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Traveling with a guy or looking for a great gift? Check out the five most popular travel shavers for men!



 The Five Most Popular Travel Shavers



Time to talk about the manliest of all personal care: beard grooming! Ever since we first stumbled out of our caves, men have been impressing strangers with displays of perfectly groomed facial hair.


The clean shave was introduced by Greek heartthrob Alexander the Great. And although we no longer have to shave with the same blade we use to kill our enemies, nothing says classy like a clean shave or sharp trim.

Shaving while on the road is as important as it is at home. In fact,  hair is known to grow faster in warmer climates, so you will actually need to shave more than you would at home. Finding the best safety razor is essential.


Chargeable or Battery Operated?


We need to acknowledge that there are different schools of thought on whether a travel shaver should be battery operated or chargeable. Chargeable shavers tend to lose their zero point over time, which results in you having to shave while being plugged in. Not an easy thing to do if there is no socket next to the mirror.

Although AA battery’s cost money, they are readily available around the world. And chances are that if you are in an area that doesn’t sell batteries, you can skip on a few shaving sessions until you find yourself back in modern society.

A travel shaver has different features from the shaver you need back home and finding the right style can be difficult. With so many options available, let’s take a look at some of the best shavers for men.


Here are our top five travel shavers for men:


Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver


Sleek and ergonomic looking, this is the shaver your girlfriend would buy you. With its double rotary head, this travel shaver will give you a nice smooth shave. It’s light and when fully charged the Remington R-91 should give you 90 hours of shaving time. Unfortunately, it does not have a trimmer, leaving you no options in regards of your facial hair.

If you want a clean cut and nothing else while traveling this will get the job done. However, if you want to be a little more creative with your facial hair style the Remington will leave you lacking.

Axis 2200GP Roam GP Gift Pack


Similar in most aspects to the Remington, the Axis 2200 GP is mainly different in that it is battery operated. It claims the battery lasts 8 weeks with just two AA batteries making it extremely convenient for travelers. Pretty impressive!

Its square form makes it sturdy, but doesn’t do anything to improve your grip. Like the Remington, it has a double rotary head and no trimming option. It does come with a separate nose hair trimmer.


Panasonic Pro-Curve Travel Shaver


The first on our list that features a foil head instead of a rotary head, the Panasonic Pro-Curve has a floating head for a smoother shave. It is battery operated and on the cheaper end of the pricing list. It is light and fits your hand easily.

Unfortunately, it still features no trimmer options. Foil heads to tend to break quicker than rotary heads however, so make sure you get a nice travel case to protect your shaver.

Braun M90 MobileShave Battery Operated Travel Shaver


That’s more like it! The Braun M90 features its own twist cap foil head protector, meaning you can just toss it into your luggage without having to worry about breaking the foil. When in use, this twist cap functions as a grip for the shaver.

It is also the first shaver on our list that has an adjustable precision trimmer. Meaning it will have your back no matter what your wish to do with your facial hair. Operated on two AA batteries this does everything we are looking for in a travel shaver.


Author Bio: Robbert Sas is living the dream; travelling, filming and writing around the world. He shares his love for travel by writing for various blogs and websites. He is the new Special Features writer for Travel Fashion Girl. Follow him @SasRobbert

What do you prefer? What’s your favorite electric shaver for travel?