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When it comes to extensive, long-term travel, contact lens wearers have a few extra things to consider than travelers that don’t use glasses.

Plan accordingly and pack strategically! Consider the length of your trip and what activities you will be doing so you don’t overpack or underpack the most important item on your list – contacts. After all, you won’t be enjoying your travels if you can’t see anything!

Schedule a visit to your optometrist with sufficient time before you travel to ensure you have enough time to fill prescriptions and get glasses if needed. If you’re traveling with contacts take special care when handling and storing your lenses.


Travel Tips for Contact Wearers





Things to Consider


It’s essential to have your eyes examined to make sure they look healthy and that any prescriptions you need are up-to-date before you start of on your journey.

Always bring copies of prescriptions for both your glasses and contacts with you just in case anything happens to either one or both of these items.

You may intend to only sport your contact lenses during your trip. However, glasses are one “just in case” item you don’t want to skip! Always pack a back-up pair of glasses.

If your travel plans involve an area where basic hygiene will be difficult, consider using Acuvue disposable contact lenses that can be discard each night without having to be cleaned or stored. These may be more convenient than carrying huge and heavy bottles of solution. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your contacts at the end of a long, fun, and action packed travel day!

Depending on the length of your trip and destination, you may need to pack enough contact solution for the duration of your voyage.  However, remember that you can always stock up in larger cities and airports. Try to maximize your solution by wearing your glasses when contacts are unnecessary.

Carry a spare case as its lightweight and doesn’t take up any space. A small bottle of  cleaner for your glasses can also be handy to ensure you never miss any of the beautiful sites on your travels.

Pack a travel-size hand sanitizer to use every time you handle your lenses.





Caring for Your Lenses While on the Move


Naturally, it’s a bit more challenging traveling with contacts when your adventures take you to places where it’s more difficult to properly tend to your lenses like you would at home. Therefore, it’s important that you take the proper sanitary precautions when handling your lenses.

Be sure to remove and clean your lenses each day if they aren’t daily disposables and store them in a contact lens case with plenty of solution to keep them from drying out. Always remember to carry your glasses, lens case, spare lenses, and solution with you at all times when possible, and pack smaller bottles of solution in your carry-on luggage or backpack.

If your eye(s) do get infected or you develop red eyes, sensitivity to light, eye pain, or blurry vision, remove your lenses immediately and put them in their case. Do not throw the lenses away as you should present them to an eye care or healthcare provider so they can take culture samples from the contacts in order to determine what’s bothering your eyes.

Seek medical attention from a doctor or eye care specialist as soon as you can, even if it means traveling to the nearest major city—remember, it’s better to be extra cautious than sorry later.



Hope these travel tips help make your trip a more enjoyable journey!

What are your travel tips for contact lens wearers?


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