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One of the most important factors in creating a capsule travel wardrobe is planning your travel outfits in advance. Not only will this help you organize your clothing but it will also help you determine that a small amount of clothing can make endless outfit combinations if planned strategically.

These are a few different tools you can use to help you plan travel outfits including TFG’s own printable calendar! Keep reading for more details!

 5 Style Tools to Help you Plan Travel Outfits



Polyvore is the tool I use to create my personal capsule travel wardrobe as well as provide visuals for the Travel Fashion Girl Packing Lists.

Not only does this tool help me narrow down my packing choices but it also allows me to do a visual test run of how my travel outfits will look as I pair all my items together.

Makes planning, packing, AND shopping a breeze!


StyleBook app


StyleBook is a great tool for girls that love their iPhone apps. You can use it to organize your every day wardrobe or save it for your travel outfits. This isn’t available for Android so I’m bummed that I can’t download it. Looks awesome.


FabSugar Outfit Planner


Great for business travel, 1-2 week vacations, and weekend trips. Print out the FabSugar Outfit Calendar and fill it out in advance to help keep your travel outfits organized on your trip. Works well for busy itineraries.


Moleskine Style Journal


For those that love the feel of a written diary, this Moleskin Style Journal may be the perfect item for you. It’s preferable as a pre-trip planning source especially if you travel often and need a quick reference guide to choosing tried and true outfits.

Not as light as an app, this item may be a good option to sketch out your ideas then use Travel Fashion Girl’s downloadable spreadsheet below to finalize your trip checklist. See below!


Travel Fashion Girl’s Travel Outfit Planner



TFG’s Travel Outfit Planner is a 1-2 week vacation calendar you can print to plan your travel outfits in advance. Not only does it help you organize but also downsize the amount of clothing you pack AND save time on getting ready while on your trip. (Tip: print it out, hand-write clothing descriptions, and take it with you for a quick and easy outfit reference guide)



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