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Ready to travel carry-on only for your summer travels? This seven-piece travel wardrobe creates twenty different looks. Find out how!


Travel Fashion Girl x Vacay Style Capsule Wardrobe



I received such an awesome response to TFG’s first Minimalista capsule wardrobe collection with Vacay Style that we decided to partner up again to create another one this season. It includes two new pieces that are going to transform your travel wardrobe! Take a look!

We love Vacay Style for their themed capsule wardrobe collections, each of which are designed to mix and match. However, you can also customize your own by mixing and matching pieces from all of them.



 You can mix and match all seven items to create twenty unique looks! Shop here


In my first Vacay capsule I chose pieces from the TahitiMartinique, and St. Bart’s collections. For my latest capsule, I’ve chosen pieces from two of their newest sets: St Martin and Gold Coast.


I’ve used two basics plus five Vacay pieces for a total of seven clothing items:


  • 1 Basic Bottom
  • 1 Basic Top
  • 1 Maxi Dress
  • 1 Short Dress
  • 1 Maxi Skirt
  • 1 Caftan
  • 1 Romper


Think traveling with only a small amount of clothing is limiting? Not if you choose the right seven pieces. Let’s look at each one below and see the entire set here!


Maxi Dress


Ikat 2-Piece Dress


I couldn’t create a Vacay capsule collection without including one of their 2-piece maxi dresses. This time I chose a burst of color with a royal blue printed dress.

This lightweight rayon jersey Ikat dress offers a quadruple-threat: it can be worn as a top, skirt, strapless dress, and tank dress. Now that’s what I call a good convertible piece – something that can truly transform into individual pieces.



Ikat 2-Piece Dress


You can either mix and match this 2-piece maxi dress with the shorter St Martin wrap dress or add your own basic white top for a crisp summer outfit.

If the weather’s warm, white jeans or trousers can be worn year round and add a sophisticated touch. Alternatively, you can wear with a pair of white shorts, too. That’s always my choice!

Unless you’re incredibly spill-prone, white is actually a fantastic color to travel with in the heat and I’ve been implementing much more of this into my own hot weather travel wardrobe. Give it a try!


Here are more tips on how to wear white clothes on vacation!


Short Dress


St. Martin 2-Piece Wrap Dress


I’ve been raving about Vacay’s 2-piece dresses since the beginning of time. And as always, they topped themselves yet again. This is their latest 2-piece and it’s not a maxi – it’s a 2-piece knee length wrap dress! A-MA-ZING!



St. Martin 2-Piece Wrap Dress


I haven’t tried the St Martin dress out myself but I would LOVE to as it looks fab! The draping creates a dressier appearance than regular modal garments. The down side is that the fabric will be slightly thicker than a 100% cotton or 100% rayon. However, the versatility more than makes up for this. The set is feminine, flirty, and fashionable.


What else could Vacay come up with next season? They constantly surprise us with their genius design hacks!


Maxi Skirt


Gold Coast Fringe Convertible


I feel like every single maxi skirt should double up as dress. it seems like a waste of valuable suitcase space if it doesn’t. The Gold Coast Fringe Convertible not only offers the versatility of being worn as both but it’s also made in one of the lightest and most breathable fabrics for travel: 100% rayon.



Gold Coast Fringe Convertible


If you read this post on choosing the best fabrics for travel, you’ll learn that rayon is even more travel-friendly than cotton and it’s less expensive, too. The downside? It tends to wrinkle more than other synthetics but it’s totally worth the comfort of wearing it in high humidity!

I’m not sure why more vacation clothing brands don’t use this fabric, but it’s my all time favorite option for tropical weather!


Learn the pros and cons of traveling with cotton clothing!





Crochet Trim Caftan


Okay, you’re probably tired of me talking about Vacay’s Crochet Trim Caftan but it’s seriously awesome. It’s hands down THE most comfortable piece I’ve ever owned for hot weather travel and I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Considering how much I wore the first one, a laundry service in Mexico finally laid it to rest. However, I am so in love with it I got another one. Yay! Thank you Vacay for continuing to stock this style!


Take a look at my honeymoon clothes and pics of the Crochet Trim Caftan along with other Vacay pieces!



Seychelles 2-Piece Romper


In this previous post I’d shared with you one of the most innovative garments in vacation wear to date: the 2-piece Seychelles romper.

Female travelers LOVE rompers for travel. They offer the same benefits as a dress: they’re feminine, lightweight, comfortable and act as a stand-alone outfit.



Seychelles 2-Piece Romper


Vacay took one of our favorite travel pieces and made it even more versatile by re-designing the traditional romper as two-piece separates that can also be worn as a top and skort. One piece – three ways to wear it. I was so excited when I finally got my hands on this!


Take a look at my latest pics with the Seychelles Romper:












I’m so impressed with the romper. It’s incredibly versatile, wrinkle-free, and lightweight. It’s so much better in person and I can’t wait to wear it on my next seaside adventure!




This is definitely not the first time Vacay Style’s been featured on the blog. Their clever 5-6 piece capsule wardrobes are genius – making it easy to pack for your vacation.

Don’t have time to plan a wardrobe? Just buy one of their pre-set collections and you’re good to go (or shop Travel Fashion Girl’s Minimalista Vacay Capsule)!

All of their items are interchangeable which means you can mix and match the pieces to create various outfits with less clothing. You can also pick and choose the individual pieces you want from their entire line to customize your own capsule wardrobe.


See exactly how six pieces create fifteen outfits!


One of my favorite things is that Vacay is committed to choosing only the best travel friendly fabrics. This is absolutely essential for vacation-wear.

As a bonus, they’re manufactured in San Francisco and offer free shipping and returns within the US.

  1. Since Vacay is made in the USA, it is duty-free for Canadians
  2. Shipping to Canada is fast and inexpensive, only $25 flat rate and FREE if they spend $500 or more


For international customers, they charge a low flat rate shipping anywhere in the world!


Since they’re one of our favorite vacation wear lines, they’re offering Travel Fashion Girl readers an exclusive discount. Use the code TFGVacay for 15% off your purchase. (This is in addition to the 20% discount when buying five-pieces.) Thanks Vacay! Shop now!


What items would you use to create your own capsule collection? Comment below!


For more about Vacay Style, read our other articles here:





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