practical” but will make you feel feminine and sexy even on your grimiest days!


Take a look at our guide on choosing the best travel underwear for women (because they can’t always be lacy)!


While these backpacker tips can apply to some solo female travelers not all, I encourage those traveling in a couple to definitely consider these items. When you’re traveling for long periods of time with your other half, a “date night” every once in a while is a welcome break!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Please comment below!


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