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What’s more versatile than convertible clothing? Two piece sets! Not only do they create one full outfit, but you can also wear them separately with other pieces to create entirely unique looks. Find out exactly why these two piece sets are the perfect addition to any travel wardrobe!


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Vacay Two Piece Sets



We love Vacay for their themed capsule wardrobe collections, each of which are designed to mix and match. However, you can also customize your own by mixing and matching pieces from all of them.

I’ve been raving about Vacay’s two piece dresses since the beginning of time! And as always, they’ve outdone themselves yet again.



Seychelles Romper


In this previous post, I shared with you one of the most innovative garments in vacation wear to date: the two piece Seychelles romper.

Female travelers LOVE rompers for travel. They offer the same benefits as a dress: they’re feminine, lightweight, comfortable, and act as a stand-alone outfit.

Now, one of our favorite travel pieces has been become even more versatile! Vacay has taken their two piece sets to the next level! They now offer various Two Piece Dresses, Two Piece Jumpsuits, and Two Piece Rompers.


Vacay has re-designed traditional rompers, dresses, and playsuits as two-piece separates so they can also be worn as a top and skort.



Gold Coast Romper | Ikat Dress | Tahiti Jumpsuit


One piece – with three (or even four) ways to wear it. I couldn’t wait to show them to you – and my wishlist is getting bigger and bigger!

The versatility of these pieces is incredible. The clothing isn’t just functional; it’s feminine, flirty, and fashionable. Hello travel fashion! As a plus, you can even wear a bra with several of their two piece sets. Bonus!


By the way, if you still haven’t gotten a bra fitting (somewhere other than a mall chain store) YOU HAVE TO! Your wardrobe options will be limitless!



TFG x Vacay Spring Collection


What makes Vacay a truly unique travel brand is that all their items are interchangeable, which means you can mix and match the pieces to create various outfits with fewer items of clothing.

You can also pick and choose the individual pieces you want from their entire line to customize your own capsule wardrobe.


See exactly how 6 pieces create 15 outfits!


They have various two piece sets; I want to highlight a few of my favorites:



Bahamas Two Piece Dress


Bahamas Two Piece Dress


This two piece dress is part of their new summer collection: Bahamas. Vacay names all the collections based on their favorite seaside destinations making their clothes even more fun than they already are.

This one can be styled four different ways. Whatever your situation — or your state of mind — this one miracle dress has got you covered. Try wearing the top or bottom as separates or pair them together for an effortless vibe that suggests you’re ready for anything.



Bahamas Two Piece Dress


What makes this particular dress stand out from the rest is their clever play on layers to create the appearance of a crop top by tucking in the second layer (as shown above).

I’m telling you: Vacay’s designer, Elizabeth, is only getting more creative by the season. She continues to surprise me, and I love it! I’ve even used this technique on a layered shirt I already own. I tucked in the bottom layer to my jeans and voila – a “cropped” top with no tummy showing!


Shop all of their two piece dresses here!



St. Martin Two Piece Wrap Dress


St. Martin Two Piece Wrap Dress


Of the two piece sets, this is one that I continue to covet. It looks so chic, classic, and of course, versatile. AND, you can wear it FOUR ways! The skirt can also be worn as a top for a fourth look!



St. Martin Two Piece Wrap Dress


First, they’ve selected the a perfectly nautical shade of navy – you can mix and match it with practically any other color. Second, they’ve used their unbelievably soft fabric.

Third, they’ve perfected the drape at the top and the wrap of the skirt. Lastly, the top features an artisan-made gold bead, which adds a lovely accent to the neckline.

All this, plus near limitless outfit combinations, make it a clear winner in both a city and a seaside setting.

This is the last month you can get the free beach bag show above with the purchase of a collection! It’s so cute, I get so many compliments on mine!


Read my review on their two piece dresses!



Tribal Diamond Two Piece Jumpsuit


Tribal Print Two Piece Jumpsuit


What’s a jumpsuit? A one-piece clothing item that has a top-and-pant-in-one to create an easy, all-in-one outfit. However, Vacay’s jumpsuits are all two pieces, making them ultra-versatile!

This jogger look has been super popular the past few seasons and is the ideal relaxed pant for summer weather.



Tribal Diamond Two Piece Jumpsuit


Sophisticated and super versatile in black with a great white “tribal diamond” print, you will love these jumpsuit two piece sets.

When both pieces are worn together, it looks like a seamless jumpsuit, but it’s much easier to wear as you control the waist placement. And each piece looks great paired with white, black, or a colorful solid color, so this one comes with tons of outfit options.


Shop all of their rompers and playsuits here!



Seychelles Two Piece Romper


Seychelles Two Piece Romper


Okay, you keep hearing me talk about this one but it’s seriously amazing. You can wear it three ways: as a romper, top, or skort, and the fabric is versatile enough to be worn off and on the beach.

In fact, I’ve worn the skirt paired with a classic navy button down and gray flats for a travel conference and I’ve also used it for cooler weather paired with a knit long-sleeve top, black tights, and ankle boots.

The top is easy to wear for the summer tucked into jeans, shorts, or even another skirt.



Seychelles Two Piece Romper


The romper delivers maximum versatility because it can be worn as a seamless two-piece or split into separates. The romper’s skort will pair beautifully with any solid-colored summery top you already own.

Likewise, the romper’s off-the-shoulder top will become new best friends with your favorite skirt, shorts, or capris. The fabric is wrinkle-free and easy to care for, meaning you can relax and focus on having fun in the sun.


Read my post about the Seychelles Romper Two Piece sets for even more pics and style ideas!




I’m so impressed with the romper. It’s incredibly versatile, wrinkle-free, and lightweight. It’s so much better in person and I can’t wait to wear it on my next seaside adventure!




This is definitely not the first time Vacay has been featured on the blog. Their clever 5-6 piece capsule wardrobes are genius – making it easy to pack for your vacation.

Don’t have time to plan a wardrobe? Just buy one of their pre-set collections and you’re good to go! (Or shop Travel Fashion Girl’s Minimalista Vacay Capsule)!

One of my favorite things about Vacay is their commitment to choosing only the best travel-friendly fabrics. This is absolutely essential for vacation wear.

As a bonus, they’re manufactured in San Francisco and offer free shipping and returns within the US. If you’re in Canada, shipping is a flat rate of $25 (or free with orders over $500 and all shipments are duty-free.


International customers get low, flat-rate shipping anywhere in the world!


Since they’re one of our favorite vacation wear lines, they’re offering Travel Fashion Girl readers an exclusive discount. Use the code TFG20 for 20% off your purchase. (This is in addition to the 20% discount when buying five pieces!) Offer ends July 20th. Thanks Vacay! Shop now!


What are your favorite two piece sets? Comment below!


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