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Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic is becoming an increasingly popular destination. With the tiny fairy tale village of Český Krumlov and the nearby capital of České Budějovice, the region is often visited as a quick trip away from Prague. Traveling here in the summer? Find out what to wear in the Czech Republic!


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What to Wear in the Czech Republic: Summer

Written By: Angela Sterley


Situated next to the Austrian border, the climate in the summer is moderate but can experience some colder days. Here are the must-have clothing items to pack on your trip to the Southern Bohemia region.






Pullover | Cardigan


Nights (and many days) get chilly, so it’s important to bring along a sweater. Cafe culture is a large part of Czech culture, so it’s likely you will be spending some time relaxing at local cafes during your visit.

A sweater ensures you’re able to comfortably sip your coffee and people-watch outside without worrying about the breeze.


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Pack layers



Cami | Jacket


Layers are the key to dressing in a moderate climate such as Southern Bohemia. A brisk morning can turn into a warm sunny day and be followed by a cool night. Bring clothes that can be worn together and layered so you don’t have to worry about temperature changes throughout the day.

Pack a tank top for the sunny afternoons and a sweater to wear over it in the morning. A jacket that layers stylishly over the sweater will keep you warm when the temperatures drop after dark or on a colder day. 


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Bring long pants



Jeans | Pants


Though there are warm and sunny days in the region during summer, the average temperature in July, Southern Bohemia’s hottest month, is 64°F.

Even in the summer, long pants (like jeans) are a necessity to stay warm throughout the day and the evenings.  


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Wear comfortable shoes



Boots | Flats


One of the main destinations of the region, Český Krumlov, is primarily a walking village. Few cars drive on the tiny streets, so you’re guaranteed to spend most of your time walking. The streets are primarily cobblestone–so leave your heels at home!

Comfortable shoes are key to having a positive experience exploring this village. Most of the main attractions in the region include castles and museums. This means you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet, so comfortable shoes are essential!


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Water-resistant shoes and clothing



Boots | Coat


The month of June has the highest annual rainfall of the year, so packing water-resistant clothing will ensure you can still enjoy the region without sacrificing your comfort during rain. Showers often unexpectedly appear throughout the day, so bring an umbrella while you adventure through the village if rain is in the forecast.

Many of Southern Bohemia’s attractions are indoors, so you’ll likely not need completely waterproof clothing unless you plan to spend a rainy day viewing some of the region’s stunning architecture or at the national park.

Packing clothing with wicking capabilities is ideal to get you from one attraction to the next on a drizzling afternoon.


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Express yourself in your style



Kimono | Earrings


There is a reason we think of artists when we think of Bohemia. Southern Bohemia hosts a large culture of artists, so don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothing.

Though the overall dress of locals would be considered smart casual, their clothing often includes details that shows off their creative side. 


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Bring a backpack and earth tones



Tee | Backpack


The region is home to Šumava National Park, which borders Germany and Austria. If you plan to take advantage of the beautiful Czech outdoors, it’s important to bring the right clothing.

The park has many great hiking and cycling trails and is a primary destination for spotting wildlife. The trails are generally not difficult, so regular walking shoes and clothing appropriate for the day’s weather forecast should be suitable for most hikes.

If you want to spot wildlife in the park, wearing earth tones will increase your chances. You’ll blend in better with your surroundings than wearing bright colors.

A backpack is also important for a hiking or cycling trip so you have a place to store extra layers while keeping your hands free to explore the beautiful park.


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What are your tips on a Czech Republic trip in the summer? Please comment below!


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Author Bio: Angela Sterley is a Los Angeles-based travel and lifestyle blogger. She has a background in the fashion industry and is on a mission to explore all the world has to offer. Join her adventures on Destination Drifter and follow her on Instagram.