The videos below will help you travel carry-on in no time at all! For tips for your specific destination, check out our international packing lists. Don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!

The Secret to Packing Carry-on

Packing cubes will revolutionize the way you pack GUARANTEED. Learn everything you need to know in this post.

How to Pack for a Trip with Hot and Cold Weather

This video shows how you could pack for a trip with hot and cold weather. Find out more in this post.

How To Pack For Spring Travel

Spring is the most challenging time of the year to travel due to transitioning weather. Find out how to pack with this post on the Scenic Route blog.

Plus Size Packing Carryon Only

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 20, it’s possible to travel carryon only. Watch this video to see how! For the full details and product info, read this post.

Ultra-minimalist Packing List

I spent a 1-week summer vacation luggage free –I packed all my stuff into my favorite purse! Check out my minimalist packing list in this post.

PART 1: How to Pack 4 Weeks Carry-on Only

Think minimalist travel is impossible? Find out how I traveled carry-on only for four weeks with just a laptop backpack plus purse! Watch Part 1 of 2 in this post.

PART 2: How to Pack 4 Weeks Carry-on Only

This is Part 2 of the videos on how I traveled carry-on only for four weeks with just a laptop backpack plus purse! Read the full post here.

Easy Way To Tie A Scarf

This video is about one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf – it’s easy! For more tips, read the full article here.

Carry-on only travel will soon become your go-to packing method.  Check out this video for crafty tips!

Alex of Travel Fashion Girl loves traveling carry-on only, scuba diving and Japan Airlines food. Take an amazing trip through more of her pro tips in the weeks to come

Go ahead and take blisters and frumpy footwear off your next vacay itinerary. We found travel shoes you — and your feet — will love.

Watch this video and learn the lowdown on how to prevent your shiz from getting stolen when you travel.

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