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I’ve always wanted to go trekking in Patagonia South America. It’s one of the top items on my Bucket List. I dislike giving advice for places I haven’t been to, so I count on travel fashion girls like you to help with your own travel experience. My friends over at Swoop Patagonia offered me some packing advice which I thought would be great to share with you if you are planning an upcoming trekking holiday.

If you’re planning on going on an activity-based holiday it goes without saying that you need to pack specific clothing. Packing the right things in your rucksack can heavily influence whether or not you have a good time. Attempting to traverse a desert or scale a mountain in a pair of sandals isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. To make sure this doesn’t happen, this is an overview of items to consider when packing for your outdoor adventure.


Packing tips for a Trekking Holiday




Travel Clothing


The tricky thing about packing your clothing for a trekking adventure is unpredictable weather. It can be scorching hot during the day and freezing cold at night. Layers are your best friend.

If you’re going to trek somewhere cold or at high-altitude then keeping warm is priority. Pack a tank top, fleece, long sleeve base layer with an insulated jacket, and a rain jacket on top to keep the wind and rain out. Thermal underwear can help keep your warm at night and in the day too if needed. Pack good quality gloves, beanie, and extra wool socks. A good trekking sock tip is to double-up and wear a thin pair of socks on the inside and a wool pair on the outside.

If you’re going trekking somewhere warm then dress lighter with short sleeves but be sure to bring extra layers if you plan on spending the night in the wilderness, or as a precaution even if you are not planning an overnight stay.

Whether hot or cold, a trekking holiday is for sure one place you should consider taking the dreaded convertible pants. You can’t beat the quality and practicality to help keep you dry and comfortable from the elements. Plus, it’s easy to adjust between hot and cold transitional weather.

A fleece and waterproof are highly suggested for both cold and warm climates. Remember that you’re going to be on the move. Try to choose clothing with breathable fabrics.


Travel Shoes


Probably the most important thing on this list to get right is your footwear. First, it’s important that whatever you choose fits, and fits well. If you plan on trekking over long distances the last thing you want to get is blisters on your feet as this will make your trekking experience either very short or very painful! Avoid trainers or anything that isn’t suitable for harsh conditions.

If you’re going somewhere you expect to be wet then waterproof hiking books are essential. Trekking in soggy shoes is never any fun. If you’re going somewhere predominantly dry, then lighter, breathable shoes are a good idea as they will keep you cooler and dry out quicker if you do encounter any puddles or wet trails. Pack some hardwearing socks and remember to bring spares.

It is absolutely crucial to ‘break-in’ new travel shoes before setting off on your excursion, to ensure maximum comfort during your trip.


Travel Accessories


Sunglasses, a hat, a scarf or bandanna are all goes items to protect you from the sun. Because of the high altitude, sun burns are common even when it’s cold so always carry sun cream. If you’re going somewhere sandy or dusty, something to cover your face with, such as a scarf or multi-functional headwear like a Buff, is also worth considering. Don’t forget your travel towel and bathing suit. Even if you don’t swim it’s always good to have a backup if needed.


Ultimately, specific items depend on your travel destination, but hopefully there’s enough here to point you in the right direction for the next time you want to conquer the wilderness.

What are your packing tips for a trekking holiday?


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Author: Kane is writing on behalf of Swoop Patagonia, a travel site that aims to help you book the ultimate Patagonian adventure holiday. Kane loves writing and traveling and is lucky enough to combine his passions to write about travel.